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Monkeypox: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • 게시일 2022. 08. 06.
  • John Oliver discusses the recent monkeypox outbreak in the U.S., how we’ve fumbled our response to it, and some aspirations for this coming autumn.
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  • boogeiyman
    boogeiyman 년 전 +5078

    Always nice to drop in on John Oliver when I get too optimistic about life.

    • Dolores
      Dolores 년 전 +154

      It actually cheers me up to hear some intelligence and compassion. That seems scarce lately.

    • Brett Barton
      Brett Barton 년 전 +63

      Ignoring shit is how we got here. Eyes wide shut people.

    • YAHUsha
      YAHUsha 년 전 +1

      Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, and gives salvation to everyone who has faith in him! True faith in Jesus will have you bear good fruit and *drastically* change for the better!
      Also, did you know God is three in one!? The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! Bless him!
      Have a blessed day, everyone!! ❤

    • YAHUsha
      YAHUsha 년 전 +1

      Your worries (yes, anxiety), depression, suicidal thoughts, EVERYTHING will melt away and be NO MORE when you lean on God and put your trust in him! When I have physical pain, I literally pray and the Lord quells it, that I am healed!
      Know that there is power in the name Jesus Christ! His name casts out demons and heals! People are bothered by his name. The world hates the truth and wants to continue living sinfully! God's children are set apart (holy) and righteous.

  • Wesley ewert
    Wesley ewert 년 전 +811

    out of context "it's basically a sexually transmitted disease so it's not a threat to most of the population" is such a hilarious quote.

    • KStar
      KStar 10 개월 전 +49

      She couldn’t just come right out and say “it’s just gay people”, so she said something equally stupid

    • 4bibimimi
      4bibimimi 10 개월 전 +6

      "Just gay people who enjoy bowling.."

  • Joshua Lavender
    Joshua Lavender 년 전 +1496

    20:25 "So, what can we do now?" Every time I watch your show, John Oliver, I wait to hear this line. It's why I watch your show, while I never watch other political opinion shows (Maddow, Hannity, Carlson, etc.). All those folks ever do is manufacture outrage, point fingers, give people someone to blame and hate. They never offer solutions or say to viewers that we can take responsibility for doing anything ourselves. They never proceed to the final, crucial parts of a good argument: what actions should be taken and who should take them. You do. Thank you.

    • Deneshia Honadel
      Deneshia Honadel 년 전 +12


    • Gmail2 Gmail2
      Gmail2 Gmail2 년 전 +11

      Great comment. Well said.

    • James DB
      James DB 년 전 +26

      I agree. I like him and Beau Of The Fifth Collum. Taking the fear out of news and just getting the facts out.

    • 1sockmonkey1
      1sockmonkey1 년 전 +19

      So true. As much as I get stressed or increase my impending doom watching Jon, I also have one more talking point with an actual plan of action to back it up when discussing these issues with others.

  • Writernthesky
    Writernthesky 년 전 +147

    It still amazes and saddens me that we get our truth from comedians such as John Oliver and Jon Stewart rather than government "officials" and our representatives who are to serve our best interests. Still, thank you Oliver, et al, for all you do. It's greatly appreciated.

    • Kurt Curtis
      Kurt Curtis 년 전 +1

      It’s more digestible from Oliver and Trevor

    • j v
      j v 년 전 +1

      Zack Smith l have so many questions..

    • Socioromanticism
      Socioromanticism 개월 전

      That's _an_ issue with politicians. Despite their political leanings, they all know the facts and know what things are uncertain and how uncertain they are.
      They're just too preoccupied with holding power and their positions to keep from spinning information to fit the two main parties' narratives.
      Comedians keep their power so long as they're being entertaining. It seems like some of them have found their niches in being entertaining _and_ informative.

  • M
    M 년 전 +588

    I'm very sympathetic with the girl with NF1. Some people can be so thoughtless and hurtful. I admire the girl for coming forward and taking this opportunity to inform people about NF1.

    • Jay Rose
      Jay Rose 년 전 +61

      I have NF1 and am very grateful John talked about it in the episode. The past few months have been utter hell for people with ‘different skin’ and it definitely needs more awareness than it’s gotten.

    • truong nguyen hong nhat
    • Carrie NotTellin
      Carrie NotTellin 년 전 +3

      I have NF1

    • Tadlette
      Tadlette 년 전 +12

      My sister has NF, she doesn't have skin fibromas, but a lot of her friends from NF camp do and have been getting monkeypox stigma shit

    • Comic Sans
      Comic Sans 년 전 +8

      We did a whole case study in my college for a class- it's super fucking sad people don't know more about a very hard thing to go through :/ NF1 is really... I'll put it this way, not fun and debilitating. She's living her absolute best life and looks very happy- i'm happy for her to be out-spoken and angry at these people!

  • Amazon 421
    Amazon 421 년 전 +270

    That young lady with NF1 has been such an amazing ally and even though she was thrust into the public eye against her will and forced to reveal to everyone her private medical information, she's been strong throughout. I have lupus and get looks when I'm flaring up with contagious looking "rashes/lesions" on my face and body. I've heard people whisper comments and it hurts. I cannot image having someone publicly and ignorantly pointing out my lesions on social media.
    I hope good things come from this -like awareness about NF1 and that not everyone's skin is perfect. Maybe a big brand can give her a lotion commercial to promote the fact that not everyone's skin looks like an airbrushed photoshoot. She deserves good things to happen to her. I'm happy John Oliver is helping to get the truth out there to his massive audience. And I hope the cowardly douchebag that tried to embarrass her on TikTok is going through hell right now as karma.

    • Roman Blahynka
      Roman Blahynka 11 개월 전 +2

      I'm not meaning to question your suffering and how shitty it is that people jump to judgements. But try not to take it too personally - people are often inconsiderate because they just don't know about your condition and let's face it, there are enough people out there who have no problem with going out in public while having an infectious disease, no f*cks given. Thankfully, we're getting better with information about diseases being disseminated among people. I know it's silverlining, but there were times when people were shunned completely for diseases that were visible yet non-infectious, while invisible deadly disesases were essentially allowed to roam free because of bad hygiene.

    • Lizzie
      Lizzie 8 개월 전 +1

      @Amazon 421
      I am so sorry you have to deal with idiotic assholes. My mom also has lupus which can present as psoriasis and other skin conditions and has had her confidence shattered by one stupid bitch coming up to her in the middle of the grocery store and saying “ew, that’s not contagious is it?” so I absolutely hate that you have had to go through something similar and I wish you all the best. Lupus is hard and assholes make it even harder.

  • tardaboveall491a
    tardaboveall491a 년 전 +1920

    "And it's just 1 of the 1 ways, the war on terror has made us safer" is a massively underrated joke

    • Dont go to my page
      Dont go to my page 년 전 +2

      Don’t read my name !

    • Tay
      Tay 년 전 +41

      legit audience missed that one

    • Jazz Coffin2571
      Jazz Coffin2571 년 전 +5

      Comment Boost +

    • Hank Moody
      Hank Moody 년 전 +11

      It was funny. Audience thought it was funny. Massively underrated? It's a basic joke that's very much in line with his usual joke format.

    • Dome Dix
      Dome Dix 년 전 +10

      Worst thing about it: its not even a joke, its just funny cause its true...

  • Brent Scheihagen
    Brent Scheihagen 년 전 +209

    For a little historical perspective, I read how the eruption of Tambora in 1815 (the biggest of the millennium) caused changes in weather patterns globally, which then led to cholera pandemics over the next couple of decades. When cholera reached the British Isles, the aristocracy was at first unconcerned because it was only affecting poor Irish communities. It wasn’t until the disease began spreading to the aristocracy that the government began making an effort to help the people in general. This, iirc, would eventually lead to the establishment of the NHS in the UK.
    In other words, we’ve already learned a lot of these lessons, but we keep forgetting or getting distracted by shiny things. 🙏

    • Googie Gress
      Googie Gress 년 전 +17

      @Sweet bromine Well it was a lot more than that. Back then sewage wasn't piped to a treatment facility, it was stored in local cesspits (basically a huge nasty brick-lined pimple underground full of feces) and those seeped into local wells (basically a brick-lined tunnel straight down until water starts seeping in from the walls). People didn't really wash their hands the way we'd expect now; for example doctors would go from elbows-deep in a cadaver, wipe off, go straight to a maternity ward, and people wondered why expectant mothers were suffering from corpse-borne diseases. It's shocking how stupid people were. Which means in 200 years (if not 50) our descendants will be shocked by how completely stupid WE are now. And they'll be like "Why did they all drive cars?" and grandpa will shrug and say "I ever tell you kids about conservatives?"

    • Elena Christian
      Elena Christian 년 전 +10

      Read up on the final cholera outbreak in late 19th century New York that took out 1/3rd the population. The editorial in the newspaper in the early days of the epidemic literally say " let the animals die". They forgot those "animals" did their labor and cooked their meals.

    • ASEW
      ASEW 년 전 +1

      You giving people so much grace. They didn’t forget.

    • Medeah Slytherclaw
      Medeah Slytherclaw 년 전 +2

      It's crazy how many things stem from the Tambora eruption : Turner's sunsets, modern vampires, SF, computer programming...

    • emordnilaP
      emordnilaP 년 전 +4

      As a species we don't learn well from the mistakes of others.
      The first recorded case of clear cut logging was in ancient Greece. They discovered the top soil had washed away, and nothing would grow. They couldn't cultivate the land, and it took a long time until sparce, hardy wild plants would grow, beginning mostly around the edges of logged area. There were no animals. Those responsible wrote about the consequences, even saying 'We will never do this again.'.
      There is a reason history repetes itself, even in such an educated time.

  • sambeawesome
    sambeawesome 년 전 +467

    So frustrating that we as a country are just so resistant to helping literally anyone, ourselves or other people. Had we given out those vaccines before they expired, we might not be experiencing this outbreak right now. And we will not learn from this.

    • Keenfire
      Keenfire 년 전 +24

      It's not "our country" doing this. It's a few key individuals that have too much power. They just happen to be in the US.

    • Petitio Principii
      Petitio Principii 년 전 +3

      That the vaccines were not given before expiration isn't necessarily because of some "resistance" to help others, the SARS2 vaccines were given sort of on time to other countries, including mine. Often things are just more simple when abstracted from all the real world factors, bureaucratic and logistic. And people in charge are also not necessarily as capable as they'd want to be. I'm not sure "selfishness" plays a significant role in sabotaging such efforts, at least not most of the time. There's even some saying along the lines of how we should always prefer to assume some degree of ineptness or other issues over malice. The saying isn't phrased as nicely though, it's the "Hanlon's razor."
      That's not to deny that there aren't many "America 1st" type of people who'd be lamentably easily primed into the most selfish takes possible depending on what their leaders/idols thought was convenient to their own careers, but out of such bad influences even them are probably most often reasonably good people and probably even proud of being of a country that's helping others. Even on personal/individual level it seems that they fare better on things such as charity.

    • bob jones
      bob jones 년 전

      @Keenfire It's easy to say that, what's harder is recognizing that most people are ignorant or indifferent about it. Sure, most people would prefer if the country helped others, especially if the vaccines were going to expire anyway. But can you honestly say that most people aren't kinda just "okay" with that not happening? Truth is empathy is genuinely hard, and it's much, much harder when it's for people you've never seen who live half a world away from you and whose welfare (or lack thereof) impacts you in no way whatsoever.

    • Keenfire
      Keenfire 년 전 +1

      @bob jones "Its easy to say that".
      Yes that's why I said it.

    • bob jones
      bob jones 년 전

      @Keenfire Right, you do come across as the kind of guy to only do things if they're easy ;)

  • Darth Hiro
    Darth Hiro 년 전 +328

    "If we had an outbreak associated with bowling, would we not warn people to stop bowling?"
    Ironically 2 years ago we warned people not to go out and wear masks because of Covid, and look at the reactions.
    Based on the above analogy, people would only want to go bowling even more because it's their "freedom" to go bowling

    • Corvus Strigiform
      Corvus Strigiform 년 전 +6

      Not the greatest analogy though since not wearing masks violates the safety of others who cannot consent whereas close contact like sex involves more consent and communication between people who can assess risk together. Their behavior does not put people outside their group at the same kind of risk that literally breathing next to someone in the store does with COVID. Complicated stuff.

    • September Amyx
      September Amyx 년 전 +7

      @Corvus Strigiform You are responsible for yourself. So if you are afraid of catching something, knock yourself out by wearing the correct mask for the infection, and wearing it correctly. Not hanging from your top lip., not by buying a cheap mask that doesn't filter correctly for the pathogen. Nuff said.

  • Walt Denton
    Walt Denton 년 전 +211

    Fax machines are still huge in the medical and legal system because they insure a point to point communication. It is far more secure than an email.

    • Elliot Vistman
      Elliot Vistman 년 전 +17

      I was going to say. Also you can verify that someone got the message. Unlike email that can go to spam or something. Some is forced to take out of the machine, read it and then decide to throw it away.

    • orlock20
      orlock20 년 전 +11

      @Elliot Vistman It's also quicker than E-mail, especially if modifications have to be done such as putting in arrows and writing notes.

    • Walt Denton
      Walt Denton 년 전 +16

      Nooneinparticular987 it is far more secure because it requires the sender and receivers devices to "handshake" with each other before the data gets transmitted. That makes sure that the devices are only talking to each other. Email is connectionless. When you hit send, the email is sent out and crosses several different servers before being delivered and there is no way for your mail client to know if they ever got it. This is a big no no when it comes to dealing with HIPPA laws and confidentiality.

    • Whole Shebang
      Whole Shebang 년 전 +3

      IIRC, Gmail has an option to notify the sender that their email has been received. One can also designate the delivery date to a specific, future day & time.

    • Stephanie Stogner
      Stephanie Stogner 년 전 +1

      They can build databases..they've done it before. It doesn't have to be by email. Also, often what they're doing is tracking cases confirmed, so the person sending the case numbers doesn't have to share personal data all the time. That wouldn't be necessarily needing HIPPA. As for knowing people received something, read receipts are pretty basic to emails I thought. And email also sends rejection emails back if it was undeliverable.

  • Matt Carberry
    Matt Carberry 년 전 +41

    as someone who still eats a lot of freezies despite being a grown adult man, that "just snap it in half, no scissors necessary" revelation is legitimately mind blowing

    • Ryan Gollings
      Ryan Gollings 11 개월 전 +2

      Where I'm from, we all did that when I was young. It was also good because we'd sometimes buy 3 flavours and share the third.

  • J A Keller
    J A Keller 년 전 +4581

    Back in college, when I studied Pathology, I had a great professor who loved to say "Nature only respects 3 things: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. It doesn't respect things like lines on a map, governments, ideologies, language, religion, or egos - just Biology, Chemistry, and Physics."

    • Ast
      Ast 년 전 +110

      That is a fantastic perspective. Cheers to your professor!

    • Jehannes Zuidema
      Jehannes Zuidema 년 전 +137

      and biology is basically chemistry which is basically physics so it respects physics

    • Jason Tan
      Jason Tan 년 전 +16

      doesn't really respect those three things either lmao

    • Stan Downer
      Stan Downer 년 전 +59

      @Jehannes Zuidema Biology is chemistry 😂😂😂
      Try explaining ecology using a chemist perspective. I dare you. NO! I double dare you.

    • Jen H
      Jen H 년 전 +52

      @Jehannes Zuidema holy oversimplification, batman. 🙄

  • Excellent Way
    Excellent Way 년 전 +33

    Your discussion of monkeypox was brilliant and inspired! I appreciate and applaud your sense of justice for all people. You consistently bring an intersectional lens to all the issues you present. I am an ordained Christian minister who believes that the core spiritual principle of most religions is compassion. I appreciate how you call us all from judgmental religiosity and immoral indifference to compassion and justice. My mother used to tell me that I was a "preacher and a comedian" because I intentionally integrate humor in my spiritual teachings as a way to open people's hearts and minds to be more receptive to loving challenge. I call you are a "comedian and a preacher" because of how you use humor to invite us to live by the spiritual principles of compassion, caring and justice. I have kept you in my prayers for many years and will continue to do so. Bless you.

  • Ravenrose
    Ravenrose 년 전 +139

    It was insanely ableist for this woman to be targeted for her illness (not to mention the issue of whether or not a coincidence that they felt comfortable targeting a woman of color in particular).

    • Jen DuBay
      Jen DuBay 년 전 +2

      It’s not surprising in the face of the push back against covid safety procedures. It’s not ableist, it’s the most likely outcome.

    • Whole Shebang
      Whole Shebang 년 전 +4

      How ironic. I don't think you know the *meaning* of the word "ableist," given that you used an _ableist_ word - "insanely"_ immediately preceding it. The ableist words _"insane," "crazy," "nuts,"_ and _"mental"_ are *outdated stereotypes* that have been used more recently and excessively to describe any everyday thing, like an *annoyance* (line-up at a cashier or gas station), something *enjoyable* (a meal, concert, a trip), something *remarkable* or *unusual,* or someone who's slightly more gregarious, subdued or quirky.
      Unfortunately, the *_stigma_* around those living with the challenges of a mental health diagnosis *still exists,* and using ableist lauguage exacerbates it, whether its about mental health or any other thing - so much so, that those *in need of professional psychiatric support* may *not get it,* for fear of being unfairly labeled, regardless of how one "didn't mean it _that_ way."
      So, please, use your sense of compassion, consideration and range of *vocabulary* to express yourself _without_ using *ableist* language. People with mental health issues - or intellectual or developmental challenges - are already *marginalized* and deserve respect, not thoughtless, disparaging comments in forums like this, or in everyday conversations, directly or indirectly.

    • M SC
      M SC 년 전

      @Whole Shebang the reason they need support is because they plague others

  • Jay Rose
    Jay Rose 년 전 +41

    I have Neurofibromatosis (NF1) and monkey pox has made my life absolutely hell. People will come up to me and as if I’m infected. They’ll move away from me and shield their children.
    I have never despised my body more. I have to wear sweaters when it’s over 90° to avoid being gawked at like a zoo animal.
    Seriously makes me wonder if it’s worth continuing this existence if I’m gonna be ostracized for the rest of it. Genuinely thinking of checking out early if someone films me and it goes viral.

    • Thomas Smith
      Thomas Smith 년 전 +5

      Hello Jay. How are you doing?

    • Thomas Smith
      Thomas Smith 년 전 +2

      @Geek Freak Good to hear from you Geek. Where are you from if you don’t mind asking.

    • Thomas Smith
      Thomas Smith 년 전 +2

      @Geek Freak My sincere motive was to get to know you more better i believe asking questions about each other will enable us get to know ourselves more better
      A hand of friendship for a start will be nice.

  • DeadlyDeadlyBeees
    DeadlyDeadlyBeees 년 전 +6

    I visited a couple different breeders in 2011 when I was looking to buy pet chinchillas. One of the breeders had an open air enclosure with several prairie dogs. The breeders proceeded to explain to me that they were legally required to disclose that they had been in part responsible for monkey pox spreading several years back. I was only 20 at the time, but looking back, the fact that they were still somehow selling prairie dogs after that fiasco is just wild.

  • OwO chocolate
    OwO chocolate 년 전 +4

    I feel terrible because I have trypophobia and whenever I see pictures of monkey pox rashes and bumps I get hours of goosebumps and shivers; it is 100% a me problem of course but I can imagine how horrible it must feel to see someone have a reaction like that. Do any others have similar reactions and know how to lessen them? Ever since high school biology class (whenever I had to look at those damn onion cells through the microscope) I’ve had these reactions and want to stop them

  • Phred Bookley
    Phred Bookley 년 전 +1218

    This was an open book test where the teacher gave us the questions ahead of time and still we managed to write the answers incorrectly onto our arms.

    • Sir William Eric Clapton Power Vandiver
      Sir William Eric Clapton Power Vandiver 년 전 +12

      So i read this and thought, i remember open book tests! But then asked myself for the first time.
      Whats the point of an open book test?? How does that test your knowledge of something?
      Its probly so the schools scores look better at the expense of kids gaining intellect.

    • Wayne
      Wayne 년 전 +57

      Open book exams tests your understanding of the topic, your interpretation and ability to apply it to solve problems, which are how the questions are structured. There is no straight answer answer from the text book that you can simply look for that will answer the question.
      I have no doubt there are places they will miss use it to prop up pass rates though.

    • Krawallnoez Noezington
      Krawallnoez Noezington 년 전 +43

      @Sir William Eric Clapton Power Vandiver Open book tests are in a way even better to test your knowledge than conventional tests.
      With conventional tests there is a huge parts of just remembering data without a context. The key part i education nowadays is not to simply know facts, it is to know how to use your knowledge. For that open book tests are quite good.
      If you go into a proper open book test without learning anything you're not going to do well either because an open book test is not going to ask for a specific fact that you could simmply look up. Instead it ass a broader question where you understanding the concept of what is asked is important.
      You can't learn this in just the short time of the test but you can look up the facts you need to use the knowledge.
      Taake physics as a simple example: In a test you might need a specific formula. You can definetly learn that formula and then you are asked a question to fill in the correct numbers and that's it. That is the conventional way.
      Or you you get a question where a problem is described so now you use your knowledge to find out which formula you need and how to use it in this case. Knowing the precise formula itself is not important. You can just look that up there is no point in just knowing those formulas anyways. The crucial part is the understanding of the given problem, how to solve it and how to use the given tools.

    • Jim
      Jim 년 전

      @Sir William Eric Clapton Power Vandiver it really is a dumb idea🤦‍♂️

    • Googie Gress
      Googie Gress 년 전 +24

      @Krawallnoez Noezington It also makes students comfortable with learning how to use a resource that would be hopeless to memorize (and will be offloaded from memory as soon as the semester is over, or next Summer at the latest). In the real world, we don't remember everything! But we know what resources to keep at hand, what each one is likeliest to hold, how to find it, and how to bone up on its significance.
      Yes scientists and other professionals can recite from memory important, or frequently, or recently used formulae. Go ahead and ask a specialist the range of specific gravities of white maple lumber at varying dryness levels, and they'll reach for the resource where that info is located. The only people who actually know shit like that are children who are into dinosaurs or sharks, or old ladies (and then only as it relates to their rhododendrons).
      Furthermore, referencing your sources is vital to participating in a professional or scientific setting that has any rigor whatsoever. Which means you need to find a well-respected set of sources ANYWAY because "I know it because I memorized it in third grade" not only invites but demands ridicule.
      Finally, open-book tests typically have more demanding questions that require the open book resource to complete. You skip the typical first 5 questions on a 20-question quiz that are things like "draw a line between the term and its meaning" and one of them is "The powerhouse of the cell."

  • Carl V. Dupre
    Carl V. Dupre 년 전 +26

    Great episode, timely and hardhitting. What a mess we are in we are so lucky to have journalism like this that cuts straight to the story served with a little comedy to help the medicine go down. LWT has become my favorite weekly news program.

  • heathersand73
    heathersand73 년 전 +114

    I once witnessed two prairie dogs crossing a road and one was struck down. I watched as his companion dared traffic to seemingly rescue his unfortunate friend, dragging him to the side of the road like a scene from Saving Private Ryan! My heart was unbelievably touched and my eyes were full of tears, until he started munching on the other one like an AYCE buffet on Sunday after church!

    • PaperArt
      PaperArt 년 전 +44

      my heart was warmed until that last sentence slapped me in the face with a boxing glove

    • Medeah Slytherclaw
      Medeah Slytherclaw 년 전 +9

      @PaperArt absolutely same 😂😭

    • Kappa Darwin
      Kappa Darwin 년 전 +12

      can't let food go to waste.

    • violet sparkles
      violet sparkles 년 전 +11

      Nature you scary

    • Jaycee Wedmak
      Jaycee Wedmak 년 전 +1

      @PaperArt watch "casual geographics" on KRclip if you want a rea l one-two punch

  • Titan2801
    Titan2801 년 전 +10

    Thank you John Oliver and Team. You guys are amazing and also self-reflective.

  • JWP-56
    JWP-56 년 전 +1

    No bias, no shaming, no understatements, just pure and blunt discussion of real world problems and how they can be helped.

  • Abhishek
    Abhishek 년 전 +3402

    A country so fragile, the CDC is afraid to give an honest public health response.

    • regardzz
      regardzz 년 전 +131

      CDC did say that 99% of infected with monkeypox are men, and that 95% of those are homosexual men, WHO also released a message saying homosexual community should take greater care and to stop swapping partners so much, not sure what more can they do ?

    • Pesky Pigeon🐦
      Pesky Pigeon🐦 년 전 +113

      @regardzz How do you know we swap around a lot?

    • Bluberry
      Bluberry 년 전 +102

      @regardzz lol, source please.

    • MermaidMomma369
      MermaidMomma369 년 전 +55

      CDC has lost all credibility.

  • Petitio Principii
    Petitio Principii 년 전 +78

    Early stuff on on SARS-2 wasn't nearly as off the mark as he jokes about, it was actually an impressive gathering and promotion of the best available information, excluding of course all the made-up stuff not promoted by scientists or health authorities but random bloggers and vloggers, or the initial denial/cover-up from the country of origin and denying-president countries. Most stuff sort of still holds valid, with minor caveats.

    • Will Qin
      Will Qin 년 전

      Sum it up, ppl are as lazy as before, but tech, social media just made all chaotic.

    • Henrik Holst
      Henrik Holst 년 전 +4

      And the massive ads for washing your hands lead to a lot of other diseases to decline (most of which are caused by fecal bacteria) which unfortunately is rising again now that people have stopped washing their hands.

    • DSP Historical Society
      DSP Historical Society 년 전

      @Henrik Holst So? I still use purell!!

    • Henrik Holst
      Henrik Holst 년 전

      @DSP Historical Society And we the society of humans thanks you for doing that! The "So?" is that when people learnt that washing your hands didn't really do anything for covid them things like calici cirus started to spread again (they induce heavy vomiting and diarrhea) so we almost had those things beat but people stopped washing their hands...

  • Michael Steese
    Michael Steese 년 전 +172

    Was watching on Hbo and had to come here to leave a comment:
    For the “Smallpox Secretariat” bit, I feel like the better tag line for the movie would’ve been “You can’t beat this dead horse.” Splitting hairs, love the show 🤙🏽

  • Joe Anthony
    Joe Anthony 년 전 +2

    John & co. do an incredible job helping keep a sense of humor in the face of our egregious for-profit healthcare system, in conjunction with our tragically neglected public healthcare system (or lack thereof.) Why so many put up with it is beyond me.

  • Scottsfun
    Scottsfun 년 전 +21

    John Oliver is awesome! He's a comedian many people don't like him but why don't you check his research I have and most of it's pretty rock solid and shows how screwed up the United States is in their politics and also when it comes to outbreaks like monkeypox.

  • L. Kiss
    L. Kiss 년 전 +7

    I was just watching the original Coronavirus video and this video made me laugh a bit. I love the reference and the balls John and the team had to admit they were as lost as the rest of us in the beginning.

  • Ethan Bell
    Ethan Bell 년 전 +1167

    I learned basically all I needed to know about disease from the board game Pandemic. If you don't treat a disease somewhere you don't really care about, it will inevitably affect somewhere you do.

    • Ethan Bell
      Ethan Bell 년 전 +14

      @William Wilson Thank you for the shout. It has been edited

    • C Kee
      C Kee 년 전 +73

      I actually got rid of that game, used to be my favorite, because it's just too depressing now. Oh yay we developed the vaccine for the yellow thing (but nobody will get it because of Fox news damn it!)

    • cetriya's Art n Comics Channel
      cetriya's Art n Comics Channel 년 전 +5

      yeah, cause we travel and all live on the same home....

    • Crypto Facts
      Crypto Facts 년 전 +29

      We loved the android game Plague inc up until 2020, was too real

  • Kostadin Pantev
    Kostadin Pantev 년 전 +9

    Fax is in some ways more secure than E-Mail or other server-based sharing services. You need to be physically connected to the phone line at the correct time to intercept a message, making it practically impossible to steal, in this case, medical data en masse.

  • lalala
    lalala 년 전 +6

    As usual, thank you for inform me, making me laugh and depress me. But mostly I wanted to thank you for helping me to explain my thirteen years old son what a fax machine was (an unexpected topic that emerged yesterday). So, my eternal gratitude and love for that from here, Argentina, to my dear John and the whole staff.

  • Dan Carr
    Dan Carr 년 전 +2

    This show just keeps getting better and better.
    Keep up the great work.

  • Lisa M. Willson
    Lisa M. Willson 년 전 +9

    Medical offices use faxes because getting HIPAA compliance documentation from software vendors is like a nightmare shared by Terry Gilliam and Franz Kafka.

  • moose6667
    moose6667 년 전 +2667

    I’ll never make fun of a zombie outbreak moment in movies ever again. Given what we’ve seen over the last few years, I’d be shocked if large numbers of people didn’t go out fishing for bites, to “own the libs”. There was a time I was hopeful about humanity, sadly, that was a long time ago.

    • Tina Andro
      Tina Andro 년 전 +32


    • Courage Karnga
      Courage Karnga 년 전 +38

      Well, all I can say is if the world ends, I'm going out with a J in my hand and a smile on my face!

    • HaraldSH
      HaraldSH 년 전 +52

      Who knew zombie movies were describing reality 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • RoiDrannoc
      RoiDrannoc 년 전 +57

      A zombie outbreak may be the natural selection our species desperately need

  • Pedro Sousa
    Pedro Sousa 년 전 +9

    Every now and again this show comes out and one believes: “this is it, this is the topic they’ll have to collapse to and pander around” and it keeps getting better, realer more honest and concise. Wow.

  • Bonus Eggs
    Bonus Eggs 년 전 +6

    Remember when people actually cared about containing viral outbreaks? That was nice.

  • Alexandar Hull-Richter

    It seems to be the theme of my week that the amount by which I am disappointed in the way Americans behave is beyond my ability to express. This is only distantly followed by my appreciation for people who care about others, which is itself almost beyond expression.
    John is doing amazing work by spreading useful information. I can only hope enough people listen to steer us away from self-annihilation.

  • Sylvia Hoffman
    Sylvia Hoffman 년 전 +11

    John hit the nail on the head - if it doesn't concern us directly, why should we care or do anything about it? The selfishness of this country knows no bounds. It's very sad. 😔

  • EquiNoctis
    EquiNoctis 년 전 +3111

    We all knew a kid who managed to be one of the only ones to fail the test even though the teacher gave out all the answers and didn’t even bother to change anything from the practice exam. But gd I didn’t realize they would all have jobs running the country

    • Jack Johnson
      Jack Johnson 년 전 +16


    • svscared
      svscared 년 전 +138

      One could argue the US is that kid when it comes to countries.

    • Frederik Høyrup
      Frederik Høyrup 년 전 +5

      Teachers are on a lower rung than wall mart empoyees (In scandinavia). Im the high school chemistry/math teacher, you never had. They do not run ANYTHING except the grocery part of wallmart...

    • Entrepenumbra
      Entrepenumbra 년 전 +6

      Who did you think was running our country? 😆

    • Entrepenumbra
      Entrepenumbra 년 전 +7

      @Frederik Høyrup well I mean...not all MDs end up practicing either...Not all people with a degree end up teaching. The best of us get far "better" jobs, and some end up teaching. The rest still have bills and end up at horrible places like Walmart.

  • Michael Trippe
    Michael Trippe 년 전 +1

    Funny - my wife is a heterosexual woman - and a nurse BTW. We thought she ‘might’ have MonkeyPox. She went to the local ED who decided she did not have the risk factors and could still be tested… but the fee for testing would be on us… we decided no. Testing is not widespread.

  • Frost Starlite
    Frost Starlite 년 전 +1

    Thank you John for all the amazing episodes not that you'll see this but I always wish you could do a piece on video games I'm sure you could find a good story the subject

  • ・your non favorite person 👍・

    My son has NF1. It is horrible. It needs to be closely monitored as tumours can appear on the eyes for example. Sad to see people jump to conclusions about that poor woman and try to shame her on social media.

  • No More
    No More 년 전 +2

    Unfortunately, we're talking about the United States -- the place where people INTENTIONALLY spread potentially deadly viruses in a supposed attempt to achieve "herd immunity".
    At time index 19:41, "Although that really should not be that hard" was a truly masterful pun that was clearly overlooked and unappreciated by the studio audience.
    Regarding who is affected most by monkeypox, my response is "Who cares who's most affected? We're all in this together, so we all need to help each other." Although Tree was talking about racism in their song "All Of Us", their underlying message is apt here as well -- "One people, one race, one life / it's time we get it right".

  • Risu The Squirrel
    Risu The Squirrel 년 전 +3

    Faxes are used absurdly often in the healthcare system. Sometimes it's the most efficient option we can use. Granted, not the most efficient option in existence, just the most efficient one that's been given the okay by The Powers That Be. I was once told that faxes are used instead of email in some cases because it's supposedly more secure, in that a fax system "can't be hacked like email". But the fax number can be mistyped when sending it. Which can result in fantastically secure results, such as a medical document ending up being sent to a car dealership rather than a medical center.

  • Nina Felwitch
    Nina Felwitch 년 전 +1585

    It feels like this Pox outbreak is the first viral pandemic in human history. I'm sure we just had another one this decade that could have taught us how to handle something like that, but I'm not entirely sure.

    • dark14life
      dark14life 년 전 +163

      You give humans far too much credit.
      "Think about how dumb the average person is. Now, realize that half of them are dumber than that!" - George Carlin



    • B
      B 년 전 +37

      We had our one serious but relatively gentle reminder.
      I get a feeling we didn't heed it all to well.

    • Rudolf Gernd
      Rudolf Gernd 년 전 +46

      The irony goes even deeper.
      Long ago the battle against the pox infection is the primary example where we invented our countermeasures against viruses.

    • B
      B 년 전 +8

      @dark14life "you ever realized that 50% of people have an IQ below 100?"
      -no idea who, but I love em whoever they are.

  • fredocarroll
    fredocarroll 년 전 +7

    A great deep dive into the issue, as usual. It would have been insightful for Mr. Oliver to contrast the US approach with other countries. In America, the CDC's guidance says that vaccination should occur:
    1. For known contacts of known positive cases.
    2. For anyone who had a sex partner in the last two weeks who is known to be monkeypox-positive.
    3. For certain GBT men (and yes, the CDC limits it to men) who've had multiple partners or group sex in the last 14 days, who had sex in a commercial sex venue, or who had sex in association with an event or venue where monkeypox transmission _is_ occurring.
    I went to Europe recently. I was in Amsterdam during their Pride celebrations. I thought I _might_ want a sexual experience while there. Yet, I didn't qualify under the CDC's guidelines. You don't stop a spreading virus by only treating people who are already presumably exposed already, and might then have passed it on further. You stop it by prophylaxis, by targeting people who are likely to be exposed in the future, but that's not what we're doing. The CDC says we should only give PrEP vaccination for monkeypox to people in certain occupational risk groups, which doesn't, by the way, include sex workers. Rather, it just includes people handling diagnostic tests and health care response teams.
    Contrast this to Britain. The guidance is similar, but they are doing much more to vaccinate their LGBTQ population. Granted, this has drastically lowered their stock of vaccines, but they're preemptively vaccinating the people at higher risk. It's insane that the CDC isn't doing the same thing.

  • She Dupree
    She Dupree 년 전 +2

    Thank you! So important to realize that we are all connected and that especially if we want to continue to do things like travel and have international trade, we need to be better humans, and not descend to intertribal strife.

  • Sotakoira
    Sotakoira 년 전 +3

    That guy straight up telling people to rub one off together A, caught me by total surprise as I never expected someone in public announcement so say that, and B earned my respect by saying things how they are and telling solid advice and not shying away from that.

  • Nolan Culbert
    Nolan Culbert 년 전 +4

    I have NF1 as well and this is the exact thing I've been thinking about since monkeypox started.

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor 년 전 +1342

    In spring of 2019, I took a virology class in college. My professor said, "the next big one will be a coronavirus. We had a warning shot with sars, we had a warning shot with mers. And we haven't done anything."
    Amazing how we still haven't done anything after the pandemic of a century.

    • hm landis
      hm landis 년 전 +59

      Smart professor.

    • Dont go to my page
      Dont go to my page 년 전

      Don’t read my name !

    • Uwe Schroeder
      Uwe Schroeder 년 전 +81

      I sat in environmental classes in University in the mid 80s. The professor had us calculate the size of a resulting lump of bacteria growing under ideal conditions for 48 hours. Of course a few parameters were given and a few assumptions like the bacteria being spherical were made but what astounded everyone was that after 48 hours the resulting lump would be a larger diameter than the known universe. He did that to display just how powerful biological processes are. He also had us calculate average wind speeds depending on average temperature increases. His prediction was that humanity will go extinct due to one of 3 things or a combination of it: computers, nuclear fission or genetic technology. Needless to say we're talking 80s here - Internet was non-existent, nuclear was basic and genetics just started up. He was so right about it. He stopped giving the classes a few years later because as he explained: I've given this class for over 10 years - the first environmental class in the country. I don't see any result from teaching this topic - it's useless to have these classes. He was right about that too. To this day we have classes about environment and then once the students leave the university all that happens is to try to pry a profit from the problem but in reality nobody really cares. Humanity has it coming. Not in my lifetime anymore, for which I'm thankful, but soon thereafter.

    • Living a Spoonie Life
      Living a Spoonie Life 년 전 +7

      @Uwe Schroeder Very interesting! Thank you for sharing.

  • Ayla C.
    Ayla C. 년 전 +3

    I love you John. On point as usual.

  • L. Judo Bartlett
    L. Judo Bartlett 년 전 +6

    That was amazing. I've been waiting for a news report like this. It reminded me of trevor noah before the subtle hate-mongering and political agendizing. This report was funny, factual, to-the-point, and humanitarian as hell. Thank you.

  • J B
    J B 년 전 +127

    Great episode. I would like to see an episode on how adults with autism (even just level 1) are in danger of suicide and need help but are bullied and ignored. Do an inviisible disability episode. We are used to being ignored by healthcare, coworkers, friends, and family. We also have one of the highest suicide rates, yet no one talks about it. No one talks about how we are the only disability group where we are expected to change our disability instead of being provided with accommodations.

    • Nicholas M
      Nicholas M 년 전 +13

      I hope you are having a good day, friend. Here's a joke for you: where do kings keep their armies?
      In their sleevies!

    • Queen Ursula
      Queen Ursula 년 전 +3

      Yes! I really can't tell you how much good this could do. It's a complex topic that could seriously use the signal boost.

    • big liam
      big liam 년 전 +1

      what is invisibility disability

  • Anna Blackmon
    Anna Blackmon 년 전 +19

    I'm an Uber driver and I haven't heard anyone, including here, talk about what's going to happen with transportation if this spreads more widely. Only let people with long sleeves and pants on buses, subways and in ride shares? The heat index is over 100° so I'm not too sure drunk folks are going to go for that. But sitting on a seat where someone else sat, both wearing shorts or tank tops, sounds like a great way to catch it.

    • Erik D
      Erik D 년 전 +2

      Somebody with open leisions sitting bare skinned on your seat might be an issue when somebody else sits on the seat. But this virus causes significant illness along with the leisions. People who catch the virus and have lesions are going to be so sick and at home in bed in quarantine or in the hospital. Not going out drinking and partying and taking Ubers around town.

    • TheFeldhamster
      TheFeldhamster 년 전 +2

      @Erik D not so sure. A couple of days ago some doctor confronted a man with lesions on public transport in (I think) Spain. And the guy refused to go home into quarantine, claiming his doctor only had advised him to wear a mask.

    • TheFeldhamster
      TheFeldhamster 년 전 +2

      Put a plastic cover over your seats, disinfect between rides. Keep your windows open and wear a mask so the chance of getting it by aerosol goes down. Idk, maybe ask your passengers for donations to cover the costs of disinfectant and explain how you're doing the best to keep them safe?

    • Erik D
      Erik D 년 전

      @TheFeldhamster The advice in your other comment sounds like very good advice and likely already safety precautions most Uber drivers are aware of since those measures you mentioned (windows down, sanitize the vehicle, wear a mask) are measures that were recommended if not mandated during covid. As far as this anecdotal story about somebody with leisions wearing a mask on the bus. Was this a confirmed case of Monkeypox where an infected person refused to quarantine and was riding the bus? Or was it somebody who had just left their doctors office and was heading home on the bus because that was his only mode of transportation? Or somebody with some form of a skin condition? Context matters, and also doesn’t discount what I originally said. Which was that the vast majority of people with an active Monkeypox infection are going to be very sick and isolating at home probably not wanting to be seen in public even if they felt well enough to go out in public. As well as the fact that people who test positive are told specifically to avoid public transportation. Covid was an unknown virus (initially we didn’t have a test or vaccine for it) covid spread in the air and easily from infected surfaces. And people still drove for Uber and people still ordered Ubers and ride the bus (and covid was potentially lethal) Monkeypox is not nearly as easy to spread, we have tests and a vaccine as well as medication to speed the recovery process along as it will make you less likely to spread it because the meds drastically reduce your viral load. And Mpox is not deadly. Furthermore, pandemic or not, rare virus infecting western countries aside. Riding the Bus or subway has ALWAYS been one of the easiest ways to catch a virus and get sick outside of licking the floor of a public restroom. Monkeypox might not even crack the top 10 of actually fatal or dangerous viral/bacterial infections you can potentially catch using public transportation. Wear a mask if you can, if you’re sick stay home, but most importantly. Wash your hands and don’t touch your face and hope for the best.

    • TheFeldhamster
      TheFeldhamster 년 전 +1

      @Erik D from what I remember from the article (sorry, can't find it anymore), the guy was confronted by a random doctor who saw him on public transport and when asked confirmed that he had Mpox and claimed he didn't know about having to (and didn't want to) quarantine. No info was given whether it was just his way home from his own doctor's office but my guess is that he would have justified his ride with that argument if that was the case. Instead of starting an argument with the doc who spotted him on public transport and claiming it was his good right to ride all around the city as long as he wore a mask.
      As for myself: I'm actually old enough to still have gotten a pox shot, so I'm not worried for myself. The immunity from that shot should be good enough to protect me from fleeting contact like on public transport and I'm not the promiscuous or cuddly type, so no prolonged contact expected with anyone.
      I'm actually wondering if Mpox hasn't been circulating in rodent populations for a long time and we just never noticed because enough people still had pox shots. But as more and more people with pox shots die off the percentage of immune people has fallen to the threshold where suddenly lots of cases can appear/spread. There's usually some threshold in vaccinated populations where, if you're above that threshold, you see no spread at all but once you are below, the whole system undergoes a phase transition and you suddenly see many cases.

  • Stephanie Stogner
    Stephanie Stogner 년 전 +2

    Honestly, the pandemic is a bit of a head scratcher. I've been hearing for decades now a pandemic is due from the scientific community, and hearing how easily spread by fast travel even before symptoms it is from them.. and hence, the way things work, it is bound to happen unless precautions taken. And for decades they apparently ignored all warnings.
    Not to mention, I thought all states had emergency agencies who were supposed to prepare to deal with emergencies. What are they getting funding for? I know some have weather emergencies and such. But you also have to prepare for other stuff. But I suppose every time some weather stuff happens that mess was an indicator of how badly prepared they are for anything apparently.
    The denial and time gaps just make them worse. With my limited scientific knowledge and awareness of pandemic history from a documentary type series (I actually watched the black plague one right before the pandemic and it was made a couple years before that I think) as well as my common sense and knowledge of people.. I feel I'm better qualified than those in charge to make decisions. And that's scary because I haven't had the education or experience in the profession and yet.. smh. I could and did know everything of how it would happen once it had that delayed response and I saw the way they did things. So ridiculous. And who would have thought not educating people properly and consistently no matter their income or what neighborhood they resided in, nor the overall lack of health orientated mindset along with the work no matter what, paycheck to paycheck dependency would affect things and hurt society in the long run? Not I.. oh, wait, yes, I. Smh. The USA is a perfect storm of perfect stupidity on things that could run smoothly and be fixed. History will always repeats itself because people aren't largely taught it and what it means. They also overestimate their abilities as well.
    The whole situation screamed to me Masque of the red death. They, the rich, don't care as they party unaware they have servants or anyone who eventually will bring it to them. It is in everyone's best interest, health care. Smh.

  • TheFuzzypuddle
    TheFuzzypuddle 년 전 +2

    majory taylor-green is like a side character on family guy that appears in a few episodes every season when the writers want to say something that they think is too over the top for any of the main characters to say.
    But seriously, and this is not only directed at her, it is laughable for any official to tell people not to have sex. good luck with that.

  • T F
    T F 년 전 +1

    Well said, We need to shut down and NOT send kids to school before it gets worse…The timeframe and reality of the surge of spread and uncleanliness of restaurants and stores etc… has gone back to normal… Gross and visibly dirty. smh… So sad and shameful lack of action and accountability.

  • MamboNo5
    MamboNo5 년 전 +1296

    As an avid fan of the capybara I will now ONLY refer to them as big pensive sweetie. Highly accurate and adorable.

    • Henry Tawnn
      Henry Tawnn 년 전 +66

      After discovering that there is no official name for a group of capybaras, my nephew had suggested a "Capyparty" and my friend had suggested a "Capypatch". Please, we need to raise awareness on this issue to adopt an adorable name for a group of capybaras. This is important.

    • Norma Forsyth
      Norma Forsyth 년 전 +22

      @Henry Tawnn I'm guessing since they are Earth's biggest rodent, they'd probably just default to a "mischief" of Capybara.
      But Capypatch is hilarious.

    • JediNxf7
      JediNxf7 년 전 +3

      @Norma Forsyth since people eat them it may just be a barbecue of capybara

  • cascabel
    cascabel 년 전 +5

    I remembered the prairie dog thing and was telling a coworker who recently moved from South Korea about it, but he didn't know what a prairie dog was, so I said "if a meerkat was also a rat"

  • Syrkyth
    Syrkyth 년 전 +2

    That prairie dogs link is not surprising. They're like a super-highway for disease and one of the consistent sources of Yersinia pestis (bubonic plague), anthrax, hantavirus and a host of others.
    How they haven't been the subject of an extermination campaign is frankly amazing.

    • kylem1112
      kylem1112 4 개월 전

      Because the live in their own fields and don't bother anyone. It has nothing to do with gay butt sex.

  • Alone Alien
    Alone Alien 년 전 +4

    2002 was 20 years ago and somehow I am still as miserable as I was back then, monkey pox notwithstanding. It never gets better. 😑

  • Liz
    Liz 년 전

    I got a bump on my hand this week and have been watching it like crazy. I don't know if I'm watching the news too much or I am just that pessimistic about my fellow humans and how they handled Covid. Also just getting over Covid, so I figure, next I will get moneypox from some idiot I know.

  • Darth Umbrex
    Darth Umbrex 년 전 +8

    Best advice I've ever seen to avoid monkeypox. If it's wet sticky and not yours don't touch it.

  • David Looser
    David Looser 년 전 +7841

    Hey John,
    would it be financially and administratively possible for you and your Team to build up a "what happend sice" website, where news or articles are listed which are linked to specific previously produced episodes?
    All of your topics are extremely important and it would be great to have an easy and source-approved way to keep on track with them.
    Greetings from germany.

    • peachybuttercrunch
      peachybuttercrunch 년 전 +181

      keep us updated, John. you are a so correct! they are all important subjects.

    • You're A Little Bit Fat
      You're A Little Bit Fat 년 전 +23


    • Macha
      Macha 년 전 +102

      That is an excellent idea!

    • Nyasha Chifamba
      Nyasha Chifamba 년 전 +144

      Including links to all the crazy websites they built. I still enjoy making my own everest pictures 😁

  • 100 subscriber with 0 video challenge

    """one of the best thing about dude is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something .he always respect us , the audience and his team , and he is polite in all his videos .we congratulations ourselves on this achievement . more to come 💕💗

  • Mikake Studios
    Mikake Studios 년 전 +11

    The story I always heard was that Prairie Dogs are called "dogs" is because when Caucasians came west they saw these remorseless rats digging in the same manner as canines. They also have this weird squeaky bark. But no one should have one as a pet. They are not trainable. Their habitat needs are massive, they should not be isolated from family groups, they carry the Black Plague, and they bite.

  • Sir Gentleman
    Sir Gentleman 년 전

    How awful that plague may yet still ravage mankind, far into the future. I pray for the safety and good health of all souls effected by this tragedy.

  • Pooja P.
    Pooja P. 년 전

    If 4 weeks of complete isolation isn't possible, we've been told by our hospital system to instruct patients to cover lesions with bandaids / clothing (full-sleeves, etc) before going into public or touching any surfaces

  • cuddlefishBandit

    The tax machine comment's very telling. I used to work for a veterinary hospital chain not long ago, and a working fax machine is still downright integral to getting prescriptions filled and files sent between offices and external pharmacies for clients.

  • Professor Gunter
    Professor Gunter 년 전 +1066

    I found the idea that "if bowling made you sick nobody would go bowling" ironic when the last 2 years have proven that yes people will still go bowling. Heck some will go bowling BECAUSE you said it'll make you sick

    • Rai
      Rai 년 전 +38

      sigh.... yeah.... this world be lookin bleak

    • Adrian Pietkiewicz
      Adrian Pietkiewicz 년 전 +31


    • Time Surfer
      Time Surfer 년 전 +73

      "i LiCkEd A bOwLiNg BaLl To OwN tHe LiBs."

    • Moos
      Moos 년 전 +3

      good point

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 년 전 +294

    This was incredibly helpful

  • Robert Gronewold
    Robert Gronewold 년 전 +4

    Okay, I say this as a gay man myself, but many of my rainbow brothers need to just zip it up for the moment. Here I'm someone who hasn't been dating or getting down to any business for several years because of covid and my living with a health vulnerable elderly father, and I have friends who start to feel all needy if they haven't been at the bedroom business for just a few weeks. Dudes, you'll survive, and no guy will want to smooch you if you are covered in pock marks after contracting a painful disease. Yeesh.

  • Audræ Tuvia Shartel

    I have been watching this since I first began seeing just 2 known cases in US. It was only about a week 1/2 ago since the Austin TX government page for health concern announcements was finally announced & I thought ok great finally so I then went with my next act in what I had already been planning to do since school will be back in session on 8/15th & I began calling & looking for any info about the roll out of the vaccine since I already knew that there was a stockpile of a vaccine that has been used previously & actually works per valid resources I used to research very thoroughly on top of having a formal education in medicine that I fortunately have too. Turns out there is no vaccine available & despite finally making a public health concern announcement absolutely no one out of all of the doctors & nurses from local hospitals, ERs, various medical providers at clinics & private providers not a single one of them had any clue as to what monkey pox even was nor that there was an announcement of community spread & multiple cases already in our city & had no idea as to diagnosis, treatments, or the ways it spread, or any info about a vaccine or if there were even plans to get any of the vaccine or a scheduled roll out that was in the works & definitely no idea as to who was going to be able to qualify to get the vaccine first dependent on high risk factors or age groups or preexisting conditions or whatever else may be decided. Not one single person in the medical providers sector was able to provide me with any answers nor had any clue as to its existence at all. So then I called TX Health & Human Services Commission & it was the exact same thing & I spoke to more than one of the employees with them & out of the 6 different people I spoke to employed at TxHHSC none of them knew anything about it nor that they released a public announcement on its community spread & some generalized info & case reports at the time locally which the first released announcement did have some incorrect information about its spread & about there being no known treatments or vaccines or tests for it that could be provided at all. So then I tried calling the CDC to find out if they could maybe answer my inquiry as to what they are doing if anything or if they were actually going to ever be more public about sharing the fact that it was already in level 4 concern for potential pandemic by their own measures I had located online which has been privatized public access to viewing now since my call to them & the one person at the CDC I spoke to was as clueless as the rest of the people I spoke to locally in charge of such health concerns & providing care for the peoples medical needs. My biggest concern is for children b/c I would not at all be surprised if once schools are back in session there begins to be an expedited rise in cases amongst elementary & high-school & possibly younger aged children that attend day cares or Montessori schools b/c kids are not as conscientious about germ sharing b/c they’re kids & that’s what kids tend to do & with there being next to no actual public reporting to address the public spread concerns & inform people & especially those in the medical field as well as at our schools & daycares & to parents it is a disaster once again waiting to happen. I’m sorry but F the red tape providing generalized info to at least get people to be on the look out at best is preventative & preemptive health safety measures that should have been done 5 mos. ago as far as I am concerned & that would also help in misinformation, rumors, & paranoia or hysteria & fear-mongering to also be controlled much better. This is exactly what I distinctly recall watching occur with COVID which I had watched small reports on the news as early as Sept. of 2019 & while in the ER with my young son mid Dec. 2019 due to his having asthma & at that time a respiratory infection from pollen allergy struggling hard to breathe sufficiently & being very concerned for him holding his hand trying to keep him calm & relaxed & not get terribly scared or panicked waiting for the ER doctor to return with his results & suggested next step for treatment(s) the news was on muted with CC & I was reading the reports & in my head I already knew we probably had at best till Feb. maybe March before it would begin to be reported here in the states & I surmised NY, FL, CA more than likely being the first potential states hit. It was horrifying b/c I felt the same thing I do now although I know Monkey Pox has viable treatments & vaccine that had previously been used to stop previous small outbreak years ago & was maybe a bit more alarming that chicken pox & not as concerning as small pox & low fatality but extremely painful & extremely infectious due to the sores & being a parent who experienced having gotten chicken pox twice as a elementary child & then as a 7th grader which is extremely rare to get twice & I remember those sores very clearly. My son would not fair well with such an experience of pox at all no matter which pox it happened to be. Anyhow now I’m terribly anxious for him since school is less than 4 days away from starting back up & there still being absolutely no reported progress on tests or vaccines or treatments & no updates from TXHHSC or otherwise about how they are addressing this concern or what is going on with any possible supply of the vaccine being provided for who & when. & the schools have not addressed any real level of acknowledgement that they are watching out for this & have plans already in place on how they may address this worst case scenario & the heir every time it’s brought up is very unsettling to me as if it’s nothing to be remotely concerned about that it’s all under control when it definitely isn’t under control at all. & to top it off just like the woman from the subway I too have 3 different severe skin disorders so I am in high risk all ready for a more severe case if I had the misfortune to actually get it somehow. It’s just not at all reassuring.

  • Pinkie Love
    Pinkie Love 년 전 +14

    The scary thing about monkeypox you can have it and not know it...Me I have no contact with anybody and I got it from using a public toilet.. I only had a few skin lesions in fact I didn't even think I had until I went to the doctor for an ear infection and then showed them my few marks I had they weren't really even noticeable..Affects everybody a little bit different and they don't know enough about it..Over the course of the four weeks or so I got a few more like one would it show up and one would disappear... totally I had about eight over the course of four weeks all over different parts of the body.. No other symptoms ..My lesions weren't bad Just don't touch them about the size of an eraser head and flat with the skin with me

  • Add E
    Add E 년 전 +5

    We're getting a do-over on pandemic handling and we're going to blow it. There's failing to learn from the past and then there's doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

  • Christian Adam
    Christian Adam 년 전 +9

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    France Eilers 년 전

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    Mellen Clark 년 전

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  • Benfranklin Catappleshark

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  • Joseph Reis
    Joseph Reis 년 전 +971

    I want our public health response to be like our military. We should be spending money on vaccines even if we don’t need them just in case we do. Just like (or instead of) spending money on fighter jets even if we don’t need them but just in case we do.

    • butterfly
      butterfly 년 전 +95

      We could cut the military budget in half and use the savings to fund healthcare.

    • Anarchy
      Anarchy 년 전 +58

      Even like a tenth would probably be enough to cover everything for all citizens lol.

    • xymzk
      xymzk 년 전 +28

      What's wild is that defense money was also spent on this, yet it's still a hot mess. Including in NYC which was a major focus. Wtf happened with the money.

    • I
      I 년 전 +7

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      👿Murdoch thrives on for enriching
      himself off🚽tabloid🧻airbags💨like
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    Blue Greenglue 년 전

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  • Andrew
    Andrew 년 전

    atleast john oliver has been on top of monkeypox since the begining and has been consistently spreading awareness of this since the very beginning, and not using it as a talking point

  • Michael K
    Michael K 년 전 +208

    As a healthcare worker in one of the hotspots, one of the hardest things I had to do this week was tell patients “I’m sorry, we ran out of the vaccine.” So many are afraid and frustrated. It’s shameful and unjust.

    • Brass House
      Brass House 년 전 +14

      Are you advising people to quit having casual sex with multiple partners? My frustration is we shut down everything over Covid but we refuse to stop any pride events which have very clearly been super spreader events.

    • Simon McNeilly
      Simon McNeilly 년 전 +14

      @Brass House of course not, that’s homophobia.

    • Z0MN1A
      Z0MN1A 년 전 +5

      As someone who didn't get vaccinated, I am particularly confused as to how all the people I know that did have recently contracted covid again but, still, I have not..? Pls explain healthcare person. Ty.

    • Surge LaChance
      Surge LaChance 년 전 +4

      @Z0MN1A Right? There isn't going to be a "next time", either.
      Most people aren't buying the fearporn anymore.

  • Jennifer Kaplan
    Jennifer Kaplan 년 전 +1

    Actually, government and other agencies that have a duty to protect private information still use fax machines frequently. Email is not considered secure enough for these purposes (mostly because the agencies can't guarantee the security of the lay person's email.)

  • hugh smith
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    Chris Moses 년 전 +644

    I’ve had monkeypox for the past three weeks and agree with everything in this video. Navigating the entire process through Kaiser has been a disaster. Thank you for talking about this!!

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      How did you get it?

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    this show is excellent in content and entertainment value

  • Carol McKown
    Carol McKown 년 전 +357

    John - as an immunologist and prairie dog lover I must take issue with some of your comments. The prairie dogs that became infected were exposed to infected, imported, Gambian pouched rats. Domestic PDs continue to be Monkey Pox-Free! I am however concerned that the US brown rat population is setting itself up to be the next carrier species.

  • Ryan Coomer
    Ryan Coomer 년 전 +1

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