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Water: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • 게시일 2022. 06. 25.
  • John Oliver discusses the water shortage in the American west, how it’s already impacting the people who live there, and what God has to say about it.
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  • NEPAAlchey
    NEPAAlchey 년 전 +5019

    The fact a leader of a state can go on TV and ask the entire state to pray a problem away so he doesn't have to do his job is terrifying.

    • any wallsocket
      any wallsocket 년 전 +266

      Watching that was literally surreal for me, like I was thinking is this an actual adult? 👀

    • Anika
      Anika 년 전 +294

      I live in Utah and we basically live in a theocracy with more steps

    • Kokiden
      Kokiden 년 전 +66

      june 4-5 was a month ago...did it work?

  • Svenski
    Svenski 년 전 +969

    Coming from a country which recently went through a 7 year drought, I can wholeheartedly say that the only way to survive is smart planning and very severe water restrictions. Watching a first world nation fail at such basic survival measures gives me second hand embarrassment.

    • Marooned Explorer
      Marooned Explorer 년 전 +9

      South Africa?

    • International RTG
      International RTG 년 전 +22

      How about confronting food and agriculture corporations that steal all the water?

    • Svenski
      Svenski 년 전 +25

      @International RTG if that is a major cause for your water shortages, then that is definitely something that must be addressed. That's not an issue for us here luckily due to limited amounts of water.

    • Svenski
      Svenski 년 전 +29

      @Marooned Explorer Namibia actually

    • AYCoded
      AYCoded 년 전 +8

      Yes, it is embarrassing.

  • daniel job
    daniel job 년 전 +135

    Once again, Brian Cox delivers an authentic performance, capturing the spirit and intent of the character he portrays.
    Bravo, sir!

  • Moonbug
    Moonbug 11 개월 전 +109

    My dad is a groundwater microbiologist and my family has lived in Colorado for generations. My dad said that when he was a kid it never got too hot even in the summer. Flash forwards thirty years and my parent's house IN TOWN almost burned down twice in the span of three months. Our neighbors lost everything including pets to the fires and my parents are seeing their house and moving to a less burnable area. Last year we didn't get our first snow until January (the day after the devastating fire). And as a child through adulthood I went to summer camp in the Rockies and worked as a counselor, only to evacuate the camp three years in a row due to fires. Colorado is in trouble. And as far as states go it's probably one of the luckier ones for water. We are all in trouble.

    • Julia
      Julia 10 개월 전 +7

      Good grief, that's scary.
      It's not as bad where I live (Germany) but that's kind of a different problem: we don't feel any discomfort. Most people don't even know that crops like potatoes now can't be grown without watering them - that was never necessary twenty years ago!
      But since "hey, it's December and I don't have to shovel snow every darn day" doesn't _feel_ like a problem, there's not enough pressure e.g. for laws about water usage, pricing water on a sliding scale (low price for minimum requirements, then higher prices for whatever goes above that), making underground rain water storage mandatory for newly build houses etc.
      I'm very much afraid that we won't be any cleverer and wait with serious actions until a fire burns down half of what forests Germany has left.
      And I can't even think on how much CO2 those forest fires blow up into the air; when I try my mind just shrinks away from it.

  • Lucy Marchant
    Lucy Marchant 년 전 +449

    As a Colorado resident, the changes I’ve observed during my lifetime scare me for anyone alive in the next 50-100 years. The steady increase in wildfires across the West are devastating to wildlife and human settlements. The wildfire that broke out east of Boulder and into Broomfield displaced hundreds on families. Two years ago when nearly the entire Front Range was aflame turned the sky orange for weeks. Ash rained down daily. We are becoming the dystopian, apocalyptic novels and movies we consume in mass.

    • James Butler
      James Butler 년 전 +32

      And it is going to get worse and worse very year. When I was a kid, my parents took us on grand tour of many of the national parks out west. Now in my 50s, I recreated that trip for my family and was staggered by the fact that many of the parks had fire damage, often completely marring the experience, something that was not true in the 70s. People need to wake the fuck up because in a decade or so they wont be talking about you cutting back on the water you use on your lawn, they will be talking about cutbacks on the water you DRINK.

    • Alex Blair
      Alex Blair 년 전 +2

      And what have you done in response -- other than write an email?

    • Kevu Seth
      Kevu Seth 년 전 +13

      @James Butler Screw lawns. Use native grass. Lawns are wastes of water and terrible for the environment.

    • James Butler
      James Butler 년 전 +17

      @Kevu Seth I agree. The whole concept of lawns is asinine. Most people do not use them for anything but a buffer between you and your neighbor. Leave the land be, let nature grow whatever it wants, with you just trimming it back to maintain walkability, no water at all

    • General Tso
      General Tso 년 전 +7

      And the wildfires now also occur in winter!! The Boulder-Broomfield fire was in December (stopped a few houses from mine, btw). Good descriptions-- the summer of fire, our throats always dry and sore from the falling ash

  • Lyssa Bradley
    Lyssa Bradley 년 전 +94

    My family’s well in AZ went dry in 1996 and I grew up like those folks did. Showered at friend’s or in the school locker rooms when we could, did laundry at laundromats, flushed toilets with buckets of already used water. House never felt clean and it was a constant source of stress. When i moved to the city and could flush my toilet with the handle instead of a bucket I literally cried.

    • Joshua Frank
      Joshua Frank 9 개월 전 +9

      Wow. Thanks for having the guts to share that. It sounds like it was a brutal way to live, and I'm so happy you have water again.

  • Kage Akuma
    Kage Akuma 년 전 +3225

    You know, I'm gonna just thank John Oliver and HBO for putting his main content for free on YT. I'm an HBOMax subscriber so they already have my money. They are putting out important info for free.

    • s21972012145525
      s21972012145525 년 전 +17

      They could put the entire episode 🙄

    • mullujullu
      mullujullu 년 전 +147

      @s21972012145525 dude you sound so spoiled rn. all the important info is posted for free that's what matters. you can pay if you want the extra jokes plus lots of people post the clips hbo don't include on youtube

    • Natalie Stavrum
      Natalie Stavrum 년 전 +29

      I have HBO nordic, so I can see the full episode on tuesday, but love that the main segment is available for everyone on YT!

    • Kage Akuma
      Kage Akuma 년 전 +10

      @Natalie Stavrum It's just one of those pleasant surprises in life you always take for granted until you think of it.

  • Michal Otten
    Michal Otten 년 전 +246

    A few years ago I rented a house in Phoenix, AZ- all the homes in the neighborhood had large lawns with grass. In the summer, we were watering the lawn a good 30 min/day to keep it from burning. The HOA sent angry letters if we had burned spots on the lawn, which happened even with the watering schedule because it’s the desert! It was so stupid and such a colossal waste of water. I was so happy to move and not be a part of it anymore.

    • S
      S 년 전 +52

      HOA/housing enforcement are the single strongest reasons everyone still has to water their lawn/keep one! If they didn't have such hissyfits about what a house "should look like" we'd be saving literal tons of water, it's infuriating.

    • Marc Peterson
      Marc Peterson 년 전 +8

      St George, Utah may be worse per capita, but for me, Phoenix is the worst because of the wastefulness and population .

    • Still Here
      Still Here 년 전 +9

      Sun City has desert-scaping now and it’s beautiful. So maybe AZ is wising up?

    • Marc Peterson
      Marc Peterson 년 전

      @Still Here What about Phoenix?

    • Alex Blair
      Alex Blair 년 전

      And what have you done in response?

  • michelle andrijich
    michelle andrijich 년 전 +38

    I live in Western Australia and here there is a groundwater replenishment scheme that I don't think many people know about. Purified wastewater is pumped underground and will get back to aquifers in about 30 years. We also have desalination plants off the coast because rainfall is increasingly not enough to supply the city of Perth

    • Julia
      Julia 10 개월 전 +5

      That's great! With the ocean levels rising, you'd think de-salinating ocean water would be a lot more realistic than building a water pipeline half across the US to then *destroy the ecosystem around the Mississippi* .
      It's a bit silly of me, but I really want to see a law that bans the traditional "Old White Men" out of any job paying more than 120 K per year. I know, silly, because it's not like I believe that women, young people or anybody not European descended is in some way smarter or better.
      I'd just like to see what happens. Maybe the new comers would be motivated to show that they will _not_ immediately turn into yet another greedy arrogant club. And if not then at least we'd have the finale proof that all humans are equal.

  • Nicole Ludwig
    Nicole Ludwig 년 전 +18

    I'm European and seeing that a state head in the USA apparently thinks it's a reasonable solution to pray for rain in the 21st century is just so mind-blowing, I don't know if I'm more shocked or scared. Someone in a charge that high should at least believe in science or be able to gather a team of experts who can explain the topic to him and help find a solution.... Right?! 😳😳

  • Arya Afshari
    Arya Afshari 년 전 +42

    For anyone interested in water, water conservation, and how the American west became a sprawling metropolitan area in a desert, Marc Reisner's "Cadillac Desert" is a must read

  • Walter Zamalis
    Walter Zamalis 년 전 +404

    What I find astounding and morally reprehensible is how the rightful Indigenous American ownership of water is never mentioned, ever, by literally ANYONE.

    • shani yan
      shani yan 년 전 +7

      appeal. He's a fool and it's stupid to pray away a drought. But this is Utah and stupid is our way of life.

    • S
      S 년 전 +15

      He's just mentioned it.

    • Oni-One
      Oni-One 년 전 +5

      That's because they can't enforce it... Life isn't about what's right, it's about whose stronger and can take it from you.

  • Ethan Crisp
    Ethan Crisp 년 전 +1602

    Lived in Vegas as a kid. Every museum and science field trip stressed the importance of water conservation and how dire the situation was for the future of the city and the southwest as a whole. Decades later, its in the exact place everyone said it would be. Its almost at the point where the Hoover Dam won't be able to provide any power. I am hoping these cities that keep approving golf courses and mega resorts in the desert become the biggest ghost towns in history.

    • richard adamson
      richard adamson 년 전 +85

      Admingly it would make a good bioshock game, though.

    • Peter
      Peter 년 전 +88

      I live in Las Vegas and it's actually pretty amazing just how water smart the city is. Even with golf courses, there are no shortages of them here but they have met some pretty extreme and restricting standards. The essentially water the courses with repurposed sewage water, use specialized nozzles for conserving water, monitor watering times to prevent any runoff.
      I figure with the amount of money the casino overlords of Las Vegas have tied up with this town, they will figure something out - they won't let their cash cow die and for once, that's actually a positive motivator.

    • Kit C
      Kit C 년 전 +32

      Also screw those localities rebuilding in the path of wildfires and expecting us taxpayers to pick up the tab... don't build there, how about that.

    • Snikerz
      Snikerz 년 전 +33

      @Peter my guy all those golf courses and casino pools are a large chunk of where that water is being wasted.

    • Peter
      Peter 년 전 +26

      @Snikerz If water is going down the drain, a crazy amount of it is being recycled (something like 90%) - the problem is when water is allowed to run on the streets or ground, because then it just evaporates and soaks in and it's gone, so golf courses - yeah, that's a waste of water, but they are also using water that is not being used otherwise - same with casino fountains. Things that are a problem are things like car washes and people washing cars in their driveways, which is water that is lost once used.

  • Cashan Draven
    Cashan Draven 년 전 +105

    Greywater systems need to be the standard EVERYWHERE. Every shower is enough water to flush your toilet several times over, and in most cases can easily be used for a small laws or gardens if you use the proper soaps.

    • hynnow18
      hynnow18 년 전 +6

      I looked into this and apparently even in the liberal state of CA, shower water is not considered sterile enough. Laundry to landscape is the only approved suburban residential greywater, and it costs $3000 for the labor and supplies to dig the mulch trenches and another $3000 for the peripheral setup, plants, and cleanup.
      Unless we start getting volunteers, huge donations, or subsidies larger than the measly $400 rebate, I don’t foresee a high volume of conversions

    • Cashan Draven
      Cashan Draven 년 전 +7

      @hynnow18 I never said it wasnt an investment, but on a grand scale, that is a very small cost in the grand scheme of things. It needs to be mandated for it to take hold, but it would save so much water.

    • Drought 2028
      Drought 2028 년 전 +4

      Instead of every house putting in their own greywater system, we should just use the water after it goes through the water treatment plant back into the pipes. There are many cities out there where the water coming out of a water treatment plant is as clean, if not cleaner than when it came into the city's water system.
      Just think of it like how water is used and recycled in the International Space Station. The astronauts drink it, then pee it out then it is treated and they can drink it again or they can grow food with it. Only difference is on the ground you have to add a bit more into system to account for evaporation. Almost a close loop kind of close to what Las Vegas is doing.

    • Cashan Draven
      Cashan Draven 년 전 +5

      @Drought 2028 Umm, no, that not how that works at ALL. Water that goes down the drain eventually hits the sewer system, which is WHY it has to be treated in the first place and the water coming out of there is ALWAYS cleaner, that is how purification works. The point of a greywater system, is to use the still clean enough water for sewer tasks like flushing the toilet, or certain ornamental gardens. That is different from how Las Vagas is doing entirely.

    • Vyl Bird
      Vyl Bird 년 전 +4

      There are some technical difficulties with that. Shower water is an unknown composition - it's not just water and human sweat, there are cleaning products in there. Foamy cleaning products. Foamy cleaning products that would end up in the toilet, making it froth up. You do not want that.
      Laundry water works better, because laundry detergents do not include foaming agents. Rainwater collection can also work.

  • Amie Taylor
    Amie Taylor 년 전 +70

    Living in an RV with no running water and now being homeless and staying in a campsite I can really see how terrible the situation is. Just getting water for my cat Is difficult.

    • guy sumpthin
      guy sumpthin 년 전 +3

      Toxoplasmosis: mild to severe depression, cysts (often misdiagnosed) , headaches, flu symptoms, nerve twitches, eye floaters, detached retina, miscarriage, behavior changes . Eggs from shedding can live 2yrs in bleach water and still hatch, cats often re-infect themselves, and it’s congenital in cats and humans

    • Lara Palma
      Lara Palma 년 전 +2

      That's terrible

    • Amie Taylor
      Amie Taylor 년 전 +5

      @Lara Palma its ok we made it to my dads ranch where its just as dry 😅

  • X8-_ZION_-8X
    X8-_ZION_-8X 년 전 +20

    John you are a true hero IMO. Thank you for being one of the only two news show with the balls to tell us the truth.

  • J R
    J R 년 전 +119

    Great segment. I'm a desert girl, so I know there's individual responsibility part to this. I have always advocated cities and businesses needed to cut their water usage first. There's no need for business parks to have fields of grass or huge water structures. But you did miss how corporations are mishandling their water. There's also the issue in the courts of corporations buying land around the Colorado just for the river rights and then claiming those water rights go for a neighborhood hundreds of miles away.

    • Alex Blair
      Alex Blair 년 전 +1

      And what have you done in response?

    • Joe Mama
      Joe Mama 년 전 +5

      @Alex Blair wtf have you done?

    • Maarten
      Maarten 7 개월 전

      @Joe Mama Not live in a desert lol

  • Renato Corvaro
    Renato Corvaro 년 전 +43

    I find it unsurprising that most states would rather attempt entirely ridiculous measures rather than sensibly cut back on their water use.

  • Dux Nihilo
    Dux Nihilo 년 전 +1139

    John Oliver is getting closer and closer to just having " LIFE " as a topic.

    • Maik Morgner
      Maik Morgner 년 전 +159

      "Moving on, our main story tonight concerns life. You know, the thing your parents gave you that you never asked for, like for example a genetical disposition for bad eye-sight or cancer."
      Then he moves on to show interviews with people who have a clearly dumb or wise insight into the concept of life.
      The segment's mascot will be some intern dressed up in a comically disfigured costume of a protozoan from the from the priomordial soup who scorns the audience that they wasted his and his brethren's efforts to evolve into something meaningful.
      Also, John sets up a website where you can donate your own life.

    • Michael Clayton
      Michael Clayton 년 전 +11

      @Maik Morgner Very good.

    • Tom Wolfe
      Tom Wolfe 년 전 +25

      Don't Read My Profile Photo
      I didn't, and so while I cannot be sure, my guess is that it had nothing to do with the topic of John Oliver or water.

    • Sylvester Uchia
      Sylvester Uchia 년 전 +1

      😂 😂 😂

    • WAsh'd Out
      WAsh'd Out 년 전 +22

      @Maik Morgner Dude...go apply to work for the show because...godamn!

  • Mike Gervasi
    Mike Gervasi 년 전 +19

    I've worked at drinking water plants for 15 years. I can tell you with 100% certainty is you can't create water (supply) so you have to reduce demand. I currently work at a plant that was a "Hail Mary" for a city that was desperate for fresh water. They built the plant to take salt water from a river that was known for being a sewer for the industrial plants (now gone) for decades. We take that water, desalinate and process it, and send it to that city. Prior to completion of plant construction they decided to also implement conservation methods. It worked so well they actually don't need us now. The biggest conservation method? ELIMINATE AUTOMATIC WATERING OF LAWNS/IRRIGATION.

    • belg4mit
      belg4mit 년 전 +4

      More specifically, if you're going to allow people to dump potable fucking water on the ground, insist that they have rain sensors, moisture sensors to avoid over-watering, and that sprinklers are properly sized and configured to not try to grow moss on pavement.

    • Mama
      Mama 6 개월 전

      Not to mention that desalination is quite energy hungry which doesn't much help the other environment related issues ! Before resorting to using other resources at a great cost, acting to keep what we already have is the key. Unfortunately it also goes against the oh so human instinct of "Not enough? I'll go find some more"...Which is why mindsets are, as always, the first thing we need to change if we want lasting effects in the right direction.

  • Amie Taylor
    Amie Taylor 년 전 +31

    When I was younger living in southern California even as a little girl I felt the dire situation we were in. I remember I would constantly say "why are they building new homes? Where will they get water for their showers? How does this make any sense?" I used to NEVER pour out the last bit of icky water that had been sitting in my cup and collecting dust. I would give it to a plant or animal.

    • Julia
      Julia 10 개월 전

      There's a cup standing next to my computer with a self-made (ugly ... okay, differently beautiful) lid on it. It's for keeping tea / coffee warm longer, but I guess it keeps dust and flies out, too. Leftover water is probably 50% of what the potted plants in my parents home live on; they haven't complained so far.

  • J S
    J S 년 전 +69

    "All faiths....or one of the many wrong ones!" As a Utah resident, this was an amazingly accurate and insightful set of comments by Oliver.

  • Elizabeth McKinley
    Elizabeth McKinley 년 전 +45

    Thank you for covering this issue, John. For most Americans the drought is a fleeting concern. For those of us who live in Colorado & surrounding states, it's a catastrophe we see in the making every day. Between fires and lack of water, the nation is losing critical resources. It infuriates me to see Lake Powell so low, yet golf courses in Page AZ, St George UT, and Las Vegas are everywhere with sprinklers on twice a day. Water is running below acceptable levels in the Colorado River in spite of a good snowfall this past winter. Fortunately the San Luis Valley (the Rio Grande), and rivers in southwest corner of Colorado (feeders to the Colorado) are running high thanks to rainfall. But it's literally a drop in the bucket.

    • Jack Valior
      Jack Valior 년 전 +3

      15:54 Idk, according to John, Vegas seems to be doing things alright? I'm a foreigner so no clues about the US. But if those sprinkler show are just recycled salt water, it doesnt seem half bad.

    • Elizabeth McKinley
      Elizabeth McKinley 년 전 +1

      @Jack Valior Vegas has implemented some good regulations, but there's work yet to be done.

    • Phaedra Page
      Phaedra Page 3 일 전

      ​@Jack ValiorThe water used in that fountain is too salty to water the grass on golf courses. It would kill the grass.

    • Jack Valior
      Jack Valior 3 일 전

      @Phaedra Page oh, I dont mean using it to water grasses, Im saying since it was just recycled saltwater, you can use it for recreation purposes like for fountain, etc.

  • theluggage
    theluggage 10 개월 전 +8

    There should be a spin-off series giving updates on each of these fantastic stories!

  • Adam Porter
    Adam Porter 년 전 +6777

    As someone who lives in Utah, John going on about the state and our governor was completely earned. Our state's leaders rarely do anything that makes sense or actually helps.

    • JeepZ
      JeepZ 년 전 +61

      Sad fax

    • Matt G
      Matt G 년 전 +236

      Who would have guessed that a state founded, and still extensively occupied by Mormons would be that way? s/
      Seriously, good luck to you 😞

    • SinHurr
      SinHurr 년 전 +59

      +Infinite Sins

    • Bpprnbwclt
      Bpprnbwclt 년 전 +137

      If you care about water rights, especially with the news of the salt lake drying and potentially blowing poisonous minerals like arsenic into the city. Definitely reach out to whoever managers your water district.
      Ask them what they’re doing to conserve water and how they are planning to promote water conservation.
      Get involved in your community politics

    • lindzann
      lindzann 년 전 +184

      Same. John could do a whole show about how the church claims to stay out of politics, but doesn't 🤦‍♀️

  • Priscila
    Priscila 년 전 +57

    I live in Monterrey, Mexico and the four dams that surround the city are in a crucial state. The state government started initiated water cuts in residential areas, and we only have water from 4am-10am. The craiglist guy isn’t a far reality, unfortunately. Everyone has began installing water tanks in their homes, and we have began to see a decrease in usage. I’m really glad that I’m beginning to see more reports on this because you don’t start appreciating water until you start collecting water in a tank for your daily shower :(

  • That NickGuy
    That NickGuy 년 전 +30

    Wow. Whenever I heard about water shortages and droughts, I was under the impression it was resulting from climate change. But from the sounds of it in this video, a lot of it (perhaps not all) is due to infrastructure and water usage issues.

  • Outrun the Wind
    Outrun the Wind 년 전 +2

    So I was just listening to an NPR piece yesterday about how some parts of Arizona aren't worried because they've been pumping their surplus allocation into the ground to create artificial groundwater reservoirs. This was an incredibly smart thing to do of course, however at one point it came out that they estimated that they had a 5 year supply stored away and I was like, "Um, you guys realize that we're in the midst of a 20-odd year megadrought, right? You think 5 years is enough? Are you sure you don't need to be worried?"

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown 년 전 +6

    I work for a utility company in the Southwest and I can tell a HUGE problem that is not being talked about. The expansion of the urban areas that outstrip the available resources has created a market where thousands of people are buying homes they can't afford and once they move in, can't afford the utility cost, especially the water costs. This is resulting in many of those same thousands selling their homes at a loss and greedy real-estate companies snapping up thousands of home that they flip and resell and the cycle repeats. Every day I see people who can't afford to live in the homes they bought. Real estate companies are buying homes to turn them into rental properties but the renters can't afford the costs either. I can't begin to tell you how many landlords I've spoken to that call in to stop services at renters homes because they can't afford to pay for it. I see a huge bubble forming in the housing market that is going to implode dangerously and a lot of people are going to lose their homes just because the landlords can't afford to pay the mortgage.

  • Psykolord1989
    Psykolord1989 10 개월 전 +76

    I feel like the existence of a surf lagoon in the middle of the desert may be the single largest middle finger mankind has ever given to nature. Which *sounds* cool until you remember Nature doesn't have a sense of humor about that sort of thing.

    • Psykolord1989
      Psykolord1989 9 개월 전 +11

      @TyroRng "The planet is fine! The *people* are fucked!" - George Carlin

    • elihan9
      elihan9 8 개월 전

      It is why I don't feel sorry for those idiots, the ones building the parks, living in the desert.

    • Kece89
      Kece89 8 개월 전 +1

      It gets more genius when you think about the thought process behind it.
      Talking about California. A state with almost a thousand miles of coastline near the biggest goddamn ocean of this world. Now, where should we build our fancy waterpark?
      How about in the FUCKING DESERT!?
      USING FRESH WATER (because of course)

  • Madeline LaMee
    Madeline LaMee 년 전 +1258

    Hey Coloradan here! I did a water usage project in like the 4th grade (probably 14 years ago) and discovered a lot of of content John just presented on - including that Colorado snowmelt is the sole watershed for like 7 states and 4-5 territories of Mexico and that we allocate way more than we actually have. Even an 11 year old saw the writing on the wall that the western states were in massive trouble - I was traumatized and avoided taking baths for years and begged my parents to get rid of the lawn! I could never figure out why my teachers weren’t as surprised or alarmed as I was. Just sayin, If an elementary school student understands that the only way to solve this problem is to actually reduce water usage along the watershed, so should our elected officials!!

    • Paula E
      Paula E 년 전 +43

      It all seems hopeless, as an individual, doesn't it? How can we each make any meaningful change, when we are powerless for the real consequential change that is needed? Even John Oliver is screaming into an empty room. SMDH. :(

    • lae krits
      lae krits 년 전 +11

      I hope you work for an advocacy group (o:

    • nathan pennington
      nathan pennington 년 전 +65

      11 year olds aren’t being paid off by lobbyists.

    • Rita Marie Kelley
      Rita Marie Kelley 년 전 +27

      Your research and consequent knowledge made you a visionary and visionaries get ignored. Good on you!!

    • TheKingOfFailure
      TheKingOfFailure 년 전 +30

      @Paula E yeah fam if only we could, idk, change the SYSTEM that prioritizes infinite growth over the environment, instead of trying the impossible act of fixing this with individual consumer life choices. Turning the water off while you brush your teeth is like pissing in the ocean. No measurable effect.

  • Maveric
    Maveric 년 전 +12

    The only thing this segment missed out on was a chance to talk about how people would be fined or arrested for just collecting rain water and converting it to drinking water.

  • Ron Willemsen
    Ron Willemsen 년 전 +9

    Thank you John for expressing some "uncommon sense", as apperntly the American version of common sense is considered stupidity in the rest of the world... IF THERE CAN BE NO RESOLUTION THERE MUST BE REVOLUTION

  • Weyoun Six
    Weyoun Six 년 전 +4

    The fact that Vegas can have huge water shows and still be beneficial on their water supply should really be a wakeup call that we can actively do something to help the situation if we really tried, without having to lose all of the luxuries we once had. Sure some things have to go and change, but if we actively make these changes there are many things we can keep that we wont be able to if we dont act fast.

    • Bolton Peck
      Bolton Peck 년 전 +1

      How many more fucking golf courses do we need?!?!

    • Weyoun Six
      Weyoun Six 년 전 +1

      @Bolton Peck noneee

  • Yanina Aldao Galvan

    Thank you for bringing this issue up to the mainstream media. The water wars have been going on forever, and it is about time someone shines a light on it. Thank you, John!

  • Susie Laane
    Susie Laane 년 전 +22

    I would love an episode on meat consumption, as it seems relevant to climate change, water conservation, and pathogen risk. It's also an area where the status quo of how people eat, still holds strong in a lot of people's minds. But if we were opened alteration society actually could pressure corporations into demonstrating that they are operating more sustainably, and shifting to making sustainable options more accessible

  • Brianna
    Brianna 년 전 +1140

    I live in Tucson, Arizona and my entire life we learned about water conservation. We even had people come to our school to teach us how we can conserve water because we are always in a drought. Our landscaping is just rocks and cactus. But just 2 hours north in Phoenix every house has lawns, all the neighborhoods have lakes and it just makes me feel sick. I grew up knowing when the best time to water plants is so the water doesn't evaporate and then I see people who are acting like we dont only get 9 inches of rain each year. This is such a serious problem and it feels like no one is taking it seriously.

    • Growing Weed IS For Dummies
      Growing Weed IS For Dummies 년 전 +35

      ive had atleast 6 new water wells put into a residential area of 5000 people. my family has lived on this land for 40 years. and all these ppl move here, put a well on their land, and steal our water. atleast thats how it feels. i know its not my water, its earths water, but damn that dibs thing ya know! were here first!

    • Jordan Stuteville
      Jordan Stuteville 년 전 +22

      Yeah, 85710 zip code resident here. When I first came to Tucson people would be partying in the washes because all the water was incredible. Now, you can't see anyone but the homeless in them.

    • Ms Temptation
      Ms Temptation 년 전 +47

      Unfortunately people are just bloody selfish.
      They have to be knocked into reality only when the shit really hits the fan.
      Unfortunately you can’t just get rid of stupid people.
      You just have to wait for them to get a fucking clue.

    • adn6691
      adn6691 년 전 +47

      I was in PHX last year and I absolutely thought it was a wonderful city. It turned my disdain for the desert into admiration.
      But once I saw the lawns, heard about the golf courses, saw how water mister systems are used absolutely everywhere, and how there are massive vineyards in THE GODDAMN DESERT there, I was filled with anger.
      How short-sighted can people be to literally piss away water like this IN THE DESERT?!

    • Ben Carey
      Ben Carey 년 전 +48

      The rich people school made sure the poor people school conserve water so the rich people have all the water.

  • Erin Martin
    Erin Martin 년 전 +2

    I live in Colorado, and this past 6 months they've started construction of THREE new car washes within 2 miles of my house. We already have a ton scattered around town, so there's not a demand. It's insane, irresponsible, and I'm pissed. My own neighborhood's HOA uses so much water there's practically a river in the gutter every other day. I don't even know what I can do to help at this point :(

  • Stephen Clemence
    Stephen Clemence 년 전 +2

    In Australia we brought in restrictions and built a desalination plant. The Desal plant has not been switched on yet....but we will be glad when the next drought happens, and so will anybody who remembers the last one

  • Greg Gould
    Greg Gould 년 전 +2

    I've read that Saudi Arabia has numerous desalination plants, removing the salt from ocean water. The states that border the ocean should be investing in that technology. However, that would mostly be California and perhaps Oregon. Unless Arizona wants to build the desalination plant in the gulf of California and pipe it across part of Mexico, good luck with that. Texas could do the same thing, they are on the gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean. Texas is rather dry lately also, so I've heard.

  • Jeffrey Carman
    Jeffrey Carman 년 전 +4

    One of the most absurd things being contemplated in Utah is piping water from the Pacific Ocean to the Great Salt Lake (which is about half the surface area in the last few decades).

  • Gwynbleidd
    Gwynbleidd 11 개월 전 +5

    We need a part 2 to this now that it’s been a few months.

  • Always Bolt the Bird
    Always Bolt the Bird 년 전 +885

    I lived in Vegas when they started the “No lawns” and I was surprised how little people argued against it. I’m not saying some people weren’t upset but surprisingly it was pretty much a “that makes sense” moment. Also they were going around and offering to “buy” peoples lawns and replace them with decorative gravel. I took them up on that offer. Saved a ton of money on no longer caring for a lawn

    • Benjamin Sorensen
      Benjamin Sorensen 년 전 +20

      I wish Provo would implement this; I'd take them up on it in a heartbeat.

    • Richard Navrátil
      Richard Navrátil 년 전 +36

      As someone on 5 grassy/pasture acres in Ohio, that actually sounds pretty good, because lawn care takes a lot of time. And by lawn care I mean just purely mowing. We don't fertilize or water it, we are on a well so we also try to conserve water.

    • Praise The Sun
      Praise The Sun 년 전 +64

      Lawns suck and are a literal propaganda commercial from the 50's. Since lawns are similar to the BS estates found in Europe.

    • Always Bolt the Bird
      Always Bolt the Bird 년 전 +12

      @Richard Navrátil oh yeah I did the bare minimum to not get fined and it was still a pain haha

    • the_cosmic_alexolotl
      the_cosmic_alexolotl 년 전 +20

      I live in MICHIGAN and don’t want a fucking lawn lol

  • JoshStobart
    JoshStobart 년 전 +1

    I need to add here that the problem doesn't end at reduced water usage. Rain is dependent on many things and one of the most important ones missing in this video is forests.
    Forests cool warm rain by providing multiple impact areas for water droplets. Each leaf a droplet hits cools down the water significantly. By the time the water reaches the ground, it is cool enough to sleep into the ground more easily, rather than running off or evaporating. This is because H2O molecules are denser when cold and further apart when warm. Denser particles of water can slip through smaller gaps in the soil than if it were warm, allowing more to remain in the area where it fell.
    There is also a huge mulch layer in forests that provides a surface area large enough to hold water from even the most intense downpours.
    The water then remains in the forest until there is a significant difference between the temperature inside and outside of the forest. At this point huge amounts of water evaporate into the air and form clouds that carry water further inland. The fewer forests you have, the less chance that rain from the coastal regions makes it inland to where the water is most needed.
    Forests are sponges and serve a vital function in the weather system. We are currently deforesting the world in a time of great water usage and heat. It's easy to see why there's a problem here.
    Also I should add that plantations do not perform the same function as a dense forest. Neither does other green space. Forests alone are where the magic happens and we need to replant huge areas as soon as possible if we want to even come close to fixing the water issue.

  • Cassie Osborne
    Cassie Osborne 년 전 +5

    I wish you would do one show on the wildfires and the fact that fires in smaller areas go ignored. And some of them are bigger then those that get shown in the news.

  • Britta Johnson
    Britta Johnson 4 개월 전 +1

    In case you were wondering who was keeping drought records in the southwest during 800 AD, it was the trees 🌳

  • Ray Spencer
    Ray Spencer 년 전 +12

    It would make a hell of a lot more sense to build a pipeline network from the Southeast, where we are getting more rain due to Global Warming, than that dumb-ass Keystone Pipeline to facilitate shipping oil off shore.

  • Tsvetelin
    Tsvetelin 년 전 +2

    Another great episode!!! We need a show like this for every country or at least continent!!!

  • Chris B
    Chris B 년 전 +349

    “Nobody wants to be the one having to deliver bad news… so I guess I’ll just do it” was probably the pitch for this show to HBO

  • Molly J
    Molly J 3 개월 전

    Something that John didn't mention here but is very much worth noting is the value of switching from turf grass lawn and exotic ornamental plants to native xeric landscaping, which naturally uses very little water while creating wildlife and pollinator habitat. An outcome we need to avoid from water scarcity is people deciding not to have any plants and whole cities just getting hardscaped with concrete and asphalt.

  • Emily Joann
    Emily Joann 9 개월 전 +2

    I live here in Utah and one of the largest consumers of water in Salt Lake is the University of Utah. They have so many lawns where they should just have rocks or something else

  • vivi_t3ch
    vivi_t3ch 4 개월 전

    I loved that John had put in the insane idea for a pipeline from the Mississippi River to the Colorado River. I am surprised though that he didn't point out one of the biggest arguments against it: why should the midwest pay for the mismanagement of the southwest's water?

  • Kambrie Stratton
    Kambrie Stratton 년 전 +5

    I live in St. George, Utah and he’s 10000% right here. So many people moving here and it’s also becoming a retirement/vacationing town so quickly. So many new plans to build luxury spas, more golf courses, etc.
    Residents here are also obsessed with having perfect lawns and perfect grass for some odd reason. So much wasted water.

  • Minix G4
    Minix G4 년 전 +3

    Thousands… if not millions. You guys are the best, the funniest, the most well researched team of all. Again. Of all. Thank you.

  • Michelle Fernung
    Michelle Fernung 년 전 +736

    My mom is a geologist and likes to play with water when she’s not playing with rocks. She was in Israel a few years ago and was seated next to a man in charge of the public water systems in Tel Aviv. He was speaking to her of the expansion that was being planned for that area and Mom asked him “where will the water come from?”. He told her that there was plenty of water. She told him that no, she had seen there was not, that the River Jorden was very low. That is when he replied that God would provide, stood up and walked away. Another one bites (mom’s) dust..lol…

    • mieliav
      mieliav 년 전 +67

      actually israel does a ton of desalinization. 'god will provide' might've been his idea of a joke.

    • James Clay
      James Clay 년 전 +1

      @mieliav yes

    • Joshna
      Joshna 년 전 +40

      🇵🇸 palestina *

  • MamboNo5
    MamboNo5 년 전 +3

    When we have droughts in Alabama most municipalities immediately put restrictions on any non essential usage, and this is a temperate climate. We’re full of rivers and lakes, and even if they run low, we aren’t in danger of literally becoming a withered husk. I have actually in my ADD mind spent significant time worrying about people out west and their water. Which really impacts me in no way except that I mean…humans deserve water for themselves and to grow food/raise food, at the least. Lawns and recreation have alternatives.
    And of course we screwed the people already here. That’s our brand. A white person “found” this continent and ever since the prior residents have been treated like…I mean is there an accurate way to describe it that isn’t too graphic for a KRclip comment?

  • Ovni
    Ovni 5 개월 전 +1

    The risks of using too much ground water should already be clear from the historical record. Centuries ago, there was a city in the Arabian Desert which was a major trading post. They got their water from an oasis, and when that dried up, they switched to groundwater. One day, the city just vanished in a huge calamity. After that, the survivors scattered and the city was only remembered in legend.
    We found that city again, in the 1990s, at the bottom of a giant sinkhole that had opened up and swallowed 90% of the fortified city center. They had used so much groundwater they had hollowed out the land underneath the city and it eventually just caved in.

  • Jarod 1999
    Jarod 1999 년 전 +3

    Thank you HBO for putting all this on KRclip

  • Jeremy Walker
    Jeremy Walker 5 개월 전

    I live in Chicago and today (May 1st) it was roughly -2°C (factoring in wind chill) with a wintery mix coming down all day. But I live right next to 20% of the fresh water on the entire planet. And THAT is why we live here. Our ancestors decided it was probably a bad idea to live in a desert. Good luck SoCal, Arizona and Nevada!

  • Djé
    Djé 년 전 +4

    People really need to be more acquainted with the work of Geoff Lawton and his team on the Greening the Desert project, plus the general work of Bill Mollison or Sepp Holzer. The solutions to retaining water are known.
    This message is for landowners and real estate developers and perhaps government officials with authority: please develop your land according to its topography. You can easily build water retention basins (ponds, lakes) along the contour lines or your property/land. Plant appropriate vegetation (pioneer plants amongst others, fruit trees) around the basins so that the roots solidify the soil and make the feature more permanent.
    With time, enough rain and water will accumulate and you will have water features on your property/land. You can build roads, houses in the remaining areas. Integrate grey water systems, solar or geothermal power, make your development more resilient. It will be more expansive upfront but will save money in the long run. Use good quality materials that will require less repairs down the line.
    Profit can be made in harmony with nature, developing real estate doesnt have to be destructive. People want these alternatives.

  • Rabbles the Binx Productions

    Not just a surfing lagoon in the California desert, it's a surfing lagoon in the desert for people who 100% could afford both the time and cost of just going to the goddamned beach, which is literally less than 90 minutes away!

    • Mountain Bike Addict
      Mountain Bike Addict 년 전 +31


    • thoughtlesskills
      thoughtlesskills 년 전 +105

      @Mountain Bike Addict so someone using the word correctly f*cks you up?

    • Adamant Forge
      Adamant Forge 년 전 +85

      Eww, but the poors are there. You simply do not get the struggle of the affluent rich. It's not done to allow the commoners to struggle, they need to know how fortunate they are for our crumbs.

  • Les aventures de Jayman

    I live in Quebec, Canada. And people here keep telling me how great it is to have such good diplomatic relations with the US.
    And I keep reminding them that you guys will eventually run out of water, that we are the closest (and biggest) source of fresh water around, and that our army is basically children dressed in green-ish clothing with pea-shooters.
    So yeah, I'll enjoy the last couple of peace that we have on this continent!
    And the 2 or 3 rainstorms we have each week right now.

    • A Boi
      A Boi 년 전 +6

      The average Canadian soldier is on average better trained, better disciplined, and better equipped then the average American soldier. Sure the Americans would win a war easily based on pure numbers(soldiers/spending) but don’t denigrate the Canadian army if you objectively wrong.

    • i hate double reed instruments
      i hate double reed instruments 년 전 +3

      Hi fellow Canadian

    • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
      Chris Pirillo Is Eboola 년 전

      what are you coping about?

    • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola
      Chris Pirillo Is Eboola 년 전 +1

      @A Boi source: trust me bro

    • Zak K
      Zak K 년 전 +3

      Dude... don't provoke them. They aren't supposed to know how easy it would be!!!

  • Toni Glick
    Toni Glick 년 전

    As a onetime Arizona resident it is unbelievable to me that things haven't changed. All these problems were ocurring over 20 years ago. I'm glad a government agency is going to force those idiots to conserve water. Also, people and companies who conserve should be rewarded, not penalized.

  • Renata Cantore
    Renata Cantore 년 전 +4

    Why are these horrendous examples of water mismanagement not being addressed?

  • r@munya
    r@munya 년 전 +2

    Thank you for talking about the water crisis.

  • Janne Aalto
    Janne Aalto 년 전

    A Mississippi-Arizona waterworks project would be interesting. If for no other reason than seeing someone build the aqueduct tunnels and pumping stations to get the water through and over the Rockies and up two kilometers from the plain to the plateau.

  • chris mikkin
    chris mikkin 년 전 +957

    I love this show it’s eternally depressing but they’re real topics and he’s funny about such sad serious things

    • Para Noah
      Para Noah 년 전 +24

      We are at a point where we would rather be depressed with reality than live in happy delusions 😕

    • WAsh'd Out
      WAsh'd Out 년 전 +6

      @Para Noah Fuckin hell....I hope that is original thought because you could make bank off it...imagine "Live, Laugh, Love!" but for the apocalypses.

    • Michelle Fernung
      Michelle Fernung 년 전 +5

      @WAsh'd Out excellent! You and @Para Noah come up with them and I will paint or burn the wood…then maybe we can buy some water…lol…

    • Imran kahn
      Imran kahn 년 전 +2

      Perfect description!.

    • Brit S
      Brit S 년 전

      Rain water collection can be illegal but isn't really enforcemed

  • Andrej D
    Andrej D 년 전 +115

    This situation is called "The Tragedy of the Commons", where multiple agents use a common resource. The usage benefit is private (I use water for my own benefit), but the consequences and accountability for eventual scarcity are not. I've just finished reading "Thinking in Systems" by Donella Meadows, and it's a must-read for anyone who thinks that mass prayers are not the way out of a bad situation.

    • Paula E
      Paula E 년 전 +11

      Pray all one wants, but if no one actually does something then it is for naught.

    • Seth DiMartile
      Seth DiMartile 년 전 +30

      Except that's not really what's happening here. The so-called Tragedy of the Commons is a fairly controversial theory historically used to justify enclosure, and many people have noted that this behavior only happens when people are incentivized to use more of a resource than they need. People used common lands for centuries without issue until the shift from growing crops primarily to feed your community to growing crops mainly for profit led to overutilization of farmland, and then people (who stood to benefit from privatization) blamed "the commons" and not "the profit motive".

    • hedgehog3180
      hedgehog3180 년 전 +10

      @Seth DiMartile Yeah that's why it's been renamed "The Tragedy of Unmanaged Resources".

    • Andrej D
      Andrej D 년 전 +5

      @oh k ??? You may have missed the "not" in "not the way out" in my comment. Donella's book is about critical thinking, not the opposite.

    • oh k
      oh k 년 전 +3

      @Andrej D whoops. My bad.

  • Pestem Medico
    Pestem Medico 년 전

    Let's not forget that Michael Burry, the investor who was genius in shorting the collapse of the housing market in 2008, feels that water is the next big commodity.

  • Marley
    Marley 년 전 +1

    #JohnOliver is a god among men.
    Thanks John.... Never stop doing what you are doing

  • Juts
    Juts 11 개월 전

    It would be nice to also watch a video about places which encounter a lot of flooding and rain yet still have a problem with water shortage

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts 2 개월 전

    I hope the record snowfall in the mountains this past winter has helped this dire situation.

  • Kyle Ritty
    Kyle Ritty 년 전 +602

    Politicians could literally be told that what they’re doing would cause the earth to explode and they’d still complain about “their right to do what they want” and “their standard of living”

    • Prinny Hayate
      Prinny Hayate 년 전 +28

      Best to just put them down lmao

    • michalis75
      michalis75 년 전 +57

      As well as their voters. Covid showed everyone how selfish people actually can be.

    • Fabian
      Fabian 년 전 +13

      Isn't that the literal plot of Superman's backstory?
      And yes, I thick you are right.
      Edit: grammar

    • VitaeLibra
      VitaeLibra 년 전

      @UCc5GFr2_Ga7_kJjo2OHe46A damn I wanna click this but it sounds yoo much like a bait. Either the meme bait or a hacker thingy

    • Tom Graves
      Tom Graves 년 전 +2

      But if it does not explode at least they got some money and really awesome wealthcare,..... I mean Healthcare 🙄

  • Janel Jolly
    Janel Jolly 년 전 +15

    May we please get a show on Tipping? I feel like with the economy influx, I'm noticing more and more places forcing tipping into everyday purchases. Its hard to tell how much to tip, when to not tip, and how we can help employers maybe offer better pay (if that is what its compensating for in some cases).

    • Julia
      Julia 9 개월 전 +3

      Sounds like a classic Last Week Tonight subject: fairly simple on the surface, you think you have a pretty good idea what's going on, and then that rug gets pulled out from under you.
      I love in Germany where tipping is pretty much only for restaurants. I don't eat out very much, but I'm careful to tip in situations where I have my doubts that the employees get a livable wage, e.g. in a nail studio.
      And hearing that more and more places are "forcing tipping" makes me very, very weary. How exactly is "forced tipping" different from "raised prices" in effect?
      Doesn't help that I heard of stuff like 20% of the price being for "service" - meaning: the staff - but only 12 % actually end up with the staff.
      Sounds like a form of wage theft - another subject that really, really needs a LWT episode.

  • Eric Kamakeeaina
    Eric Kamakeeaina 년 전 +4

    The scene of God roasting people was one of the best parts of the show IMO

  • AnarQ
    AnarQ 년 전

    As someone who grew up with private source spring water it seems very evident to me how ground water and river water are linked.

  • Coleman Likes
    Coleman Likes 년 전 +1

    I live in St. George and he's absolutely right that we waste water without a second thought because there are no conservation laws and water is so cheap (but it did rise a few cents per gallon this year).

  • Crystal Grundhoffer

    I live in Vegas, and it drives me NUTS that the SNWD person didn't think to talk about what is the only acceptable answer to, "Isn't irresponsible to let more people move here?" Oliver brings it up: while the population of the valley has increased, our water usage has gone down. Not just per capita, but overall. Luckily for us, we sit upriver of Lake Mead, so when water stops flowing over the dam, to the users of most of the water, we'll be fine.

  • steve powell
    steve powell 년 전 +433

    My geology professor in college was from Alabama. He started the first class by saying in a heavy southern drawl, "that's right, I am that rarest of birds, a redneck with a PhD". One subject John didn't cover in this was contamination of groundwater by human waste, a subject my prof went into at length. I remember the whole lesson years later, possibly because one of the funniest phrases to hear in a Southern accent is "poo water".

    • Bonnie Jo Savland
      Bonnie Jo Savland 년 전 +24

      Tucson uses grey water for parks & to recharge ponds & dry rivers!

    • Benjamin Lambert
      Benjamin Lambert 년 전 +37

      That professor sounds like a fucking genius. Props to him for speaking up where people don't want to hear the truth.

    • CoCo Butter
      CoCo Butter 년 전 +47

      Thanks. I had to record myself saying "poo water" so I could play it back to myself to hear how goofy it sounds. No matter how bad your Alabama accent is, you don't think you have one until other people mention it or worse-- you accidentally hear a recording of yourself and realize you sound like sentient cornbread.

    • steve powell
      steve powell 년 전 +15

      @Benjamin Lambert he was a great professor. I went back to school in my 40s. When I was young, I had gone to a State school. I switched to Wittenberg, a small liberal arts college when I went back. The quality of the professors wasn't even slightly comparable. I had a total of 2 good professors at Wright State, and only 1 who wasn't good at Wittenberg. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

    • Daniel Daniels
      Daniel Daniels 년 전 +5

      poo water is what is used to water most golf courses in Arizona.

  • Electric Sheep
    Electric Sheep 년 전

    John, you're doing an excellent job of informing the public...
    Unfortunately, you're living in the US, so nothing is going to be done.
    In fact, politicians will do everything in their power to make it worse.
    To be fair, the American people won't help much either.

  • Sami Scebba
    Sami Scebba 년 전 +22

    Gov: spends millions on a computer simulation to allocate water.
    ..."add magic water. Do it."
    Also his Bjork impression..👌

  • Mae Anne Ngo
    Mae Anne Ngo 년 전

    The broken water cycle should be taught in schools. I cannot count how many adults have insisted that potable water supply is unlimited because rain happens.

  • Ian Walker
    Ian Walker 년 전

    Got to say it's always amusing to watch people actually face the consequences of bad decisions and inaction on their own part.

  • SuccessfulFailure
    SuccessfulFailure 7 개월 전

    As a citizen of Ventura county, I’m so proud of our ingenuity and passion for solving drought conditions

  • Aremna
    Aremna 년 전 +511

    Poor part of Utah: Well yes, we're in drought, so we won't be turning on your ground water this summer
    Rich part (southern): Why yes, you can build another golf course in the middle of the desert next to your brand new pool and unaffordable houses!
    It blows my mind to see all these rich people getting a pass to do whatever they want and everyone else gets blamed for it. Imagine if they actually faced consequences *gasp.*

    • Alblaka
      Alblaka 년 전 +36

      I mean, they're rich, so obviously they are virtuous people blessed by god, and therefore have the right to preferential treatment! It's not like you're born rich or poor.

    • Krazie Ivan
      Krazie Ivan 년 전 +38

      Yeah, I saw a report in St George where the realtor defended using so much water with 'you can't expect OUR children to play on anything but natural grass!', like inner-city kids have done for generations. Reeked of utterly self-absorbed privilege & ignorance.

    • Rando McDude
      Rando McDude 년 전 +13

      It would really be a shame if something happened to those nice golf courses... You know accidents happen all the time. People spill herbacide all the time.... It's so dry one little spark in the brush around town and....well you know poof there goes the golf course. Be a real shame it would. You really gotta be careful how you build in Minecraft. /Sarcasm.
      Op gives off some serious Big Vinny at the bodega energy.

    • Funzies
      Funzies 년 전

      you're just now figuring out that if you have enough money that rules don't apply to you? Not very smart are you?

  • Jackson Gould
    Jackson Gould 년 전 +1

    If anyone wants to learn more about water in the western US, I'd suggest reading Cadillac Desert by Marc Reisner. Somewhat old but still gives a great foundation

  • Lee Kestner
    Lee Kestner 년 전

    Air conditioners pull water out of the air. The huge systems that run the hotels produce lots of it. There needs to be a capture and reuse of this water.

  • Diana Nuttman
    Diana Nuttman 년 전

    The bridge they showed that was facing subsidence issues has been replaced and actually won an engineering award last year. It's just one of many that are sinking with the subsidence of the San Joaquin Valley due to groundwater pumping. It's going to take a lot of money to fix everything, but IMO it won't happen fast enough.

  • aquaillusiongirl
    aquaillusiongirl 년 전 +10

    Western states need to learn from the island of Bermuda. Paint your roof white with special lime paint and collect your own rain water in your basement! Fault Lines on AJ. Loved that show! It covered so many issues that MSM doesn't cover. Thanks John for keep using their clips!

  • DaKrawnik420
    DaKrawnik420 년 전 +8

    Letting rich strangers dictate how we live never gets old, does it guys?

    • Camren Mugabe
      Camren Mugabe 년 전

      Nope. I wish it did.

    • horace
      horace 년 전

      you remind me of Luis XV who is ascribed to say "after me, the flood" meaning he can live however he wants and it could not bother him less what happens after he is dead. Please check what happened to his family, it might be enlightening.

  • Mikayla Williams
    Mikayla Williams 년 전 +664

    As a indigenous woman, we have known about this problem for a long time. Even before Glen canyon dam was built. We warned the US government. We’re just ignoring the problem at hand. Like nothing is happening.
    Oliver hasn’t even talked about our aquifers that are not drinkable due to uranium mining on the Navajo reservation. As native people, we are not even in the talks about water. A few years ago John McCain tried to pass SB 2109 (Navajo-Hopi Little Colorado River Water Settlement) he came to Navajo trying to negotiate our water with the state of AZ. While the whole state has majority of the Colorado River. Navajo chased John McCain off of the Navajo reservation and his offer. We need water too!

    • Bonnie Jo Savland
      Bonnie Jo Savland 년 전 +38

      Wow I didn’t know that! On another note a huge thank you to the Navijo nation for turning AZ blue in the 2020 election!

    • Gabriele GHUT
      Gabriele GHUT 년 전 +21

      Isn't it insulting to your tribes that the european settlers still think they come first.

    • bubblesezblonde
      bubblesezblonde 년 전 +20

      I remember the Navaho vs McCain water 'fight' in fact. I also wondered about the state of indigenous water rights, but then figured that could be an entire segment as a stand-alone topic. Good points thanks.

  • Drew Lovelyhell
    Drew Lovelyhell 년 전 +4

    I'm never disappointed when Brian Cox shows up.. 🙏

  • Jza
    Jza 년 전 +6

    The Utah governor asking everyone to do a rain dance was just incredible

    • Dylan Tennant
      Dylan Tennant 년 전 +2

      Next thing you know, he’ll be telling people to go around and step on every spider they can see, because supposedly that causes rainfall.

  • Sunglass Dubsteps

    The fact that the person who prayed to God and the person who portrayed the god had the same last name was comedy gold.

  • Hugh Gray
    Hugh Gray 년 전

    I live in Arizona and it’s a well know fact, that we could completely run out of water within 5 years if the drought continues. Yet no one does anything.

  • Justin
    Justin 년 전 +1

    I just read in the news that the heatwave in Europe is so bad that the Rhine River is drying up and the river's bottleneck is at it's lowest level in 15 years.
    Also as a Fallout fan I can't help but think if the effect on the Colorado River continue how much that would decrease the value of the river, as well as Lake Mead and Hoover Dam, in the Fallout timeline and whether the NCR and Caesar's Legion would even fight each other for control of those places. But I guess of decades and centuries after the Great War would allow the Colorado and Lake Mead to fill back up with years of rain and melted snow with only a very small number of people using the river for water as people rebuild in the post war Fallout world.

  • MsAnpassad
    MsAnpassad 년 전 +206

    In my country, if a politician asked people to pray in order to solve a problem, the next seat that person would get, would be in a psychiatric ward.
    I'm so very grateful for living in a secular country.

    • projectphoniex
      projectphoniex 년 전 +14

      I wish we did too.

    • Dana Kanafina
      Dana Kanafina 년 전 +4

      Where are you from?

    • Denis Daly
      Denis Daly 년 전 +15

      @Dana Kanafina I am from Ireland, and we would react in the same way. Ireland is a country with plenty of water. And we still conserve it.

    • MsAnpassad
      MsAnpassad 년 전 +10

      @Dana Kanafina Sweden.

    • DynaDere
      DynaDere 년 전 +1

      I wish I did too

  • Alex Mourning
    Alex Mourning 3 개월 전 +1

    The more and more I learn about current events and how we've all screwed ourselves over for generations, the more I'm convinced America IS the Bad Place, or at least we are in some form of dystopian fiction that was passed over for The Hunger Games because of how poorly it was written.

  • André Becker
    André Becker 9 개월 전 +32

    The end is the funniest thing I've ever seen on LWT. Fantastic. I want a feature film with god! What a great performance

    • Jones
      Jones 9 개월 전 +2

      He is great. But for now the only thing you can do is watch "Succession". :P

  • Edward Kowalczyk
    Edward Kowalczyk 년 전 +3

    I hope very intelligent people are working on using desalted ocean water instead of the River. If it gets to the point we are drastically affecting the ocean, we just use too much. Let the river go back to what it was before we started to drain it.