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TANF: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • 게시일 2023. 10. 02.
  • John Oliver discusses TANF - a federal program designed to help families with little to no income - who’s currently receiving these vital funds, who should be receiving them, and what it all has to do with Brett Favre.
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  • MrZer093
    MrZer093 6 개월 전 +5764

    A gem from Reddit: There was a thread asking people “what’s classy if you’re rich but trashy if you’re poor?” and the top reply was “getting government money”.

    • Millsy Kooksy
      Millsy Kooksy 6 개월 전 +128

      it's so true

    • DefenestrateYourself
      DefenestrateYourself 6 개월 전 +46


    • Ryan
      Ryan 6 개월 전 +168

      just ask Elon Musk....

    • Zoe R
      Zoe R 6 개월 전 +11


    • G T
      G T 6 개월 전 +67

      That is so terribly true to Maga American Dreamthink, it made me gasp. Then I remembered what I was commenting on and felt better. Then angry. But better.

  • Freden
    Freden 6 개월 전 +951

    During the Reagan era, I was a self supporting, very poor college student. I managed with the help of food stamps, Pell grants and a work study job. When I was badly injured in a car accident and couldn’t work, I lost my food stamps due to the new requirements that food stamp recipients work. If not for handouts from a friend who worked at the local Jiffy factory, I wouldn’t have had any food to eat. I went on to graduate and have a great career, but those years were truly hellish. Just hearing this story brings back the frustration and anger I felt back then.

    • Judie Meier Franz
      Judie Meier Franz 6 개월 전 +74

      That Reagan era that GOP like to slobber over was terrible for not those wealthy or a certain "class" or status. I often hear people growl and screech about people need to work. There are people like you who couldn't work. Also, Reagan severely cut programs in the JTPA, a WORK program and it's affiliate SYETP for 14 - 21 years old to work, get work counseling, and improve school grades - very successful programs. Reagan and company cut those drastically, too.

    • Kriste Craig
      Kriste Craig 6 개월 전 +30

      and so many are happy to ignore that their tax cuts ARE help from the government. to continue their privilege in a certain way.

    • crushedorchids
      crushedorchids 5 개월 전 +10

      The US government treats disabled people like garbage. How do you keep children from starving and not encourage women to have kids to receive benefits? I grew up in that situation and would NEVER do that to a child. Women need to make better decisions when it comes to who they get pregnant with and to have children in general. Raising a child in poverty is cruel. I agree everyone (not just people with children) needs a little help but no one seems to question the choice to have kids you can't afford in the fist place. Give everyone UBI for NOT having kids, then remove it when they do, since by having one they are saying they are successful enough to start a family.

  • Geoff Strickler
    Geoff Strickler 6 개월 전 +1305

    Great segment. John Oliver is a national treasure. He wasn’t born here, but he’s a true patriot.

    • Andrew George
      Andrew George 6 개월 전 +59

      He's ours now! We claim him, it's official. He's a US Citizen in real life now.

    • O Watson
      O Watson 6 개월 전 +54

      Truly. He cares about the American people more than most politicians tbh. I’m forever grateful to him.

    • BlueToad
      BlueToad 6 개월 전 +17

      ​@Andrew Georgehe's still got his British passport - we want him back!!!

    • Phylean Panache
      Phylean Panache 6 개월 전 +7

      Well said sir.

  • Jim branscomb
    Jim branscomb 6 개월 전 +315

    As a white guy that was seriously injured and had no choice but to apply for welfare in California many years ago, it's ridiculous the way people are treated. I was constantly "tested" as to if I could work. I went to the office of vocational rehabilitation every 2 weeks which for me at the time was extremely difficult, I was receiving 400 per month. Obviously couldn't pay rent, and I was declared unemployable by the state of California, but still couldn't receive social security. Luckily I had friends that helped me immensely, but that whole system is brutal. To this day, I get angry whenever I hear people say "they should just get a job".

    • LeavingIt Blank
      LeavingIt Blank 5 개월 전 +2

      The testing is unfortunate, but they have to do something because there are too many who take advantage of the system, whether it's TANF, welfare, disability, or even COVID relief. It's heartbreaking when you hear about how much money went to people who spent it on luxury cars and lavish vacations.

    • Randy Jenkins
      Randy Jenkins 5 개월 전 +26

      @LeavingIt Blank can you please explain what corporations and politicians did to prove they were reliable... oh right they didn't yet shamelessly waste while telling other what they can't do.... the rigging is so obvious...

    • GentlemanNietzsche
      GentlemanNietzsche 5 개월 전 +21

      @LeavingIt Blank turn off Fox News

    • LeavingIt Blank
      LeavingIt Blank 5 개월 전 +2

      @GentlemanNietzsche Turn on ANY news. Do try to keep up.

  • andy R.
    andy R. 6 개월 전 +281

    "This country is basically just a Third World country with a snappy theme song." Very well said 🏆

    • Penny Proud
      Penny Proud 6 개월 전


    • Erin Bailey
      Erin Bailey 6 개월 전 +10

      And great PR in the form of Hollywood movies.

    • ToudaHell
      ToudaHell 6 개월 전 +10

      That want every other country to be like it. If Canada become more like the US, I'm moving to Europe.

  • LeahIsOuttaYourLeague🪬
    LeahIsOuttaYourLeague🪬 6 개월 전 +807

    In 2007 in Kansas it was so almost impossible to get any TANF. Just to get $250 a month for a family of 3, they wanted us to fill out 20 job applications a week. We were on food stamps for a few months, just like most families who get benefits. It was temporary, but ended up having to reuse diapers because SNAP doesn’t cover anything but food.
    Nobody should have to live that way. This country is basically just a Third World country with a snappy theme song.

    • Penny Proud
      Penny Proud 6 개월 전 +1

      Lol.smh. right.

    • Maxwell
      Maxwell 6 개월 전 +53

      A comparable programme for the Netherlands allows you to get up to 70% of your former salary, and I think a couple of job applications a week. The length of time you qualify depends on total time worked. A much more humane programme for those in between jobs with financial obligations and dependents

    • Sarah O'Shea
      Sarah O'Shea 6 개월 전 +16

      Last I knew the Netherlands weren't taking US refugees and the US doesn't give a shit what the Netherlands are doing "cuz thur commeez" (or something).

    • A M
      A M 6 개월 전 +61

      I'm a retired Income Maintenance Caseworker and can tell you that TANF, SNAP, Cash Assistance is supplemental only, it's not livable. The ridiculous questions that are asked and requirements for mere chump change is abhorrent. But, when it comes time to finance a "war", there are no applications and the paper "money" flows like water.

  • Ro G
    Ro G 6 개월 전 +8546

    You can always rely on John Oliver to make you pissed off about something you didn't even know existed 30 minutes ago.

    • J J
      J J 6 개월 전 +80

      You didn’t know welfare existed but was hard to get?

    • Esinam Adzo
      Esinam Adzo 6 개월 전 +201

      ​@J J maybe he meant how it being used to build volleyball courts

    • That Guy
      That Guy 6 개월 전 +40

      You must have had a nice easy life if you didn't know it existed

    • pennybutnotthecoin
      pennybutnotthecoin 6 개월 전 +20

      John's good like that, tho i imagine much more people have seen or are aware of TANF, it being that thing you always check "no" to when applying to jobs.
      i never really knew what it was myself

    • Alan Weis
      Alan Weis 6 개월 전 +8

      Good thing that problems in the world is constant. We will never run out things to talk about.

  • Isabella Gonzales
    Isabella Gonzales 6 개월 전 +128

    I will never get over how well done this show is! The research, writing, and presentation...John Oliver's rage feeds my soul!

  • Tanya Sawyer
    Tanya Sawyer 6 개월 전 +276

    I was granted food stamps in north Carolina, because I am diabetic and couldn't afford my meds, food, and doctor's visits. After a year and a half I got a letter from dhhs saying that I was never supposed to get any kind of help at all. Over the next several years I had to repay every penny I was given in assistance. I still can't afford my insulin, food, and doctor's visits. Haven't bothered trying to get any kind of help since.

    • Penny Proud
      Penny Proud 6 개월 전 +30

      Smh. I'm sorry about that. Our country is crazy.

    • D Po
      D Po 6 개월 전 +20

      I'm sorry the system acted on the pretense of helping and only ended up putting you through more hardship. I hope you're able to have access to the $30 insulin that that manufacturer is offering! The cost and accessibility of insulin has been despicably exploitative in this country. I hope in the future there's drastic reform to change that.

    • betp
      betp 6 개월 전 +7

      i'm so sorry. if i could afford to help you buy your insulin, i would. it's not fair.

    • CoCo Butter
      CoCo Butter 6 개월 전 +20

      Same. I'm type 1, and I got on food stamps after being fired from my job for being in the hospital too long. I had to fill out tons of applications every week, for only $30 worth of food stamps. A local church bought insulin for me, thankfully, or I'd be dead. I finally got on disability, which I had applied for almost two years before I was fired. I had been in and out of the hospital all the time, basically dying, because I was trying to work while still not being able to afford enough insulin and medical supplies. My A1C was 14 the whole time. So I finally applied for disability, and hoped for the best. I did almost die getting there, but once I got on disability, keeping food stamps was actually easier. They gave me way more and I didn't have to fill out applications. And I finally got insurance and could go to a doctor. If healthcare was free, and you didn't have to jump through hoops for food stamps, I would have had enough assistance to never have to be on disability. I could have had enough medicine to actually be healthy enough to keep working. But no, instead I became so sick, I became too blind to drive, and damaged my organs and body so much, I will never be able to work again. The stigma around getting assistance was so bad though, I let myself suffer horribly before I finally gave in and started applying for stuff.

    • CoCo Butter
      CoCo Butter 6 개월 전 +15

      ​@D Po The only thing that sucks about the $30 insulin, is that insulins are different, and only certain ones are $30. Different diabetics need different insulins. You can use a cheaper one, but it won't keep your blood sugar under control, you'll still be pretty sick, but it's better than nothing. I had to have Tresiba specifically, and luckily I have insurance, because it's not one of the ones covered under that law. Before insurance, I had to take Walmart insulin. I was in the hospital a lot, in DKA. It just didn't work. Hopefully they come out with more generics covered under the $30 law, so diabetics can get the insulin that actually works for them.

  • Joy L
    Joy L 6 개월 전 +341

    I'm grateful I live in The Netherlands. I live on my own and became dependent on welfare from my local government. The people at the department were very supportive and helped me every which way I could possibly need. After exactly a year I found my dreamjob, thanks to their assistance in applying for it, and I was no longer dependent.

    • Jedidiah Sojourner
      Jedidiah Sojourner 6 개월 전 +9


    • Love Music
      Love Music 6 개월 전 +36

      Thank you for posting this. I'm 73, live in the U.S. and think there's lots The Netherlands do that is more sensible than how we do the same things.

    • Joy L
      Joy L 6 개월 전 +6

      @Love Music Thank you for your response.

    • bananatree25
      bananatree25 6 개월 전 +12

      The Netherlands is much better but still not all that good on this front. I'd say the Dutch version is bijstand, which also has some ridiculous hurdles to apply. I remember being in it at one point. They can literally visit your home unannounced to make sure nobody else lives there who could also have an income, they check all your bank records for several years back which is a massive invasion of privacy, and so on. There was this woman who was gifted some groceries regularly (I don't remember exactly by whom, could be a neighbour or family member) and because the state counted that as extra income she had to pay back thousands of euros of welfare money to the government. There are also similar requirements while you're in the program such as sending plenty of job applications and going to training to improve your job application skills. And to top it all off, every single correspondence you receive from the government about it comes with big warnings that if you don't do everything correctly they can kick you off the program. I wouldn't say bijstand has the level of abuse and just spending it on nonsense that TANF has, but the government very much treats recepients with a very hostile and paranoid attitude, constantly giving you the feeling that they see you as a very lazy scumbag who will defraud the system the moment they're not watching you or haven't warned you in a letter.

    • Joy L
      Joy L 6 개월 전 +5

      @bananatree25 I don't understand why you are criticizing the requirements when you are getting a free handout and support to find a paying job suiting the skills you have.
      It is completely justified to demand your efforts and honesty about your living situation and financials. You can't expect to receive income for doing nothing and not being open about your situation.
      By the way, the woman you mentioned who received groceries was also driving a mid-to-high range car. That's not the kind of person Bijstand is for.

  • Cindy J Moss
    Cindy J Moss 6 개월 전 +206

    I used to determine eligibility for people and how often it fell short was not only horrifying, but I spent more than a few days crying in my cubicle when it inevitably became “how do I make too much money.”
    For reference, a single parent can’t make more than $400 a month to get TANF. Rent here is 1500 for a one bedroom. These same people end up hating and distrusting us (or even kill us) because our representatives spend this money however they want.

    • sonicboy678
      sonicboy678 6 개월 전 +8

      That threshold requires either being paid less than the federal minimum wage or working for effectively no more than _55 hours_ in a month at that rate. (For clarity, the minimum wage in the US is $7.25/hour. At an assumed 40 hours per week over four weeks, $400/month would only be $2.50/hour, while the aforementioned minimum means you're practically unemployed.)

    • Pegged Yourdad
      Pegged Yourdad 6 개월 전 +3

      @sonicboy678 That sounds like minimum wage back in the 50s imo.

    • crushedorchids
      crushedorchids 5 개월 전

      How do you keep children from starving and not encourage women to have kids to receive benefits? I grew up in that situation and would NEVER do that to a child. Women need to make better decisions when it comes to who they get pregnant with and to have children in general. Raising a child in poverty is cruel. I agree everyone (not just people with children) needs a little help but no one seems to question the choice to have kids you can't afford in the fist place. Give everyone UBI for NOT having kids, then remove it when they do, since by having one they are saying they are successful enough to start a family.

    • Matthew O'Donnell
      Matthew O'Donnell 5 개월 전 +6

      @crushedorchids But now we live in a world where politicians are attacking access to both abortion care & contraceptives. The Supreme Court ruling that overturned the Comstock Laws (laws preventing the sale & distribution of birth control of any kind) was on the same basis as the original Roe v. Wade ruling. Now, with the mifepristone ruling, republican judges are effectively trying to reinstate the Comstock laws. What will you do when moving condoms, birth control pills, and other contraceptives across state lines becomes illegal? Does your state have a single place that manufactures any of these contraceptives? Probably not.

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh 6 개월 전 +40

    Finding out you were kicked off of government assistance while you were in a Coma has to be one of the worst things to happen to you! As someone who lost their job after coming out of the hospital after getting brain surgery, I Sympathize with her!

  • Ro G
    Ro G 6 개월 전 +4201

    Tennessee: "We need to protect our children by banning drag shows!"
    Also Tennessee: **Sitting on $790 million that could help children hoping no one finds out**

    • saxyrep1
      saxyrep1 6 개월 전 +288

      Yup from the so-called "Save the children" crowd.

    • Snicks Abea
      Snicks Abea 6 개월 전 +65

      That’s why some of the smart Tennesseans leave.

    • Luís Andrade
      Luís Andrade 6 개월 전 +13

      Because aperantly those things are related somehow

    • Luís Andrade
      Luís Andrade 6 개월 전 +10

      @saxyrep1 imagine thinking being pro children is a bad thing 😂😂😂

  • Lee A. Scott, II
    Lee A. Scott, II 6 개월 전 +152

    Thanks for highlighting this story. As a Mississippian, it’s amazing how our leaders look at defrauding this agency. It is wild. And there is no in-state accountability for the elected officials who pushed these actions which means the federal govt has to do the right thing. I hope that my fellow citizens keeps this in mind when we go to the polls this fall. It’s appalling & quite frankly sad

    • Heritage Labrador
      Heritage Labrador 6 개월 전 +5

      Yes ! And Tate Reeves had his hand in the jar just like Phil did , that's why nothing happens

    • C Pace
      C Pace 6 개월 전 +2

      @Heritage Labrador Damn Tater the Crook!

    • Lee A. Scott, II
      Lee A. Scott, II 6 개월 전 +2

      @Heritage Labrador yep smh lol

    • Kim's Cozy Reads
      Kim's Cozy Reads 6 개월 전 +5

      Then you see how much taxpayer money is going into that stupid vanity book Tater's wife got published. It's appalling

    • John-Paul C
      John-Paul C 6 개월 전

      If you're honest with yourself, there are accountability problems with the system and those on welfare indefinitely. Its a completely broken system.

  • Anella Aker Writer
    Anella Aker Writer 6 개월 전 +36

    Welfare to work programs have always pissed me off. They want you to work to take you out of the system, but low paying jobs don’t help you either. If you’re not born rich in this country, you have to fight for everything. It’s exhausting and the rich want to keep us exhausted so they can keep counting their money.

  • Lindsey S
    Lindsey S 6 개월 전 +208

    My child's father is a danger to us both, but because there isn't enough evidence for them, they required that I pursue child support to keep getting TANF. I ended up having it cut off because it was safer than him being able to come after me for visitation.

    • Mikey Malice
      Mikey Malice 6 개월 전 +9

      Same boat for me. 😢

    • Lindsey S
      Lindsey S 6 개월 전 +48

      @All Parts Equal cool idea. Too bad he waited until I was pregnant to start abusing me, pull a gun on me, steal my car, steal my money for drugs, leading to the car getting repossessed. I didn't choose an abuser, he chose me and waited.

    • Valerie Lewis
      Valerie Lewis 6 개월 전 +19

      And if you told them that you had a history of DV, they would have called CPS on you and kidnapped your kids for being a victim of DV.

    • Sera Seely
      Sera Seely 6 개월 전 +15

      ​@All Parts Equal Why don't we just put women and girls in Veils while we're at it by your logic?

    • Overseer76
      Overseer76 6 개월 전 +11

      @All Parts Equal I was on her side before you reminded me that we could just blame the victim and dismiss the whole thing! (Alligators, trolls, I can't help myself sometimes.)

  • Kayla Vorlicky
    Kayla Vorlicky 5 개월 전 +17

    The twist on the narrative even worked on those who needed it. My grandmother raised 5 kids while working on her GED and working as the secretary to the police chief after divorcing her abusive husband (who never paid child support) and got welfare to keep afloat but now my relatives ignore that and claim welfare users are lazy!

  • Patti Jay
    Patti Jay 5 개월 전 +9

    After husband/dad abandoned us I had to attend a jobs plus program, a program amazingly out of touch and condescending. It showed my group how to dress for an interview with clothes from the fifties, told us we had to be clean and neat, and gave us two weeks to fill out 20 applications, none of which could be online, which is the only way to apply for most jobs.

    • Nifralo
      Nifralo 3 개월 전 +3

      That's cause these programs are made by public sector people who have 0 experience in the real world

  • Greg K
    Greg K 6 개월 전 +11577

    My grandfather left his family so that my grandmother could claim aid to dependent children at the height of the great depression after he lost his job on the railroad. He lived in a park and my grandmother would bring him food. The obsession with poor people being lazy while rich people are "hard working" while they rob the system is part of American culture.

    • Sweetyhide
      Sweetyhide 6 개월 전 +479

      I know that was very hard for them. My husband and I almost divorced (on paper) to get help. We barely made it through holding it off until his disability came through.

    • RainbowGlitterGang
      RainbowGlitterGang 6 개월 전 +813

      The ones yelling about people on welfare being lazy are the same ones with major tax write offs government subsidies, grants and loans with low interest rates. They like to hog it all for themselves. They hate anyone else getting help.

    • Sweetyhide
      Sweetyhide 6 개월 전 +19

      @Wolf950 So what is the point and why am I part of the problem?

  • Karl Niezsche
    Karl Niezsche 6 개월 전 +32

    This hits home for me My grandmother has Parkinson’s she can’t walk now. She applied for Medicaid and was denied. She couldn’t afford vital medicine that may have helped her keep walking. Her husband committed suicide and she is very old. I live in Hattiesburg the town of Brett’s alma mater. I understand that this is just a relatively obscure anecdote but I thought it was relevant.

    • Lisa Spikes
      Lisa Spikes 5 개월 전 +4

      When I lived in Louisiana, I had a friend who had really bad Chron’s disease. She would get sick, spend a week or two in the hospital, go back to work, and within a short time, get sick again, and go back to the hospital. She had a young teenage son also, and was divorced.
      When she tried to get benefits, they told her that she would have to stop working for a year before she could qualify. Now…how was she supposed to do that?
      It’s just ridiculous!

  • Alina
    Alina 6 개월 전 +12

    As a German working in a Jobcenter (where you get money if you're unemployed) these stories about the USA always leave me baffled. I know our system isn't perfect and there are a lot of ways to improve it but compared to this it suddenly looks like the best option out there 😂

  • Dolores Bond
    Dolores Bond 6 개월 전 +96

    This happened to me in West Virginia. After a divorce, I was a single mother of two and worked a job that was just spare money for the marriage. It was not enough to sustain us temporarily. I applied to get help, and was told I made to much money. I was not receiving child support yet also. I could not understand how I made to much! Like how in the world could a single person, earning minimum wage with mortgage and two children be making to much money? Especially when you need to work to qualify! What the heck?????

    • Sarah 2.0
      Sarah 2.0 6 개월 전 +1

      Many years ago, I worked with a woman who got divorced, with 3 kids (although one was from a prior relationship - I don't think they were ever married - and was an adult) and applied for aid because she knew she was never going to get any child support. (I didn't ask why, and she never told me, but I believe he went to prison.) Anyway, they said she made too much money, and she replied, "I bet if I was black, it would be a whole 'nother story." Yeah, I didn't work there very long, although for other reasons.

    • Porco Rosso
      Porco Rosso 6 개월 전 +1

      working full time at minimum wage is probably too much.
      maybe if you work part time.
      of course, I know you also have kids to support.
      you probably were not making enough to support both you and your kids.
      that said, I don't think that is what we the people (who voted for representative in office) and by extension the government consider "poor" enough.

    • ellipses
      ellipses 4 개월 전 +2

      The truly perverse and sad part about this, is West Virginia is actually pretty generous, relatively (and I cannot emphasize relatively enough) speaking when it comes to their TANF programs. Among other things, they also use TANF funds to provide their school clothing allowance every year, the *only* state in the nation to provide such a program every year.
      WV also only (“only”) had $110 million in stockpiled TANF funds in 2022, but that’s only about 2% of the nationwide $5.2 billion stockpile.
      Of course, none of this changes that your family wasn’t able to get the help you needed, I’m just offering some perspective on how kafkaesque the welfare system in this country is.

  • SWCMooth
    SWCMooth 6 개월 전 +86

    I would love an episode like this about disability income. The more I look into it the more it's on this level of ew. Everything from the idea it gives you the same level of comfort as when you worked to requirements to keep it. And this "ticket to work" system they just started. Does anyone really want to be disabled?

    • Jennifer Steiner
      Jennifer Steiner 5 개월 전 +3

      the book, "Poverty, by America" talks about disability income and it's well researched

  • J Beta
    J Beta 6 개월 전 +16

    I lost my job and didn't have savings or an income 11 years ago in Arizona. It was extremely difficult to get food stamps and I had to apply to jobs every week. The phone line to call to renew benefits often didn't work. It was a nightmare. This country is damaged in a way that needs to be remedied from it's core.

  • William Gregory
    William Gregory 6 개월 전 +1839

    “Ronald Reagan made it worse.”
    That one line perfectly describes all of this country’s problems.

    • 918etools
      918etools 6 개월 전 +29


    • Revment
      Revment 6 개월 전 +94

      Yup. Now imagine that an entire political party in a bipartisan system bases it's entire identity and policy on trying to emulate Reagan. Oh wait, you don't have to imagine: this nightmare is real.

    • Joarthus
      Joarthus 6 개월 전 +115

      Dude the more I learn about US history the more I realize that Reagan and Nixon (to a lesser extent) are responsible for a lot of the shit we're dealing with right now.

  • Carlos Cordova
    Carlos Cordova 6 개월 전 +90

    That Ronald Reagan joke was way too accurate and hilarious 😂

    • Eric Williams
      Eric Williams 6 개월 전 +9

      In retrospect ... increasingly accurate

    • Hitchbot
      Hitchbot 21 일 전

      The problem I have is that it isn't all on him. His party could have corrected course in the many years since. Instead, from what I have seen, they have only doubled down.

  • ixchelssong
    ixchelssong 6 개월 전 +20

    I was living in NJ until a year ago. I am a single woman with a disability and was living in poverty because of it. Though I had a small income, I was below the legal poverty level. But I had "too much money" to get disability money or other support funds. I did get SNAP. A grand total of about $16/month.

    OUTFXD 6 개월 전 +58

    I can relate to this entire video. In the 90s in WASHINGTON STATE, Me and the mother of my child called off our wedding and went separate ways. Sadly for me, she got on state assistance. The State ended up withholding 50% of my wages PRE TAX leaving me to try to support a wife and two kids on $600 a month. Instead of being provided to the mother as Child support, most of the money was kept to "Pay the mothers debt to the state" (Moneys collected to pay debts fall under the purview of the Federal Fareness in Collections Act which strictly prohibits using family members as resources to collect money) . The mother, not receiving child support, spread around that I was a deadbeat father. I complained to the state and was treated as someone trying to get out of paying child support.

    • Kiki Chan
      Kiki Chan 6 개월 전 +6

      Ah man, that fucking sucks

  • Nicole Clammer
    Nicole Clammer 6 개월 전 +27

    He should do an episode about disability help for people with autism, cerebral palsy, etc. Some of those people (including my sister) are not disabled enough to qualify for some of those programs even though they need them

    • SiRenfield
      SiRenfield 6 개월 전 +1

      Oh fuck I would love that. I’ve been waiting on a ton of back pay for months all because some doctors in multiple states need evidence that I was disabled before the age of 21. What the fuck more do they want from me?! I talked about Alvin and the Chipmunks for hours incessantly and had the hallmark social awareness and developmental delays

    • Kathy Meacham
      Kathy Meacham 5 개월 전 +2

      Right my son has autism he is an adult now but when he was little it was
      Hard for me because his dad refused to pay child support lucky me 50’000 dollars later I’m getting paid now

    • SciFi Realism
      SciFi Realism 28 일 전

      I'll make a video on that.

  • Reagan C
    Reagan C 6 개월 전 +7

    The woman in this scandal, Nancy New, was my high school’s superintendent. New Summit in Jackson MS. She also took funds from our public education system to buy herself a house in the richest neighborhood in Jackson. She was able to do this because our school got special funding. Why? It was a school to help kids with special needs. The school ultimately went under after she and her son were found out. Also, she just sucks in general. I remember at my graduation, she said that there was a typo in the play I performed. “Reagan’s favorite highlight of the year was performing in ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ Oh that’s wrong, I was an English major, it should be ‘Midnight’s Summer Dream.’” It was so embarrassing to watch an adult be so confidently wrong. She also always brought investors to the school and would prop me and other students up as “success stories” it felt very strange. She then made us go to the state capitol to bring our autistic students for an Autism Speaks event. The kids were very stressed out at this event and I felt awful that I had to be there. Even at 17, I knew Autism Speaks was a terrible organization. I hope this woman goes to jail for a long time.

  • Chappie
    Chappie 6 개월 전 +1210

    the more I watch LWT, the more I realize that a majority of problems in the US stem from an overwhelming sense of "I can do it, so can you" and outright refusing to put themselves into other people's shoes, while constantly making it harder for people to do the thing you want them to do, because a vast majority of people didn't get born into a family full of millionaire businessmen.
    The same people look at Denmark, see the extent of the social security put in place so people can get the help they need, throw out all the positives and focus in on the outliers and negatives, like people who abuse the system, and the high tax-rate... missing the fact that there are punishments in place for people who abuse the system, and the high tax-rate goes back into funding the social security systems rather than going off to fund another fucking stadium that a football team "needed".
    It is willful malignant ignorance at its worst. Corrupt as hell, and buys into its own propaganda about "if I can do it, so can you".

    • Scarlet Wings
      Scarlet Wings 6 개월 전 +49

      The term you may be looking for is “survivorship bias”.

  • GMJ
    GMJ 6 개월 전 +38

    "Reagan made it worse" should be our new national motto.

  • Elizabeth Wasilewski
    Elizabeth Wasilewski 5 개월 전 +2

    My husband and I work our butts off and after being screwed over by another company we worked for, we are so in debt. We have tried over and over again to get help to get back on our feet and have been declined even though we were below the minimum wage at the time (I had surgery and walked into the office on crutches and also provided proof of a loss of hours and hourly wage). You can work all you can, but it doesn’t matter. I thought welfare was suppose to be people who needed help and as hard working people who don’t make the minimum wage over what they accept, you would think we would get help. We don’t.

  • Stan Phillips
    Stan Phillips 6 개월 전 +11

    The woman in a coma reminded me of how I was diagnosed with severe and chronic pneumonia and I applied for disability and was denied for missing an appointment that I missed because I was in the hospital with pneumonia.
    I replied and after 9 months got it immediately after a disability Dr saw my lungs. My check was a couple of hundred dollars less because my neighbors, friends and even strangers (I was basically reduced to panhandling while unable to have access to treatment and oxygen) so if not for an asthmatic friend giving me inhalers and my mom's oxygen concentrator and leftover nebulizer medicine I wouldn't have stood a chance and was hospitalized monthly (sometimes twice).
    I was told had I been receiving government food stamp assistance my monthly check would have been more but, because I was receiving the aformentioned assistance it was considered assistance! How backwards is this countries logic when it comes to the most vulnerable in our society.
    It's a bit of a digression but, I should have starved or suffocated due to how little the government cares about people who have a hard time just staying alive.

  • Dainia Lawes
    Dainia Lawes 6 개월 전 +51

    A friend told me that she couldn’t attend college full time or she’d lose her TANF funds so they’re not interested in u finding a career. Plus she couldn’t let them find out that the father of her kids loved at home. So they’re not interested in all families, just certain families

    • Carl Brenda
      Carl Brenda 5 개월 전

      So she could have still went to college part time. Seems like the desire to get ahead wasn't there. Then add to it lying about the baby daddy living with her. That's the problem I have with a majority of the welfare recepients. They make a mistake and have a child. It can happen. But they then continue to make the same mistake over and over and expect society to take care of them........

    • Comedic Farce
      Comedic Farce 5 개월 전

      The wealthy can afford to sleep around because they don't depend on public assistance.
      The poor need to have good moral compass and practice it. To escape poverty, don't sleep around, don't sow wild oats, hold oneself to high moral standard and focus on education. Finish high school, go to college part-time while working. After getting the college education, get a decent job. Get married and stay married before having children. Children in stable family with 2 solid parents are more likely to become well-adjusted stable adults.

    • SciFi Realism
      SciFi Realism 4 개월 전

      ​@Comedic Farce that's messed up

    • SciFi Realism
      SciFi Realism 3 개월 전

      ​@Comedic Farce no.

    • SciFi Realism
      SciFi Realism 28 일 전

      ​@Carl Brendabe quiet about just-world fallacy.

  • Napoléon I Bonaparte
    Napoléon I Bonaparte 6 개월 전 +11

    America should really commission a review of all of its welfare programmes.

  • Dyessman
    Dyessman 6 개월 전 +1726

    Ah yes, my weekly fix of "the US is falling apart at the seams but John Oliver disguises it as a comedy show"

    • Xuuni
      Xuuni 6 개월 전 +25

      What's that saying? 'Empires only last 250 years'? It's about time.

    • Nancy Chandler
      Nancy Chandler 6 개월 전 +25

      We laugh to prevent from crying 😢 😭

  • elrenato82
    elrenato82 6 개월 전 +27

    Here in Belgium there is a well known "trick" for wealthy/rich people to let their kids study on government money: They "kick" their kids out of the house but let them live in another place that is coincidentally owned by the family. Then the kid gets all kinds of wonderful government benefits since he is officially poor now.

    • blyt50
      blyt50 6 개월 전 +6

      True, but they won’t get college money, because they dig into the parents income. They might even qualify at first, but then the government does a little more digging, and kick them back out.

  • SteveNelsonBrigade
    SteveNelsonBrigade 6 개월 전 +7

    Thank you to John Oliver's team for this excellent report, and also thank all of you in the comments who are responding with stories of how ridiculous this system is. For those of us who were alive in the 1990s and remember the awful political environment of those times, which led to this disaster, it is gratifying to finally see this widely discussed. For most of the time since 1996, the narrative in media has been dominated by people who claimed that so-called welfare "reform" was a "success"; no one looked into the appalling details. It's not only Republicans who pushed this line, either, since it was all approved by a Democratic president, and accepted by many other Democratic politicians who didn't want to be seen as "soft" on supposedly "lazy" welfare recipients. It is also good to see an audience reacting with disgust to the rhetoric that was so pervasive in the 1990s; I hope that more and more reflects the popular sentiment.

  • Gordatados
    Gordatados 6 개월 전 +2

    Even when we met requirements to get gov. welfare, we didn't bc the whole process was exhausting and anxiety inducing. It wasn't worth all that stress. So we did without. Many times we had $30-$60 for 2 weeks of groceries for 2-3 people. For a few months when we were on assistance, they only gave us $7/month for food stamps. Not worth all those forms and time for $7.

  • Avankiri
    Avankiri 6 개월 전 +3

    I love when a rich representative or Senator who literally wants for nothing tries to tell me that getting assistance means I'm lazy and will just continue to take the assistance as much as possible.

  • Christopher Faulkenberry
    Christopher Faulkenberry 5 개월 전 +1

    Oklahoma’s “Forever. For Real.” program was a half day “class” (lost wages anyone) and it was mainly pushed as a way to save from paying full price for a marriage license.
    Yes! Spend half a day’s working wages to save ~$40 on a marriage license.
    My wife and I went to the class in 2015, and we walked away wondering why the state spent tons of money on a half day class based on “be kind to your partner, and avoid divorce at all costs”.
    We are still together, because we support each other, unlike the state of Oklahoma!

  • TW Ray
    TW Ray 6 개월 전 +894

    My husband and I were able to get emergency assistance once. This was back in 2010. We got completely screwed by the great recession. I lost my job when the media industry collapsed. We had done everything you're supposed to. Had savings for six months of expenses, cut unnecessary spending, treated looking for work like a job. We did everything we were supposed and still wound up having to move in with my parents.
    Two years later, we're both working as close to full time as you can get at Walmart and still had to choose between food and rent. We were going to the food bank. We had to drain every single account we had. We were literally down to using loose change. THAT'S when we got emergency assistance. Even in a blue state like Illinois. We got a single month. Which was enough to survive. But it was so degrading applying and literally begging for help.
    13 years later, I'm doing okay. My husband passed away and I'm pretty sure the fact we couldn't afford medical care for so long contributed to it. But I do have a good job and now own my own home. But I still remember what it was like to struggle like that and how people kept making it feel like it was our fault. What this country does to its poor is a crime.

    • Kani Murad
      Kani Murad 6 개월 전 +53

      I hope you are healing well 💛

    • Ari W
      Ari W 6 개월 전 +54

      JC I’m so sorry you had to endure this! We should not accept as the richest country in the history of the world that we can not take care of those who need it most. So sorry for the loss of your husband.

    • tim mc
      tim mc 6 개월 전 +18

      More people like yourseld need to speak up!

    • Amiri Moore
      Amiri Moore 6 개월 전 +14

      So sorry 😢for your loss

    • Dustin Hansen
      Dustin Hansen 6 개월 전 +38

      I think about situations like yours whenever someone beats their chest and proudly proclaims that the United States is the greatest country in the world.

  • Carrie
    Carrie 6 개월 전 +15

    These episodes always upset me deeply. They are a reminder of how much America/religious right hate me, a poor single mom. 😢

    • Phil Torrez
      Phil Torrez 5 개월 전 +3

      They hate all of us, stay strong!

    • Carrie
      Carrie 5 개월 전

      @Phil Torrez 💪I'm trying, thank you

  • Grand Trine Song
    Grand Trine Song 6 개월 전 +14

    Thank you for doing this. This is incredibly important work. The fact that the most popular comment is about not even knowing what TANF is, says A LOT about the U.S.

  • John Thomas Kooz
    John Thomas Kooz 6 개월 전 +2

    Just imagine the positive and successful impact of how having more Americans appreciate our past (and present) select strengths of our Presidents. Great message, John Oliver!

  • MyReadingMapped
    MyReadingMapped 6 개월 전 +2

    As an elected official the programs we create are not monitored for effectiveness by those of us who created them. Unfortunately, many well-intended programs are poorly run, misused, corrupted and suffer the unintended consequences of well-intended pragmatic thinking turned horribly wrong when a diverse and polarized public reacts to it.

  • Shannon and Kyle
    Shannon and Kyle 6 개월 전 +4

    One of the things they could've done to help was not get rid of emergency allotment snap benefits which helped hundreds of thousands of families with food money. It's not cash but at least they don't have to worry about going hungry and having food money frees up money that would've been spent on food for things like gas, bills and other needs.

  • LanguageNerd
    LanguageNerd 6 개월 전 +638

    It's no surprise why John and his team win awards every year the amount of analysis in this show is so insightful.

    • Pat Maurer
      Pat Maurer 6 개월 전 +20

      And it makes you wonder why regulatory agencies can't seem to do the same.

    • Glaaki13
      Glaaki13 6 개월 전 +7

      True im a media critical far leftist and John and the team are really good for the most part

    • Noah Flatcher
      Noah Flatcher 6 개월 전 +2

      This is straight to the point

  • Timothy J. Wright
    Timothy J. Wright 6 개월 전 +53

    I work full-time, and my wife watches our daughter. I have a decent job right now, but without the help from programs like WIC, I doubt we'd be able to afford many of the things we get help with like, fruits/vegetables, eggs, and even extra things like music and swimming classes. It's such an amazingly helpful thing in our lives, and we're so thankful for it. But believe me - I wish we didn't have to rely on it.

    • itmeurdad
      itmeurdad 6 개월 전 +3

      WIC was a godsend in those first years! I am so glad to hear this program is still doing what was so critical for me personally, and I'm glad to hear your family is able to do what works for you.
      The only part I didn't like was the amount of work it took the poor cashiers. Hopefully that process is better by now 😅

  • GeekGirl _Luv
    GeekGirl _Luv 6 개월 전 +11

    “College aid helps prevent out of wedlock pregnancies”
    Me, being kicked out of my room for the fourth time this week so that my roommate can have sex: “Mhm. For sure.”

  • Mimi 78
    Mimi 78 5 개월 전 +2

    Every time I watch an episode like this I’m even more grateful I don’t live in the US

  • Dulce R-L
    Dulce R-L 6 개월 전 +8

    That was brilliant, John. Thank you for telling like it is with a great sense of humour.

  • lolitaalmostgrown
    lolitaalmostgrown 6 개월 전 +4

    I received TANF briefly in MO and the state enforced my child support order just long enough for me to repay the TANF and then never enforced it again.

  • Hoyt Bangs
    Hoyt Bangs 6 개월 전 +1574

    “The comfort of the rich depends upon an abundant supply of the poor” ― Voltaire

      OBVIOUSLY IMRIGHT 6 개월 전 +12


    • Don Quarnstrom
      Don Quarnstrom 6 개월 전 +61

      French royalty found out how that cam backfire.
      Time to show the rich that again.

    • Noumena Noz
      Noumena Noz 6 개월 전 +64

      Why you think they want to force people to have birth? Guaranteed poor people.

  • Tamara Montgomery
    Tamara Montgomery 6 개월 전 +3

    Thanks John for updating us on this. I was wowing when these criminals were going to be charged especially Brett Favre.

  • Estrella Vega
    Estrella Vega 6 개월 전 +4

    American society is just very cruel. In many other countries, it’s not “an issue” to make healthcare and childcare accessible to all (meaning, it’s either free or very cheap), or to provide help for poor families. But here in America, the poor are seen as leeches.

  • Commander Kitten
    Commander Kitten 6 개월 전 +8

    Ahh this got me. I was brought up as a poor white kid n south MS. I don't think my Ma ever heard of or applied for this program. My parents divorced in 98, not b4 my sperm doner took every cent out of their bank account and split. Agreed to a super low amount of child support and alimony. My mom worked 40 hours a week. She was not allowed to work while they were married. She made very little per hour. He didn't pay what he promised and was court ordered to. We had Medicare which meant we could only go to the doctor a certain number of times a year. Glasses once a year. If my brother broke his playing around....no new glasses til October. Food stamps were so low we ate at my memaws a couple times a week. When she got her taxes in she used to to catch up on all the bills. We couldn't play sports of join school clubs because we didn't have the money. The food stamp office staff told her "you're a white woman, go find a husband to help you". MS is a mess.

  • TheDylls
    TheDylls 5 개월 전 +1

    Gods bless Jon's simultaneous good use and absolute abuse of HBO's money!

  • Sarah Cunningham
    Sarah Cunningham 3 개월 전 +3

    Our benefits scheme in Australia is pretty pathetic and broken, but at least the funds aren't being directly diverted to millionaires for sport facilities.
    They just do it underhandedly, and indirectly, but still.

  • ez
    ez 6 개월 전 +906

    As a Dutch person I was so shocked when I moved to the States.
    The US is the biggest economy on the planet, yet there is such an incredible amount of poverty, with basically no substantial social safety net.
    It was a real culture shock. The states only is the greatest place on earth if you’re upper class, otherwise I’d much rather be in a place like the Netherlands.

    • phileas007
      phileas007 6 개월 전 +150

      when I visited the states, I've noticed a correlation between poverty and the density of American flags.

    • Arc Anon Drum
      Arc Anon Drum 6 개월 전 +171

      While President, Donald Trump complained about Immigrants and asked; "How come we don't get any immigrants from Norway?" Well Donald, Norway is a Social Democracy.

    • Nathan Billings
      Nathan Billings 6 개월 전 +29

      Goedendag! As an American in The Netherlands, I agree it’s much more efficient here. I still want to go back to the US. Mostly because of the variety of nature and climates. I also think it’s generally hard to be away from home.
      Maybe we can switch lol

    • Mariska C
      Mariska C 6 개월 전 +35

      @Nathan Billings You are not wrong, the nature and climate in the Netherlands can be summed up as 95% grass, ducks and rain. (A Dutch person who would live in the US if she was financially secure enough)

  • PME
    PME 6 개월 전 +7

    After a few years working at a shelter I realize that many people start life far behind others due to lack of resources and support. Some people are going to spend their whole lives trying to catch up and remaining behind. They don’t have stable primary caregivers. They don’t have anyone to lean on. No way of getting a good education, food, clothes, etc. So they can’t get good jobs, good incomes, none of that. They are always stuck in a cycle of poverty with little to no way out.

  • Mary Exton
    Mary Exton 6 개월 전 +5

    We need Katie Porter, Sheldon Whitehouse, and Bernie Sanders to expose this abuse and propose solutions to Congress. Seriously, the corruption has to stop. We have to vote into office more people dedicated to working FOR the good of the people, not crooks and corporations.

  • Mack .Doggs
    Mack .Doggs 6 개월 전 +3

    Telling psychological or physically disabled people to "start a career and get into gear". Good job guy! I'm sure they just never thought of that.

  • alaskan lady
    alaskan lady 6 개월 전 +2

    Brett Favre’s Net Worth was last recorded at around 100 million with yearly promotional/residual earnings in the millions as well, and he’s dipping into public assistance funding? How is this not a criminal offense…

  • peter paul
    peter paul 5 개월 전 +1

    We live in an unfair system where the people who need help the most are the ones least likely to get it.

  • Terry Stevens
    Terry Stevens 6 개월 전 +1624

    My political awakening happened in a welfare office at 25 with two kids and an abusive ex husband who had frozen me out of our joint accounts.. it was the moment I realized that the right had lied about generous welfare benefits for mothers in a rough spot.. it doesn’t exist.. getting any help meant I had to do full time welfare school (lol) and have my small kids in daycare.. luckily I’m middle class and it was only a short lesson on how awful America is and it worked out for me financially without any help from the state. It did lead me to becoming a leftist and realizing the right really doesn’t care if kids go hungry they want to force women and children to stay with abusive men.

    • Donna Vorce
      Donna Vorce 6 개월 전 +122

      Forcing women while saying it's best for them. Yep. And there are people who still vote for them.

    • darthclide
      darthclide 6 개월 전 +48

      Same goes for men only worse because men are rarely looked at as victims, and family courts are stacked in favor of the mother (at least in my state). It was heart wrenching to watch my friend lose his house, car, and most of his paycheck, all because she had a better lawyer and knew how to pull those "I am just an innocent women" shenanigans.

    • Terry Stevens
      Terry Stevens 6 개월 전 +50

      @darthclide divorce sucks.. it’s like the system is set up to drive the divorced parties to hate each other when they still have kids and have to learn to co parent.. the entire system should be set up to make it as easy as possible for the family to go on in separate directions without creating more animosity and anger.. the current situation just adds gas to fires.

    • Undefined Error
      Undefined Error 6 개월 전 +112

      ​@darthclide "same goes for men only worse"
      ... look, let's not compare suffering here. Try to keep those phrases out, it creates division rather than fostering mutual support. You probably didn't mean to, but on sensitive topics such phrases can really set off a fire...

  • A.
    A. 6 개월 전 +2

    No ads, detailed, well researched, funny and serious... A very good show ! Thanks
    Unfortunately in the end, nothing will change. Such is life. Humans think about their own survival first and the ones that get in power are either heavily corrupted or megalomaniac. We watched, we are angry and sad about our system but there really is nothing we can do because we are already the ones not voting for the worse candidates, in associations to help etc...

  • jrbedolla10
    jrbedolla10 6 개월 전 +15

    The fact that you actually listen and understand when to take a step back and speak is awesome. I also think you should consider hosting public debates for the Presidency etc etc...

  • Lilac Skies
    Lilac Skies 6 개월 전 +3

    My family was lucky enough to get TANF (probably cause we were white in a southern state) while my dad was sick and dying and my mom was in college. My parents didn’t have us 3 young, my parents were both 29 about to turn 30 when my older sister was born. We just fell into an unfortunate circumstance, my dad got extremely sick and my mom had just gone back to college when we were old enough for daycare/kindergarten. This was all also smack in the middle of the recovery from the 2008 recession. Without TANF and the massive help my grandmother gave us, my dad would have died and we would have been homeless, even with just TANF and not my grandmothers support we would have been out on the streets. I can’t imagine how bad things would have been. We need to give more money to this program, give money directly to families without any requirements of how it should be spent, and make it with no work requirements. My mom had to look for jobs while looking after 3 kids aged 6-2 alone and going to college, it must have been hell on earth for her and contributed to a later drug issue she had. Real people, children especially, are being hurt by this program meant to help families. Get your shit together you corrupt fucking politicians and fix this.

  • Miss Pat Van Driver Lady
    Miss Pat Van Driver Lady 6 개월 전 +2

    I got fired a week before having a baby. We were trying to get disability for my husband, but that took another three years. In the meantime, I thought perhaps we would qualify for TANF in PA. Nope. I received child support for my son from my first marriage, and that was too much. 😑 Oh, and that bit about having to chase down birth fathers keeps women impregnated by abusers (a common tactic to ensnare the woman) from accessing TANF, since this will attract the attention of someone who she may very much not want to. 😬

  • NotMyName
    NotMyName 6 개월 전 +12

    I would think that keeping people stable and off the street has got to be one of the best ROI we're going to get as a society.

  • Bimmy
    Bimmy 6 개월 전 +158

    I make $21 an hour and don’t have kids, and am scraping by. How in the FUCK is a mother of 3 who makes $9 an hour not qualify for government aid??? I am so beyond taken aback by that one, holy shit, I hope her and anyone in similar circumstances gets the help they need 😢💔
    Her and those kids deserve a better financial situation fr

    • Danny D
      Danny D 6 개월 전 +2

      How many hours per week do you work and what's the cost of living where you are?

    • teewhy
      teewhy 6 개월 전 +3

      if youre making 21 and are barely scraping by thats a you problem tbh

    • Bamboo Shoot
      Bamboo Shoot 6 개월 전 +10

      Basic wage growth, per the bureau of labor and statistics, grew 240%+ from 1940-1980 under strong labor representation. Since 1981, with the tech-sector boom, companies shipping labor overseas and the Communist propaganda about labor representation in full swing, *basic wage growth stalled at 5.5% from 1981-2021.*

    • The Djuan Moore Show
      The Djuan Moore Show 6 개월 전 +31

      ​@teewhy stop shaming others that's the problem they want us attacking each other when it's them that's the problem

    • dragongirl89115
      dragongirl89115 6 개월 전 +29

      @teewhy Not at all. It depends on where you live. Some states are incredibly expensive to live in, and no, it's not so easy as "Oh, just move somewhere else." The reality is, in many places, 20 dollars isn't enough to live by. Where I live, the average rend for a single bedroom apartment is 1600-2100 a month. Yeah, a month. The suggested pay to live comfortably in my area is around 41 dollars an hour so yes, 21 an hour is well below the livable wage.

  • Adrian Ghandtchi
    Adrian Ghandtchi 6 개월 전 +1

    In 2014 to 2015, while living in Florida, I know this was more for food stamps than for tanf but I had to continuously lie that I was not getting any work in order to maintain the $200 a month I was getting for food, I was surviving on odd jobs, and plasma donations. If I made a $50 claim that month, I would see A decrease of $50 in the food fund. mind you I was living in my car in a car that was the only to be repossessed at any time, it was a hellish time for me. I’m glad where I am now, but I really don’t wanna go back to that.

  • lilykep
    lilykep 6 개월 전 +4

    My mom did manage to get public assistance when I was young after we left an abusive situation with my stepdad. Unbeknownst to us however the state then garnished "back child support" from my dad in an amount that exceeded what we had received in assistance. We didn't even know they were taking money from him until we got in contact again when I was 12. It caused a lot of bad blood between my mom and my stepmom because they thought they were sending me lots of money, and my mom was claiming she never saw a penny of it.

  • Funtime Florian
    Funtime Florian 6 개월 전 +3

    "I'm too poor to by food."
    Republicans: Work for it work for it turn your dreams into reality

  • Chera Chapin
    Chera Chapin 6 개월 전 +47

    We are going through this now in Missouri. We have 6 kids, downsized to a 2 bedroom apartment because hubby was out of work for a year to take care of me after the birth of our last child. He didn't get any type of unemployment or paternity pay. Just no income for a year while I was stuck in bed. At the time, we had money saved up enough to get us through that particular year (not everyone has a house to sell to feed their family) and we had to LIE to get into our apartment. Because 6 kids is too much for a 2 br apartment. But, we had 3 kids "staying with grandma" overnight just so we could claim they don't actually live here.
    No foodstamps, no medical insurance, no assistance whatsoever for a year.
    Now hubby is working again. Makes about $13.50 an hour for a family of 8. He makes too much momey to qualify for assistance. Which makes no sense because the standard says $up to 4 children and $34,000 a year. He made $16,000 and we "make too much"
    It was "suggest" I get a job. Because surely paying someone to raise my 6 kids is cheaper than staying home and caring for them myself? 💀

    • normal person
      normal person 6 개월 전 +5

      Why have 6 kids then?

    • Chera Chapin
      Chera Chapin 6 개월 전 +4

      @normal person clearly you didn't read passed "we have 6 kids" because I clearly wrote "we had money before I was injured" durring childbirth.

    • Sera Seely
      Sera Seely 6 개월 전 +4

      ​@normal person How do you feel about Abortion?

    • Timmy2384
      Timmy2384 6 개월 전

      "We have 6 kids", yeah...

    • Chera Chapin
      Chera Chapin 6 개월 전 +1

      @Timmy2384 you can read my reply to Dwight above, because clearly you can't read past that 🤣

  • Maud Negreiff
    Maud Negreiff 6 개월 전 +2

    that analogy of TANF, and government aid to low income families generally, as a claw machine with stuffed animals is so unbelievably apt

  • Jeanne Oxley
    Jeanne Oxley 6 개월 전 +633

    In the 70s, my Mother received food stamps and a welfare (TANF) check each month. She had 3 young children including me, the youngest.
    She wanted to take accounting classes, but every time she signed up, they stopped payments. She finally went into the office, with 5 year old me in tow, and yelled "You just don't want me to be able to get off this assistance and have a better job than you!"
    We were on it for less than 2 years, and she retired as Risk Manager for the large city we lived in.
    I'm so proud of my Mom.

    • Pandemonis
      Pandemonis 6 개월 전 +16

      All moms deserves an award !

    • A HA
      A HA 6 개월 전 +23

      ​@Pandemonis eh, all good mothers and fathers. Unfortunately there are some outright abusive parents out there, including sexually abusive parents (sexually abusive mothers unfortunately exist).

    • Wayne Bonner
      Wayne Bonner 6 개월 전 +6

      They don't want you off of it.

    • T Sol
      T Sol 6 개월 전 +27

      Alternate reason: they didn't want her to take accounting and learn how they were messing around with the books and stealing most of the money

    • Fematika
      Fematika 6 개월 전 +15

      TANF started in 1997, not the 70s. Did she receive AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children)?

  • Kat Lewis
    Kat Lewis 6 개월 전 +16

    Imagine the studio musicians that showed up that day and ended up having to record those insane "songs."

  • Lucas M
    Lucas M 5 개월 전

    Applied for state assistance back in 2021 when I was told that I was being put on hold at work due to pandemic complications. I had very specifically not lost my job, but was going to go 4 months without income. I was rejected from aid because I was told I needed to actively seek a full time job. When I explained I already had full time employment I was told that I didn’t need government aide and my case was closed. Through it now and all is well, food bank really helped cut down on costs and was able to secure some part time work for that period. But it was so frustrating to just be immediately rejected without consideration as to why I was applying, especially when it’s already so demoralizing to apply in the first place.

  • T. H.
    T. H. 6 개월 전 +17

    I work in social services. TANF has been made nearly impossible to get on purpose.

    • SciFi Realism
      SciFi Realism 3 개월 전

      That's messed up.

    • T. H.
      T. H. 3 개월 전

      @SciFi Realism I agree. With SNAP and TANF they count your vehicle against you, your home, your savings and checking against you when you apply.

  • JJ E
    JJ E 6 개월 전 +4

    It's always a good idea to watch your shows, it's important news, some things could always be covered more but you are at least putting the thoughts out there to make people think more.

  • xflyer87
    xflyer87 6 개월 전 +4

    Unfortunately, when a politician sniffs money they’re halfway ready to accessing it. It seems that having an athlete mixed in the nastiness just makes it easier. I’m sure that no politician, government worker or Brett Favre considers what they’ve done is evil, but the fact that they kept doing them over and over knowing the consequences to people in desperate need makes it evil. Saying it’s legal makes them look stupid, sophomoric (well, everyone’s doing it mom!!) and evil. Keep doing what you do so well John❤

  • Demo Quosal
    Demo Quosal 6 개월 전 +568

    I had to give up on the idea of getting married because I would have lost my disabled son's medicare. I lost TANF because my son's father paid $40 a week to help out. I refused a raise because I would have lost my disabled son's state sponsored medical. The largest misunderstood thing about welfare is that recipients don't work. We work, but wages are so low we still qualify. Those days are long behind us, but all this happened after 4 years in the Army. It was a wild fight that kept me single, afraid to make more than $9 an hour and penalized for getting $40 a week in support. And this was in Tennessee!! Those bastards, $790 million dollars???

    • Mrshoujo
      Mrshoujo 6 개월 전 +62

      The system discourages getting ahead. You get more income but not enough to really elevate you and the help goes away potentially putting you in a worse situation. My mother complained about this awful dichotomy all the time. If you got ahead, you had to hide it.

    • 6 pack 6 foot 6 figs single somehow
      6 pack 6 foot 6 figs single somehow 6 개월 전

      So get a job that pays better. Every warehouse and factory in America pays $20+. Walmart pays $18 to stock the shelves

    • Don Quarnstrom
      Don Quarnstrom 6 개월 전 +57

      ​@6 pack 6 foot 6 figs single somehowyou tried.
      It's clear you're alone and childless.

    • Spirit of 76
      Spirit of 76 6 개월 전 +7

      Do yourself a favor, getting married is overrated.

  • Aidan Schaefer
    Aidan Schaefer 6 개월 전 +2

    Isn't it ironic that the government is doing so much to ensure women see their pregnancies through to term, but then suddenly turn skeptical and distant when those who are struggling to support their children apply for government aid?

  • Adventures of Jax, Jon & Jackie (Triple J Gang)

    John, you and your team do the best investigative reporting. Thank you for honest reporting.

  • Richter Kennedy
    Richter Kennedy 6 개월 전 +3

    I would like to tell that politician from Florida the real natural order. Seeing somebody that has too much and simply taking it from them. And often times not leaving them alive. We live in a civilized country to avoid that from happening. That’s why those programs are so important. By the time those rich bastards realize what’s happening it’ll be too late for them. They should promote those programs at every turn.

  • Ryan Phelan
    Ryan Phelan 6 개월 전 +2

    I used to work in social services in inner city Dallas. It was made clear on week 1 that pretty much nobody would ever be getting TANF. For the two years I was there almost nobody qualified for it.

    • Lynne Bucher
      Lynne Bucher 6 개월 전

      I'd be willing to bet that if it was required that the States pay the federal government back anything that wasn't spent directly on needy families that way more people would have qualified.

  • Laurie Anthony
    Laurie Anthony 5 개월 전 +2

    "You shouldn't live off the government" says the politicians arguing for more tax breaks for the wealthy population

  • Sebastian A
    Sebastian A 6 개월 전 +501

    I work as a TANF caseworker and I fully agree with everything said here. The entire program needs an overhaul.

  • Amanda S
    Amanda S 6 개월 전

    When I was at my most down and out, I went through the utterly humiliating and exhausting process of trying to get assistance until I could get back on my feet. I remember sitting in an overcrowded waiting area and overhearing an elderly couple worrying about what they were going to do. They needed help paying their electricity bill, but the cutoff for assistance was $535. I don't mean they had to have a bill that high--I mean that they could not make more than that in a month to qualify.
    $535. Period. For two people who probably also had plenty of medical bills.
    Just let that sink in.

  • Wade D McGinnis
    Wade D McGinnis 6 개월 전 +8

    8:38 Now I understand why the creators of South Park have been having issues competing with fact when writing fiction. Whatever you come up in your mind, history has a "hold my beer" moment.

  • Kyle Harrison
    Kyle Harrison 5 개월 전 +2

    Here in Canada it’s called “EI” or “Employment Insurance” and you can apply for it so long as you weren’t fired from your last job and you left amicably or were simply laid off. It lasts for exactly one year, before you must apply again. The amount you get is the equivalent of part time job at minimum wage or less, and you are required to declare ANY money received from another source, so that it may deduct from what EI sends you. You must prove every week that you’ve been actively looking for a job, and if you fail to check in or send your report or you suddenly start making over half what EI would send you, you’ll be dismissed from the program immediately.
    The kicker? Everybody pays into it as a paycheck deduction, every paycheck, reliably.

  • Ada- Kàya Walker(Kesha Parsons)

    Thank you for shining light on this I am a Mississippi indigenous citizen and we are struggling so bad here I'm so happy you finally care America but better late than never

  • Vinsanity
    Vinsanity 6 개월 전 +98

    People desperately hold on to the stereotype that poor people are lazy because they don't want to confront the idea that they could fall on hard times due to no fault of their own at any time.

    • tirsden
      tirsden 6 개월 전 +9

      Plus, a lot of poor people are like me, permanently disabled and literally unable to work, so much so that it'd be foolish for any employer to try and hire us. I don't like being poor! I would rather work! But I don't have that choice. Social security disability, medicare, and a housing voucher are keeping me from not dying. Whoever thinks that I don't deserve those things or any other financial aid I might qualify for "because I'm lazy" needs to walk a mile in my shoes. I can still manage to walk a mile on a good day, but it's not fun.

    • SciFi Realism
      SciFi Realism 4 개월 전

      Because they assign value to people based on how hard they work.
      The idea that if you don't work, you have no value, is disgusting.

  • Dondi Leigh & Sox
    Dondi Leigh & Sox 6 개월 전 +3

    Seriously though...I just lost Medicaid and food stamps on March 31. I make about $300 more per month than my rent costs. That has to cover all of my bills. I have been a miserable wretch all month as I knew this was coming. I need to somehow come up with $100 for health insurance (forget my eyes and teeth, both in terrible shape) and at least $200 to pay for food. I don't know how I'll feed my cat, Sox, who is the happiest part of my life. He also needs shots that will be $40. I'm 41, don't have kids and have worked all my life since age 16, including 50-60 hour weeks while I was in college. Always full time. But I don't qualify (in Colorado, if you make more than $150/week you're dumped off of food stamps; Medicaid is a little better but I still make "too much") so I have no idea what to do. I require a couple of medications for bipolar and other mental health struggles. I'm going to slip between the cracks.
    And in August, when they jack up rent, I may end up homeless and surrendering Sox to a shelter. Why is this my life? I went to school. I have a BA. I've always worked hard and helped my family or anyone else who needed it. I was raised to do so. Kroger doesn't pay anything close to what's necessary for their employees to live. I'm nearing the end of my rope and I don't know how I am going to continue to survive. I'm not suicidal...yet. Sox is snoozing next to me now and he has always had a good life with me, and I'm afraid I won't still be able to take care of him, especially if I'm on the streets. All of my "free" time is spent trying to figure this out, stressing and worrying. I lost 12 pounds in the past 2 weeks...my secret? I don't have enough to eat. My hands shake all the time because I don't eat enough. I hope they never see it at work because I'm sure I'll be out of a job. I work a 2nd job already, too. I don't own a car, and I'll be bicycling for the rest of my life at this rate. When is this going to end? How do I keep surviving? I'm a cheerful, loving, kind person. I try to practice compassion with everyone I meet, which is good in customer service, and it's also just how I am. I certainly have my faults...everyone does. I just don't see any way out of this anymore.

  • Iftekhar Mamun
    Iftekhar Mamun 6 개월 전 +2

    Thanks John for finding out most are not aware of it. But its also important to see if these problems are being addressed nationwide and the law makers who messed up from the beginning. These policy makers and bureaucrats should be help responsible and bring them to proper accountability.

  • Erin C
    Erin C 5 개월 전

    Keep doing what you're doing. We need someone to expose this stuff. The TV news doesn't tell the truth. They talk about nonsense.

  • saltofsaturn
    saltofsaturn 6 개월 전 +5

    This is shocking to me. When my father died in Washington State, we got $1800 a month per kid under 18 and it lasted until we turned 18. I don’t even know if my mom had to apply for it? I need to go ask her so many questions now.

    • Missconduct044
      Missconduct044 6 개월 전 +7

      It was his social security. He worked and paid into it so u were entitled to it. Sorry about ur dad