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The Monarchy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • 게시일 2022. 11. 12.
  • John Oliver discusses the future of the British monarchy, what they have and have not acknowledged about their past, and how Winston Churchill preferred to go down waterslides.
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  • Hegel On His Head
    Hegel On His Head 10 개월 전 +14330

    John Oliver. The only Oliver who hates the monarchy more than Cromwell.

    • MonkeyJedi99
      MonkeyJedi99 10 개월 전 +259

      I understood that reference. Thanks, Monty Python!

    • Traci Amico
      Traci Amico 10 개월 전 +46


    • jai 10
      jai 10 10 개월 전 +41

      Armies assemble in the name of Lord protector

    • Courage Karnga
      Courage Karnga 10 개월 전 +28

      Now that was good!

  • Rick Valley
    Rick Valley 4 개월 전 +244

    I know an indigenous Canadian, my age, who, while we played disc golf, told me how whenever the Government boat came into the village's inlet he had to hide. He did this successfully, so he fully learned his people's language and did not disappear into an unmarked grave at a boarding school due to abuse. Now I hated school, but my god, there's plenty of stories about similar mistreatment of native children in the US, and we think we're good guys.

    • Carol Darlington-Boberg
      Carol Darlington-Boberg 3 개월 전 +4

      I wholeheartedly agree with you!! The Indian children were forced to enter these schools, leaving their families and their culture to learn English and the Catholic faith!! They were used as slaves, tortured, punished if they could not remember their lessons! These schools were a nightmare for all these children!!! This country is responsible for many atrocities against our American Indian brothers and sisters!!! And, today they are still being persecuted for being who they are!!!!! They were here first! This is their country!! We, the US, should begin paying them for our sins against a beautiful people!!

    • Gandalf Greyhame
      Gandalf Greyhame 개월 전

      The latest iteration of the Taylor Sheridan Cinematic Universe, "1923", depicts this part of American history in all its gory brutality. Several of Sheridan's other works also delve into how modern day American Indians continue to be ignored and repressed.

    • Travels with an Archaeologist
      Travels with an Archaeologist 개월 전 +2

      At least Canada has ended the schools. The USA still has anywhere from 4 to 72 of them still up and running (depending on the source)

    • Place-Holder
      Place-Holder 개월 전 +2

      @Travels with an Archaeologistwhat

  • Andrea Kinuthia
    Andrea Kinuthia 8 개월 전 +1435

    Thank you for covering the way the Kikuyu were treated by the British in retaliation to the Mau Mau rebellion. My husband's family suffered. Some were imprisoned, some were tortured. One was tortured so badly she could never have children.

    • lacountess
      lacountess 7 개월 전 +66

      That segment was hard to watch. It was mind blowing how many people they abused just because those people wanted their freedom. 😢

    • Miroslav Houdek
      Miroslav Houdek 6 개월 전 +40

      I'm very sorry that this had been done to your family. And even more so that the understanding of what colonialism was (and still is) is basically nonexistent among white people.

  • Henry Lee
    Henry Lee 7 개월 전 +260

    It was brilliant to see this. The amount of obsequious coverage of the royals, even in Ireland where I’m from, was nauseating. Especially given our history.

    • Frank Cutugno
      Frank Cutugno 4 개월 전 +3

      You can change Ireland to America and I'm right there with you! 😅

    • Wordzmyth
      Wordzmyth 4 개월 전 +1

      ​@Frank Cutugno And in NZ although it acknowledged that mostly people didn't care I think.

    • Klepto Man
      Klepto Man 4 개월 전 +1


  • TheTooginator
    TheTooginator 8 개월 전 +236

    I find the £500 million tourism figure VERY suspicious. Any decent accountant would take that figure and try to estimate what portion of it would be lost if there was no British monarchy. I suspect that MAYBE five percent of tourists visit Buckingham Palace BECAUSE of the monarchy. Oliver made an excellent point about Versailles, which I’ve visited despite the absence of a French King.

    • Tyler Godefroy
      Tyler Godefroy 4 개월 전 +7

      yeah, like charles is hanging out at the tower of london

    • Kurban Said
      Kurban Said 개월 전 +1

      I have seen the breakdown before: yeah, they are attributing all sorts of foreign tourism to the attractions of the monarchy. Like tourists would stop visiting if they were allowed to freely tour most of Buckingham Palace and other current homes of the royals? You know, like how no one wants to visit Versailles now.

    • Abi Macedo
      Abi Macedo 개월 전 +2

      It’s a long-standing argument that essentially has no basis. I actually believe income from tourism would go up if they got rid of the monarchy, hell I would probably visit Buckingham palace if we were allowed to go inside and I usually avoid that area like the plague.

  • Shelly Anatine
    Shelly Anatine 4 개월 전 +182

    As an Australian, I am 10000% behind you John ! I can't wait to get rid of that ridiculous family that has nothing to do with this Country.

    • molly cruz
      molly cruz 3 개월 전

      While we're at it; electing one man to run a country is idiotic for the same reasons. Congress has been" tits on a boar" as well. Turns out there's a perfect size for a smoothly run State; and we should save- in our case Washington-- for interfacing with the rest of the world. The states should run themselves, keep their income tax, set their goals and standards too. Washington gets ten percent of each state's haul, to keep the worthwhile organizations running. The states can compete and share what they learn in Washington instead of the present day Congress blathering away about conspiracies, a waste of oxygen. We're all waiting for Washington to solve the myriad problems about which they have no clue. Leaving the States to deal with them is creating a challenge they will all welcome.

    • amanda irvine
      amanda irvine 개월 전

  • humphrey spelling bee
    humphrey spelling bee 10 개월 전 +1735

    As someone who strongly believes that people who commit funny crimes deserve equally funny punishments, the case of egg man brought a tear to my eye

    • 🐻 Mr. Patrick
      🐻 Mr. Patrick 10 개월 전 +36

      If I were in the UK, I would buy him eggs and deliver them to his home so that he can have eggs for breakfast, but not break the conditions of bail.
      Also the idea of having a King Charles III, makes me glad that I live in China. 🇨🇳 The first two were horrible.
      Oh and if that guy comes here, I would offer to cook him an omelette, with all the fixings.

    • David Wolfish
      David Wolfish 10 개월 전 +44

      @🐻 Mr. Patrick China's not exactly a model society...

    • firemaster657
      firemaster657 10 개월 전 +13

      ​@David Wolfish they are also breaking the law by being on youtube as well, since its banned in china since 2012.

  • Scott Albers
    Scott Albers 8 개월 전 +1942

    I looked it up and was happy to see that this episode did indeed air on the Sky network in Great Britain. Congratulations John. You got one past their censors.

    • Freecat
      Freecat 8 개월 전 +95

      That was the reason why I scrolled through the comments. Thanks for sharing 👍

    • Scott Albers
      Scott Albers 8 개월 전 +60

      There was no way I was going to leave one of the greatest mysteries of life unsolved. You're welcome.

    • Pugachev's Kobra
      Pugachev's Kobra 7 개월 전 +6


    • Jupiter
      Jupiter 7 개월 전 +15

      That is great to hear!
      I wonder if it sparked any news/conversations after the airing. :)

    • R Youds
      R Youds 7 개월 전 +8

      They wouldn’t stop it tho, it’s free speech over here it could praise the queens death and they wouldn’t do anything

  • Matan Cohen
    Matan Cohen 8 개월 전 +715

    I worked for the government in Canada and had to recite the pledge to the Queen after my HR orientation. I was completely surprised by the requirement and was told it was a must to work there. When I asked if I had to do it they said your only option is you can choose to omit "so help me God" at the end... I was like, so I can remove God if I don't believe in God but can't omit the entire pledge if I think the monarchy is stupid.

    • Sig2423
      Sig2423 6 개월 전 +48

      Yes, me too, but another person hired at the same time refused. I think they ended up scraping the oath after some consultation with Ottawa.

    • Stoodmuffin Personal
      Stoodmuffin Personal 6 개월 전 +18

      Canadian here. I get what you mean.

    • Jeju Iju
      Jeju Iju 5 개월 전 +15

      Because the Queen was your head of state mate. That's why. ''i was so surprised i had to oath to my head of state in a state job''.

    • Paul Tomlinson
      Paul Tomlinson 5 개월 전 +12

      Well said, she was the Queen of Canada, maybe show some respect or don't work there

  • Cole Hartel
    Cole Hartel 7 개월 전 +1550

    Why is it that the people who think they should not be held responsible for what their ancestors did still seem to think they deserve to inherit what their ancestors stole?

    • Puggin'Good
      Puggin'Good 7 개월 전 +9


    • benozzy003
      benozzy003 7 개월 전 +22

      I don't think they should be punished for what great great great grate gran or gramp did thats kinda fucking stupid but maybe not abel to hold land bc of the fact they are already geting a place to live food security and travel paid by the British people.

    • Wendell Brewer
      Wendell Brewer 7 개월 전 +46

      @benozzy003 they need to be punished for it they still punishing everyone else for uprising against them

    • Cloudy Nine™
      Cloudy Nine™ 7 개월 전 +7

      That's a fallacy
      Which you probably learned from this show for the majority of your arguments

    • Victoria Serra
      Victoria Serra 7 개월 전 +25

      Yeah, sure. Let's include those who sold their own people to slavery.
      The elephant in the room.

  • Majic Man88
    Majic Man88 7 개월 전 +969

    My mom is 91 years old. She’s an Irish Catholic born in the north of Ireland. She’s been in Canada since 1957. She doesn’t have her citizenship cause she won’t pledge allegiance to the queen.

  • Ravenoustoxic
    Ravenoustoxic 5 개월 전 +88

    Let us all remember the wisdom that lizzie in the box emparted us before she passed away, " we should embrace modest materialism" while she was sitting on her golden throne.

  • Jenn Baker
    Jenn Baker 10 개월 전 +1633

    It's crazy seeing the historical topic, the Mau Mau uprising, which i've spent like five years studying, is actually on HBO. AND they use THE interview with Terrance Gavaghan, genuinely one of the most insane documentary interviews of all time. Massive props to the interviewer in that clip, John McGhie, the way he held this war criminal's feet to the fire calmly and methodically was absolutely pitch perfect journalism.

    • Hoabinh Nguyễn
      Hoabinh Nguyễn 10 개월 전 +161

      @Nicol Katanji Oh boy there is so much wrong with this post, ok firstly I think you missed the part that the oppression in Kenya didn't just affect the Mau Mau but the general people of Kenya. Most of them had nothing to do with the Mau Mau and were just put into the camps arbitrarily many were even kids. If you want a good book that really puts it into perspective I would recommend Dreams in the Time of War by Ngugi wa Thiong'o.
      Second, "Everyone else was doing it therefore it was ok" is a really shit take. If someone as far back as 500 BCE could figure out slavery was bad then the British Monarchy could have done it.
      Third, people are calling on both France and Spain to apologize for their colonial actions especially France who quite literally has a colonial tax on their former colonies to this day so.
      Fourth, it is funny how you choose to discuss the Aztecs but failed to mention people like the Haudenosaunee who had essentially a working democracy so there is a variety of other people besides the Aztecs who would have benefited if the Europeans had just fucked off and not colonized. So yeah I think things would have been better for the Indigenous people of South and North America if the Europeans hadn't colonized.
      Fifth, this entire rant about these other powers doesn't do much to show why we shouldn't call out Britain on its actions. We also call out japan on their actions and its lack of an apology as well.
      Lastly, "the peace we've all enjoyed the last few decades" what peace? This screams a western perspective. There may have been peace for Western Europe and the US, but what about the rest of the world huh? There have been dozens of wars all over the world because of the actions of the West, some which still rage today.

    • Jin Makome
      Jin Makome 10 개월 전 +26

      Every British soldier involved should spend the rest of their lives rotten in prison facing execution for their crimes.

    • FantasticBlueGirl
      FantasticBlueGirl 10 개월 전 +17

      There’s a great radiolab episode about it, and about the site where the British have all their documents on the events hidden.

  • Sarah Price
    Sarah Price 8 개월 전 +209

    I love that they fact check everything . It’s nice to be able to get interested in something without having to question if any of what you are learning is actually true.

    • Vihaan Menon
      Vihaan Menon 4 개월 전 +7

      I dont think "blind faith" is the lesson to take away from an incredible show, who's excellent fact checking should only inspire us to take the reins into our own hands.

    • Sarah Price
      Sarah Price 4 개월 전 +3

      @Vihaan Menon I was thinking more along the lines of the security of knowing that I am not willfully absorbing “fake news”, and how nice it is to hear an argument/statement based on facts that I can go look up and use myself if I consider it a worthy argument. Never blind faith. And that’s nice too, the show doesn’t expect you to take what they say on faith alone.

    • Bernt Marius Tromsdal
      Bernt Marius Tromsdal 4 개월 전 +2

      This show is classic cherry picking. John choses what to show and argues from that.

    • connor maher lemaître
      connor maher lemaître 4 개월 전 +2

      @Bernt Marius Tromsdal well he couldn't really discuss *every* facet of something could he, we'd be here a while

    • Llewelyn Williams
      Llewelyn Williams 4 개월 전

      @Bernt Marius Tromsdal I beg you to show me any of this that is cherry picked, or anything that goes against what John Oliver has said

  • KarmikCykle
    KarmikCykle 3 개월 전 +16

    The level of sarcasm and derision in Lidia Thorpe's delivery of the oath. Absolutely legendary.

  • Keith Lutman
    Keith Lutman 7 개월 전 +592

    I spent a gap year in England in the mid80s. I never saw the Queen or any of the Royal family. They were an insignificant part of my time there. If the monarchy were abolished tomorrow you’d still get the same amount of tourists, arguably more because we’d be able to take a tour inside Buckingham Palace, Balmoral Castle, etc, which you can’t do now.

    • Brandon Kime
      Brandon Kime 6 개월 전 +20

      Technically Balmoral is privately owned by the family, so there still wouldn’t be tours. But I understand your point.

    • Sidney victor
      Sidney victor 6 개월 전 +2

      its the only reason i wont go there! vey good point!!!

    • James Gallagher
      James Gallagher 6 개월 전 +18

      @Brandon Kime Aye, but giving it to the Scottish tourist board is the least they can bloody do

    • J W
      J W 6 개월 전 +4

      That's not true. Tourists only visit because the king lives there. These castles are already open to the public. This is the problem with the republican movement, none of your arguments make any sense.
      And besides, the British monarchy is such a fundamental institution to British culture. If it weren't for the monarchy, we would be just like the Americans or any other European nation.

  • flowergrannyjanet
    flowergrannyjanet 4 개월 전 +26

    Thank you for this brilliant program. I am a 78 year old, anti royalist and I remember the disgusting situation in Kenya and it was this that started me being politically aware. I hope to see the end of the system of royalty which would also negate the house of lords. These people have stolen from working people for hundreds of years.

  • VULTURES Music
    VULTURES Music 5 개월 전 +129

    Thank you for this John - as a Brit in favour of abolishing the monarchy Im glad there’s someone influential talking about it like this. The institution has done nothing for us and has actively oppressed many others, I’m glad this is being brought to light!

    • Shropshirelass
      Shropshirelass 4 개월 전 +2

      Let's celebrate the multi millionaire John O. Oxbridge educated and plastic Brummie. Working class, he is not.

    • Robert Thomson
      Robert Thomson 4 개월 전 +1

      Influential?? 😂😂😂😂

    • Adam Bowley
      Adam Bowley 4 개월 전 +2

      You need to do some research

    • Laurence Penfold
      Laurence Penfold 4 개월 전 +1

      I am curious to know what oppression you attribute to them that wouldn't have happened with a directly elected head of state? slavery? colonialism? Plenty of other counties managed it.

    • Llewelyn Williams
      Llewelyn Williams 4 개월 전 +1

      @Laurence Penfold the point is if they’re not responsible what their ancestors did, they shouldn’t inherit what their ancestors stole. They’re still profiting from the extents of their colonising.

    CSLDC 10 개월 전 +4605

    This episode did in fact air in full on the Sky network. Way to go, Mr. Oliver.

  • Ron B
    Ron B 4 개월 전 +49

    I'm an American, living in Las Vegas. I've frequently run into Londoners....the first question I ask them is: "what do you think of the Monarchy ?" Literally 100% of them give me the same stock answer: "because of the Monarchy, we make millions from tourism." I've been to London...I don't remember being invited into Buckingham Palace or any of the royal gardens. If the Monarchy ends, my guess is tourism will INCREASE. The mansions, palaces and gardens will still bring tourists...nothing will change.

    • brmbkl2015
      brmbkl2015 4 개월 전 +9

      and the palaces and gardens can be turned into institutions serving the public.

    • Bee L Z Beeb
      Bee L Z Beeb 3 개월 전 +3

      As a Brit, yes I’m in the minority like John, but we’re definitely here too.
      I’ve not been to Las Vegas though, wouldn’t want to go, maybe it’s certain types it attracts there. I’m guessing they go for the gambling and the shows. I’d rather not be somewhere that noisy and busy but I live in the back arse of nowhere, have sensory processing disorder and prefer the quiet and lack of people

  • surinder sarna
    surinder sarna 8 개월 전 +29

    Brilliant analysis by John Oliver. He is peeling off the dark and evil deeds layer by layer, which have been hidden for far too long!

  • OraTab
    OraTab 4 개월 전 +9

    Absolutely excellent piece John! As always, spot-on catalyzing the most interesting discussions to be had in modern society.

  • Tempest
    Tempest 8 개월 전 +205

    Although the crown is deeply unpopular with Māori in Aotearoa (New Zealand), we receive reparations thanks to our treaty- through which we have been given back a small fraction of the land promised to us by the crown. To sever all relationships to the crown would likely release them from any further responsibility to our peoples. We are trapped in an unhappy relationship with the crown until they fulfil their obligations- which doesn't seem to be happening any time soon

    • Tàirneanaich
      Tàirneanaich 6 개월 전 +29

      That’s such a galling position to be in, like having to stay with your abuser bc they’re withholding the flat’s bond, or they control your bank account. Absolutely disgusting

    • Zaneta
      Zaneta 6 개월 전 +21

      This is absolutely one of the main problems with abolishing the monarchy in Canada too. Most treaties w/ Indigenous peoples were signed with the Crown, not necessarily the government, and so to take the Crown away would just strip Indigenous peoples of what little they can hold against settlers to keep us responsible. I absolutely wish there was a way to get around these things but that's the whole fucking problem with institutional racism; it's near impossible to get rid of it without everything else collapsing too.

    • somewhereinbetween
      somewhereinbetween 4 개월 전

      :( tysm for posting this - i didn't know

    • Lara Palma
      Lara Palma 4 개월 전

      Not just the Maori

    • S F
      S F 4 개월 전 +2

      Uh, just pass a law that ratifies previous agreements with the monarch to be the sole responsibility of Canada. Or New Zealand. Or wherever. It doesn't mean a foreign sovereign doesn't still owe you money.

  • Home now
    Home now 4 개월 전 +15

    Thank you for this. Brits royals have gotten free pass for so long when they looted our Indian continent, partitioned the country and millions of families died. It is convenient to forget the past if it has not impacted your culture, your country or your families.

  • emanuel martinez
    emanuel martinez 10 개월 전 +3743

    I find it hilarious that there's a man who's legally not allowed to purchase eggs. I'm just picturing him buying a dozen eggs at his local grocery store and an entire swat team just busts in and tackles him to the ground

    • GorillaGuerilla🇺🇦
      GorillaGuerilla🇺🇦 10 개월 전 +446

      He’s allowed to buy them, just not allowed to transport them.
      So he either have to use delivery service, or have someone carry his eggs for him… 😂

    • emanuel martinez
      emanuel martinez 10 개월 전 +193

      @GorillaGuerilla🇺🇦 yeah I know lol but that's why I'm picturing him just remembering his wife asking him to buy some eggs for the cake she's going to make later and he decides to grab them on his way home from work probably not thinking about the situation and boom! Police raid

    • MrNukedawhales
      MrNukedawhales 10 개월 전 +135

      thank god, eggs are they only things he could possibly throw. who would think of throwing - lets say - tomatos or cakes...

    • ThinkBefore YouType
      ThinkBefore YouType 10 개월 전 +59

      Exactly! Notice how western colonial ALWAYS call anyone who fights against their colonialism like Mau Mau uprising in Kenya as a “terrorist” organization. Funny how that term is used against 2 billion Muslims worldwide.

    • Vyran
      Vyran 10 개월 전 +58

      @MrNukedawhales "people cant affort to eat and heat their homes? Bah! let them throw cake." ~ Marie-Antoinette (probably)

  • RJ Pittman
    RJ Pittman 7 개월 전 +79

    Not many shows get stronger going into their 10th season. Glad to see LWT is one. I hope he continues for many more years

    • Open Every Door
      Open Every Door 26 일 전

      Wouldn't it be something if they showed it on LWT? LOL

  • Mary Ennis
    Mary Ennis 5 개월 전 +26

    Kenya and other colonial atrocities were directed by Winston Churchill. I learned that this year and was truly upset. He's always been presented as a hero.

  • Deltakilo75 Bon
    Deltakilo75 Bon 8 개월 전 +41

    Wow John, you absolutely nailed it in your very own unique way. 10/10

  • grahamlive
    grahamlive 8 개월 전 +33

    The football chant was ok. But the best one was when they held a minutes applause at a Glasgow Celtic game. The thinking being there’s no way Celtic fans would respect a minute’s silence, the Celtic fans chanted, while all the officials, opposition fans etc were applauding “If you hate the Royal Family clap your hands” to the tune of If You’re Happy and you Know It”. Oh man, it was hilarious. 😂😂

  • TheMetalGardener
    TheMetalGardener 7 개월 전 +132

    I pretty much lost it laughing so hard at the "Lizzie in the box" section and I kept laughing and laughing. That felt like going to church in a good way. BTW when I found out she died, I went around the house singing "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead". I know the queen was just a product of her up bringing but yeah so much toxic crap that wasn't just about colonizing but she hurt all her kids and grandkids and great-grand kids. Unless Charles and/or William make a 180' on their toxic stuff, those kids of Williams are in an abusive toxic situation. I'm glad that Harry seems to be trying to heal and shift things but the rest of the family needs to follow suite. Maybe if they do they can be a shining light of important change for all humanity.

    • Slapstick Genius
      Slapstick Genius 6 개월 전

      Vicky’s in a box would’ve been a much safer section, mind you.

    • Frank Cutugno
      Frank Cutugno 4 개월 전 +1

      Say 'toxic' one more time! 😅

  • Ruth Maina
    Ruth Maina 10 개월 전 +4093

    I'm Kenyan and a Kikuyu and a huge fan of John Oliver. He has said what I have wanted the world to hear about the royal family and colonialism. My mum was just telling me that her parents and all their children were forced to live in specific villages/camps where they could be monitored by the white oppressors so what J.O says is completely true thank you

    • C m B
      C m B 10 개월 전 +90

      Just know that just because it seems like nobody cares..most people of the world don’t support pain or suffering.
      Technology just allows us to see the best, and the worst of the world at any moment.
      Humans tools evolved faster than our brains.
      I’m happy that you’re happy enjoying John though. I’m from America and it’s the same..not everyone here is rich and crazy.

    • James Cunliffe
      James Cunliffe 10 개월 전 +109

      Just another example of the west picking and choosing how history unfolded. Unless you have had family who've lived through events like this or educate yourself you'll never know. I have family from India and the extent of harm caused there by the military and famines is just another one left out of their pages.

    • Celisar1
      Celisar1 10 개월 전 +17

      Please inform yourself. The RF had nothing to do with colonialism. And they never supported anything you might consider to be racist.
      Actually, during QE2 a lot of countries became independent and voluntarily joined the Commonwealth.

  • Terrance Mockler
    Terrance Mockler 7 개월 전 +26

    I grew up in Canada and have indigenous, Acadian, and Irish ancestry. All of whom were abused by the English. I have been an American citizen for about 10 years now. I was tickled pink when I took my oath here and read aloud the words "I relinquish all loyalties to foreign princes and potentates."

  • Christopher MacLachlan
    Christopher MacLachlan 5 개월 전 +13

    I'm Canadian and I can tell you right now that we couldn't care less about the British family.

  • Bill Campbell
    Bill Campbell 5 개월 전 +11

    Stories of Australian indigenous atrocities - sounds exactly what happened in Canada where they are finding hundreds/thousands of unmarked graves around all the “Residential Schools”!

  • Darrell Kissick
    Darrell Kissick 14 일 전

    Another great show John Oliver! As always,you have humor mixed in with the serious topic! I love you4 show! Go John,go! ❤❤❤❤

  • Andrew Davies
    Andrew Davies 7 개월 전 +151

    As a UK citizen, I'd love to know when that poll was taken because I wasn't asked whether I want to keep the royal family. For what it's worth, I do not.

    • Jack Blackmore
      Jack Blackmore 5 개월 전 +16

      It may shock you to know it wasn’t a referendum. It was a sample poll from a representative group of people in the UK.

    • hgv Bish
      hgv Bish 5 개월 전 +3

      Nor me nor most of my octogenarian friends

  • KStar
    KStar 10 개월 전 +2722

    “They might seriously want to think about why. Why they and everyone else are working so hard not to offend a family *whose name was branded into people’s skin and who sit atop a pile of stolen wealth wearing crowns adorned with other countries’ treasures* .” So well and poignantly said.

    • The Original Geomayra
      The Original Geomayra 10 개월 전 +35


    • 물건
      물건 10 개월 전 +43


    • Lissy London
      Lissy London 10 개월 전 +47

      He said that and I thought : "There's that Cambridge education shining through the humour..."

    • Kulow
      Kulow 10 개월 전 +5

      The last time the British abolished the monarchy it didn't go so well.

    • N/A N/A
      N/A N/A 10 개월 전 +5

      To be fair king Charles II and James II were cousins not ancestors. He mistakenly said they were direct ancestors.

  • Karen Acton
    Karen Acton 8 개월 전 +49

    You sir are bang on!! As each generation comes about their opinions of the monarchy have changed for a lot of people. The older people see the advantage of having them, kind of a like celebrity. The younger people don’t understand why they exist…..I fall into the second group and I’m a boomer!

    • Grandmaĺovesmebest
      Grandmaĺovesmebest 4 개월 전

      Karen, and you've studied up on the subject and quite fairly have come to your conclusion? Then good for you. You'd be cheating yourself if your belief was just based on going along w the cool kids.😅

  • Anthony Murphy
    Anthony Murphy 7 개월 전 +77

    The Mickey and Minnie comparison really works on a few levels

  • DFS-Comedy
    DFS-Comedy 7 개월 전 +8

    As a Canadian, I don't really care about the monarchy with respect to the UK, but I think it's anachronistic for our head of state to be a foreigner.
    And the legacy of residential schools is a national shame.

  • Max T
    Max T 7 개월 전 +9

    John should do a segment about absolute monarchies because those absolutely shouldn't exist in this day and age

  • Neatz Notso
    Neatz Notso 8 개월 전 +25

    Thank you! Lidia Thorpe got so much crap for that and its so good actually hearing from someone outside of Australia just how fucked up it is that she was made to say that shit. Its only logical that she wouldn't want to and she shouldn't have had to, swear allegiance to the coloniser, the Queen.

    • Jack Aldred Moon
      Jack Aldred Moon 4 개월 전

      Agreed, but the media have it in for Thorpe now she's behaving badly in public.

    • Neatz Notso
      Neatz Notso 4 개월 전

      @Jack Aldred Moon the media has always had it in for her.

  • Louis
    Louis 10 개월 전 +983

    There were actual concentration camps set up in Kenya during the colonialist era where locals were detained, tortured and killed. The British government attempted to erase this from history, but we remember. Thank you John Oliver for never hesitating to bring forward the hidden truths and uncomfortable conversations

    • Kulow
      Kulow 10 개월 전 +16

      The British also put white people in Concentration camps during the Boer war. It wasn't racist, it was just a British thing to do.

    • crossemily
      crossemily 10 개월 전 +19

      All overseen by PM Winston Churchill!

    • Chromica Pop
      Chromica Pop 10 개월 전 +12

      Also the camps are violating a bunch of human rights rules by themselves, you can't white wash real history😮

    • Susan Schaub
      Susan Schaub 10 개월 전 +1

      Hip hop hooray.

    • Jacob Jaeger-Mathis
      Jacob Jaeger-Mathis 10 개월 전 +16

      @Kulow Don't project our modern understanding of race backwards. It was not how they thought of it, and, given *every* prior use of them was explicitly racial, and every one after... why was that one different?

  • Blueskyearth
    Blueskyearth 8 개월 전 +95

    Imagine if we spent that 1£ per person on the NHS.. as an NHS worker I really resent giving my hard earned money even it is 1£ for this extremely rich family who do not contribute to society in anyway.

    • worrywirt
      worrywirt 7 개월 전 +14

      Absolutely!! The money should go towards healthcare and education, the two institutions that are actually important for the functioning of a modern state

    • Shropshirelass
      Shropshirelass 4 개월 전

      Research the rcn and their wealth.

    • leftgrrl
      leftgrrl 4 개월 전

      What's the NHS budget and how big a difference to it would £63 million or so. In the context of for example how much Labour's PFI programme took out of the NHS - currently costing over £2000 million every year out of the NHS budget. This is the trouble with big numbers as LWT has touched on before.

    • Ally Wildgoose
      Ally Wildgoose 4 개월 전

      The Sovereign Grant is given to the monarch from their own money. The Crown Estates hand their earnings to the treasury and get 15-30% back in the form of the Sovereign Grant.

    • M T
      M T 4 개월 전

      Imagine we did that? The nhs could spend millions more on diversity and inclusion officers 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Orctowngrot
    Orctowngrot 8 개월 전 +26

    This is a very good and very intelligent (and fun) discussion of the topic. Thank you. Well done.

  • Peter Ford
    Peter Ford 4 개월 전 +11

    I've always put a lot of inference on Britain's role in our own slavery issues. And this segment by John, certainly helps my opinion. Because it wasn't Americans that brought initial slavery into our sights. It was England. This kind of thing is why history I believe, has been adjusted to make our past, palatable. Cause I think the honest truth may sicken us.

  • Luke Leonetti
    Luke Leonetti 4 개월 전 +1

    I think the huge amount of attention and public mourning of Elizabeth compared to how nobody seems to give a shit about Charles proves that people viewed the death of the Queen not as the death of a revered politician or ruler, but as the death of a pop culture icon

  • ATC Boy
    ATC Boy 개월 전

    Long overdue. Well said, and backed up with facts. I couldn't agree more.

  • Sin ywad
    Sin ywad 10 개월 전 +4989

    My grandfather was a detainee in one of the detention camps during the Mau Mau emergency in Kenya. For five years he endured harsh interrogations (beatings, hours in stress position, starvation, forced labor) until he was able to convincingly renounce an oath he had never taken in the first place. When he left the camp, he found two of his children had died and my grandmother and the rest of his children on the point of starvation from being forcibly housed in a concentration village (yes concentration as in WW2 concentration camps) with no access to food. Thank you JO for bringing this atrocity to light. Anyone seeking more information read Imperial Reckoning by Caroline Elkins

    • Poly Phase
      Poly Phase 10 개월 전 +150

      That's heartbreaking. 😪

    • lrwest16
      lrwest16 10 개월 전 +125

      Thank you for the book recommendation will read

    • Bridgit Waithaka-Vasiljević
      Bridgit Waithaka-Vasiljević 10 개월 전 +148

      ‘Histories of the hanged’ by David Anderson is another recommendation. My paternal grandfather was a MauMau oather who was brutally killed in the ‘50s.

    • Harry R
      Harry R 10 개월 전 +18

      If this is true, it'd be good if John's team saw this

  • Sparky Mularkey
    Sparky Mularkey 8 개월 전 +57

    I remember reading an anecdote online about a football match between a Scottish team and an Irish team and someone had a sign there to goad the opposition that said, "We hate England more than you!" 😅

    • ChesterPerry187
      ChesterPerry187 8 개월 전 +6

      Not just a song, it’s a chant. It’s been sung during Scotland games v Germany, Wales, Argentina.

    • Blas Armando Giunta
      Blas Armando Giunta 7 개월 전

      "Y ya lo ve
      y ya lo ve
      el que no salta
      es un inglés"
      (Now you see, now you see, he who doesn´t jump, is an Englishman!)

    • Collin McLean
      Collin McLean 6 개월 전

      @ChesterPerry187 When your relationship can best be described as half a century of constant back and forth stabbing it certainly makes a lot of sense...

    • Llewelyn Williams
      Llewelyn Williams 4 개월 전 +2

      @ChesterPerry187 can confirm in wales we like to think that we hate England more than anyone, but I do think Ireland deserves that role

    • ParadoxHeart
      ParadoxHeart 3 개월 전 +1

      As a native of England, I can tell you this, quite a few of us hate us too. You can't really learn the full depth and breadth of our history, and come out the otherside with your empathy intact, without a good deal of self hatred to go along with it. That in itself is why they try really hard at school not to teach us our history.

  • MegaGingerJo
    MegaGingerJo 3 개월 전 +9

    I would like to make just one defence of Charles here:
    "Dig that crazy rhythm" is a quote from The Goons Show, a satirical radio show from the 50s that constantly poked fun at everything. It was said by characters who were chronically out of touch. Spike Milligan who wrote the show even insulted Charles live on national television and he thought it was hysterical.

  • Mario Kart GameCube
    Mario Kart GameCube 7 개월 전 +38

    I can’t believe that Australia still haven’t gotten rid of the monarchy after the Queen’s representative, the Governor-General, dissolved the parliament. Imagine if the British ambassador to the US removed the president and the entirety of congress and people were just like, “yeah, that’s something he should be allowed to do”

    • Jean-Guy Rivard
      Jean-Guy Rivard 5 개월 전 +2

      If Australia is like Canada, the Governor-General is symbolic and is usually asked by a non-confidence vote to dissolve. Don't think it's ever happened just like that.

    • Steve Fry
      Steve Fry 5 개월 전 +3

      ​@Jean-Guy Rivard google the name Gough Whitlam. It happened in 1975.

    • leftgrrl
      leftgrrl 4 개월 전 +2

      @Steve Fry Just read up on it. Looks like the necessary thing happened and the titles involved are neither here nor there.

    • bedtimeat8
      bedtimeat8 3 개월 전

      Aussie here, ive never met someone upset by that decision. It's more important to have a functioning government.

  • Weapon of Light
    Weapon of Light 2 개월 전 +1

    It is incredibly hard for humans to accept accountability for average mistakes, let alone the enslavement and torture of other humans.
    The Royal family’s refusal to acknowledge what was done tells you everything you need to know. Deep in their hearts, they know they have a lot to answer for

  • Justine Press
    Justine Press 4 개월 전 +3

    Love John Oliver! So sane, so funny and so damn right!

  • Miss Kimani
    Miss Kimani 10 개월 전 +2041

    Thank you for highlighting the maumau story, my grandfather who is still alive and in his nineties was a victim of that horror, he was detained in Kismayu in Somalia and watched his siblings burnt alive, only a sister remained. He usually narrates these stories alot. He says before everything was forcefully taken away his family were actually wealthy landowners.

    • Rita Marie Kelley
      Rita Marie Kelley 10 개월 전 +108

      I wept when I read this. You are still living with that generational trauma. I'm so very sorry.

    • Brenda Silvana
      Brenda Silvana 10 개월 전 +57

      I’m so sorry your family experienced such atrocities 😔

    • Christy Nicholas, Author
      Christy Nicholas, Author 10 개월 전 +85

      Thank you for keeping his story alive. That is incredibly important.

    • Willy's Bakery
      Willy's Bakery 10 개월 전 +35

      jirri. that is some fucked up stuff. miss kimani, i never knew about that. i feel ill about it

    • Jane rendell
      Jane rendell 10 개월 전 +36

      In Barcelona there is the Mau Mau cultural centre which is where I learned about this. Devastating and deserves reparation

  • Mindful Observer
    Mindful Observer 5 개월 전 +1

    Speaking truth to power while making us all laugh! Way to go Steve you are a gem!

  • K Law
    K Law 24 일 전

    While recognizing that there is a _lot_ of information to get across in 30 minutes, a bit more on the Canadian Residential Schools needed to be talked about, particularly about the _multiple_ mass graves where hundreds of child remains were recently found (and are still being discovered). I have a difficult time imagining the horror and pain felt by the Indigenous peoples of Canada, however, as a 3rd or 4th Generation Canadian from an Irish family, I've always been happy to say I'm Canadian. I've always thought that Canada was a pretty decent place to live. That we stood up for what was right and came to the aid of others when they were in desperate need. Sure, for some mind-boggling reason, we tacitly pledge (as a nation) fealty to a monarchy that has even less value in our society as Canadians than it does in the UK. Sure, we still force new citizens to verbally pledge fealty to the British monarchy and its sovereign as part of the Canadian Oath of Citizenship. However, none of our history even comes _close_ to the history of the USA, right? We as Canadians would _never_ engage in slave trade, or disenfranchise an entire people, or.... what?
    Oh no. Oh _NO..._
    _NONE_ of this stuff about Residential Schools was ever, _ever_ taught, mentioned, or even whispered about in hushed tones while in mixed company. I'm disgusted to call myself Canadian, as this one thing alone (and believe me, there are more examples than this) completely violates everything that I was taught about Canada, its history, and its people. I went to school with a great many First Nations kids. Did _they_ know? Did their _parents_ know? I'm _ashamed_ of Canada. I'm _horrified_ at the atrocities that were (and still are) being committed, especially toward First Nations people. That this (along with the Indian Act of 1867) was initially perpetrated by the British is...well, I was going to say "shocking", but truthfully I suppose I know better.
    There is no need for a Royal Family. Not in the UK, not in any of the so-called "Commonwealth" countries, and _certainly_ not here in Canada. The Monarchist League boasts only about 10,000 members, and yet they've somehow managed to successfully prevent any real disengagement attempts from the monarchy since the League's inception in 1970. The Monarchist League is really the only reason there's still a required pledge of allegiance to the British monarchy in the Canadian Oath of Citizenship. That's ludicrous. 10,000 members in a country with over 38 million people? That's 0.03% of the population. How does their voice matter more than the 81% of Canadians who don't care/don't want any ties to the monarchy? Yes, only about 19% of the population at large would prefer the monarchy to remain a thing, and that number is expected to continue to drop as the years go by.
    The British monarchy shouldn't be a thing, and anyone who supports it should be classified as a traitor.

  • Nico Torio
    Nico Torio 4 개월 전 +4

    Im Asian but have heard bits and pieces of how the glory of British monarchy came about at the expense of black and brown people's freedom & liberty but Oliver's humorous albeit factual commentary reinforced it in an enlightening way. Indeed the monarchy painfully lacks accountability to begin with and irrelevance is the least of their problems.

    • AB
      AB 4 개월 전

      @nicotorio8627 And also Asian freedom and liberty - Hong Kong fyi.

  • BrimstoneBish
    BrimstoneBish 6 개월 전 +9

    "The axe forgets, the tree remembers." African proverb.
    "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." Also an African proverb.

  • Pascal Mwikya
    Pascal Mwikya 10 개월 전 +1012

    Thank you for highlighting the atrocities that the British government carried out in "her majesty's name" in my home country of Kenya 🇰🇪

    • Molly Rose
      Molly Rose 10 개월 전 +29

      I had no idea any of that happened. Beyond horrible.

    • The Seeker
      The Seeker 10 개월 전 +36

      @Molly Rose yeah you know that’s why history is important

    • LatentCC
      LatentCC 10 개월 전 +16

      If you're interested, Jacobin Magazine recently did an article about the Mau Mau rebels and interviewed several of the surviving fighters. It's available for free online.

    • Pascal Mwikya
      Pascal Mwikya 10 개월 전 +9

      @polemius01 I live here and while Kenya IS a 80% christian Nation (gee I wonder where they got that from) and Homosexuality is frowned upon, NOBODY has the time or inclination to persecute members of the LGBT+ community, you are thinking Uganda or Ghana (entirely different countries, please try to keep up).

  • barefoot kiwi
    barefoot kiwi 4 개월 전 +6

    Watching this, there are two things I hope for NZ;
    1 - that we might one day be shown on your map of the world
    2 - that one day we will become a republic as well

  • Rickiefu Wanfui
    Rickiefu Wanfui 4 개월 전 +3

    You are so spot on. And all Americans need to see this and respect why we don't have a monarchy!!!!

  • alboyer6
    alboyer6 6 개월 전 +3

    I have watched this more than once. So eloquent. I watch stuff about the monarchy because it is like terrible reality TV but there is a 1000yrs of it.

  • NeutralDrow
    NeutralDrow 2 개월 전

    I still remember being with a group of California kids in a restaurant, being served mashed peas alongside the worst fish'n'chips I've ever had, wondering at first why they heck the restaurant gave us wasabi at all, let along so much of it.

    RYAN COOPER 4 개월 전

    My family was exceedingly lucky to not go through the suffering other Kikuyu went through. Tales from my grandmother about the atrocities committed then are scary. Truly a shitty time in my country.

  • Dustin Bones
    Dustin Bones 10 개월 전 +1035

    That colonial officer's response is chilling, not just because it says 'yes.'
    But because it further says that he doesn't regret it.

  • Julie Sperber
    Julie Sperber 8 개월 전 +10

    Brilliant!! A marvelous overview of the history and ramifications of Colonialism.

  • Doug Millar
    Doug Millar 4 개월 전 +1

    As a Canadian i'm embarrassed largely by our British heritage. What they did to our indiginous peoples has been horrible and reprehensible. I think the monarchy is generally a disgrace to our country. I'm ashamed at most times of the history of my country. I would love to start that relationship over without the monarchy hanging overhead.

  • The Reel Pineapple
    The Reel Pineapple 4 개월 전 +9

    That Epstein joke was BRUTAL, god damn.

  • Meishang Chung
    Meishang Chung 8 개월 전 +31

    I can't listen to more than two sentences put together about the British Monarchy and/or its aristocratic elite without feeling burning rage in my veins.

    • Martin Jørgensen
      Martin Jørgensen 5 개월 전 +2

      Jealousy is a dangerous thing

    • Zen Kim
      Zen Kim 4 개월 전 +1

      @Martin Jørgensen > Jealousy is a dangerous thing.
      It can be ... but not nearly as dangerous as a heavily armed occupying force that has little restraint re. use of deadly weaponry & even less regard for the basic human rights of people who they view as "not our kind, therefore not worth our kindness".

    • Goldy Twatus
      Goldy Twatus 3 개월 전

      @Zen Kim Then you hate every country that has ever existed

  • MikeYouTube3048
    MikeYouTube3048 6 개월 전 +4

    Amazing segment! Well done Last Week Tonight!

  • Clarence Fujita
    Clarence Fujita 10 개월 전 +719

    As an American, hearing a British person mock an Australian accent was the highlight of my week

    • Yulonda
      Yulonda 10 개월 전 +6

      Oh, man! I completely agree! 💯 👍🏽

    • Marley
      Marley 10 개월 전 +4

      As an Australian, mine too

  • Lucy S
    Lucy S 8 개월 전 +11

    Brilliant thanks Last Week Tonight Team. Truth telling time 🙌🏽

  • Wadderfock
    Wadderfock 7 개월 전 +1

    If the Royal Family tied their lineage to being arbitors of social responsibility, starting with managing their properties for it, they'd become incredibly respected.

  • Baibac
    Baibac 3 개월 전 +2

    Invading country and calling resistance "terrorists" is not only British thing. The Americans did it in Iraq in 2003 and with British help too.

  • Ishi the funny Khan
    Ishi the funny Khan 8 개월 전 +6

    Absolutely love this. Thank you John Oliver. This has helped explain and validate my feelings.

    • Benjamin
      Benjamin 8 개월 전

      Hi! Thank you for the follow. your content means much to me now👍
      I'm Benjamin by name also am 59yrs NOV 26th???

  • Taylor Diamond
    Taylor Diamond 5 개월 전 +17

    "The people who annexed your people would like you to observe that they are deeply upset by your Country honoring it's native people over the head of the monarchy that deposed them."
    ~A very British man.

  • Covers By Dcap
    Covers By Dcap 10 개월 전 +2019

    Fun fact John
    The name 'Mau Mau' is not actually in the kikuyu language but actually just a phrase conjured up by the colonialist at the time from what they used to hear kikuyu people chant to them. The phrase/word that they would chant repeatedly was 'Uma' which translates to 'Get out' as a way of telling the British to go away from their lands. The word being said over and over, 'uma uma' was heard by the British as Mau Mau and thus the name was born.

    • Zoë Bailey
      Zoë Bailey 10 개월 전 +36

      That's awesome

    • Timon Igeria
      Timon Igeria 10 개월 전 +43

      I always thought it was the swahili acronym for "Muzungu Aende Ulaya Mwafrika Apate Uhuru" (White Man Gi back to Europe for The African Person to Get Independence)

    • alessandramacedo18
      alessandramacedo18 10 개월 전 +20

      I had never heard about this topoc before, but there is a card game I used to play here in Brazil that was kinda like uno, but with traditional cards and you had to say "mau mau" when you had only one card left. It means "bad bad" or "mean mean" in Portuguese, but now I'm wondering if it doesn't have anything to do with this revolution.

    • Yvonne Mutahi
      Yvonne Mutahi 10 개월 전 +22

      @Timon Igeria that was also something we grew up being taught (but as a Swahili acronym). The Maumau though were from the kikuyu ethnic community( one of the tribes in Kenya) and a bigger percentage at that time only spoke kikuyu amongst each other and not Swahili (the national language). In that case, it must have most definitely come from the ‘uma uma’ and not the ‘mzungu atoke Afrika, …….’ I think that must have come later.

    • Covers By Dcap
      Covers By Dcap 10 개월 전 +10

      @Timon Igeria This was adopted later after the name Mau Mau was brought to light. A way of roping in politics and the revolutionists as fighting for the same cause

  • silentecho
    silentecho 5 개월 전 +5

    You know, I'm no body language expert or anything but if yall watch that dude when asked if he gave the order to have the boots of colonizers put to the necks of Kenyans, not only did he laugh, but he nodded as well, before he went silent. He's a voyer. He liked to watch. He could easily say no, he didn't do those things, but when asked if he ordered others to do them, he very clearly did. Not only did he order it, but he watched and enjoyed watching, and that's when he began to reminisce before turning it to fantasizing about doing the same to the interviewer. That man is an open book even on film, and he didn't hide a single bit of himself despite trying to keep quiet. His face alone tells that story. Absolutely disgusting.

  • sanctuaryforthelost
    sanctuaryforthelost 5 개월 전 +9

    Thanks for touching on the Atrocity that is the Canadian residential schools. We need more attention on this.

    • Sarah Watson
      Sarah Watson 5 개월 전

      Look I’ll be real. It touched me, no one talks about it and the last school was closed in 98. That’s 1998… it’s sad it makes me angry and the Canadian government just keeps trying to sweep it under the rug when more bodies are found every few years.

    • sanctuaryforthelost
      sanctuaryforthelost 5 개월 전

      @Sarah Watson whats the saddest part for me is how there's still a rhetoric of "it's not my fault or why should I have to deal with this." the consequences of residential schools are still prominent in indigenous communities today. Not to mention other practices that excluded Natives from holding meaningful jobs or buying property.
      This happened in our generation, this affects our people and we need to deal with it no matter how ugly it feels.

  • G Montezuma
    G Montezuma 4 개월 전 +1

    I have a dear friend who lives in the UK, is a staunch supporter of the Monarchy and also happens to be Catholic. As much as I love her, we argue bitterly about the role that former colonial powers should take in Africa and the developing world. Like many people, she cannot see past her devotion to King and Country and put herself in the shoes of those who have a legacy of being oppressed by her government and the other so-called Great Powers.

  • Life Goz On
    Life Goz On 6 개월 전 +2

    Outstanding segment!!!! Interesting to see how people choose to twist, omit & or deny facts...

  • Dan Bev
    Dan Bev 4 개월 전

    Great piece LWT! If you do another one, I would be interested in hearing about the British Tabloids & their relationship with the monarchy. I don’t know much, but it looks both parasitic, pawn-like, and mostly completely out of control. Maybe if the US had a monarchy, our evil right-wing press might have something else to focus on. What a mess!! -on both sides of the Pond!

  • David James Henry
    David James Henry 10 개월 전 +5141

    Finally, the most British man reacts to the most British institution.

    • datafoxy
      datafoxy 10 개월 전 +51

      Zazu has spoken!

    • FatBGMan BG
      FatBGMan BG 10 개월 전 +8

      @datafoxy Mr. Bean has spoken!!

    • Mwalimu MUSITA
      Mwalimu MUSITA 10 개월 전 +2

      😂😂😂Just perfect

    • Sir_Tibbs
      Sir_Tibbs 10 개월 전

      ​@Investment Idea

    • R L
      R L 10 개월 전 +54

      Absolutely! I'm so satisfied by someone finally admitting that mushy peas are fucking disgusting!

  • heyysimone
    heyysimone 2 개월 전 +1

    You actually have to ask for a card on your 100th birthday - it used to be just sent to you ( could have even been a bit of a note written in the card), but now its just a signed card that is mailed if requested because there are more and more people reaching 100.

  • ChannelMath
    ChannelMath 4 개월 전 +2

    For all the embarrassing things about being an American, I always feel feel better when I remember that some other countries have monarchs. Inside I'm doing the Nelson Muntz "HA-ha" and pointing down at you, Britain

  • Encore
    Encore 5 개월 전 +19

    1 old woman who lived a long and priviliaged life, passed away peacefully, and people were weeping and wailing in the streets for weeks..............but 8000 plus old people died in carehones across the UK alone, and all these same people just turned the channel over to Eastenders.


    Tennessee resident here, I think a lot of this anti-LGBT stuff has gone so far so fast that it’s shocked a lot of the more moderate conservatives believe it or not. So I think that we have some leverage in that there are a lot of women in particular who are not OK with how the world is being Rams or the United States for that matter.
    Warcrime eyes is the funniest thing I think I’ve ever heard scared all my cats away laughing… now I’m alone….DAMMIT JOHN U WILL PAY 👁️_👁️

  • Lalaine Nash
    Lalaine Nash 7 개월 전 +4

    Love John Oliver’s candidness.

  • TheKeeperofChaos
    TheKeeperofChaos 10 개월 전 +666

    Can I just say, I will never get tired of how perfectly John Olvier recreates the "50s British newscaster" voice. He's done it in countless episodes by now and it's always a highlight

    • Jared Schnabl
      Jared Schnabl 10 개월 전 +12

      YES! I KNOW! Whenever John does a British impression, you know it is gonna be funny! It is inception for anglophiles! Also, that newsreel voice never gets old!

    • 1882uoL
      1882uoL 10 개월 전 +14

      I think this is his best one yet. He maintained it over a stretch. He usually laughs at himself while doing it but this one was perfect

    • HybridHalfie
      HybridHalfie 10 개월 전 +7

      I love anything using that voice. That’s why quagmire in family guys sounds so goofy l

    • Colin Colin
      Colin Colin 10 개월 전 +1

      He can mock the English accent (that's his own kin) and gets away with making fun of the Australian and Texan twangs....... But God help him if he EVER tried to imitate (even in jest) the accent of a person of colour!! He wouldn't have the guts!!! Pure hypocrisy!!!

  • Jimmy Sellers
    Jimmy Sellers 6 개월 전 +4

    John pronouncing vitamin instead of vit-a-min shows his allegiance to the states and I'm here for it 😌🤣

  • Danthulhu P
    Danthulhu P 7 개월 전 +13

    As a french canadian, I laughed a bit when she died. While generally English-Canadians are big big fans, we spend the day off on her birthday for moving. Litteraly, it's the date we put at the end of leases. She wasn't the worst from our end, mostly didn't do much, Britain as a whole for most of Canadian history was... not great, even for Anglos. The reason we got stuck making our own guns in WW1 is because they couldn't be bothered to send us a single freaking rifle. ''Well, why don't you set up a factory in Canada?'' ''lol no'' ''we'll pay for it'' ''noooope'' ''our own materials, you can have everything extra we just have a tiny militia right now!'' ''suck my ****''. There's also a bunch of stories during WW1 and 2.
    Add to that a lot of bigotry against FCs in the past and now. It's much better these days but yeah... still get a lot of insulting stuff thrown at me or horrible comments on stuff, lots of examples.
    Basically, not our Queen. Although some rare few are still fans. Not me.

    • Game Hero
      Game Hero 6 개월 전 +1


    • Danthulhu P
      Danthulhu P 6 개월 전 +1

      @Game Hero **Canadian Français

    • Goldy Twatus
      Goldy Twatus 3 개월 전

      The vast majority of heavy weaponry - artillery, tanks, and aircraft, were supplied by Britain. You might not be aware, but a lot of the rifles in Britain were in use, being that is was WWI, one of the deadliest conflicts in the history of the world.
      But wow, what a great strory and example of how horrible Britain has been to Canada.

    • Danthulhu P
      Danthulhu P 3 개월 전

      @Goldy Twatus Actually I'm speaking of the pre-war relationship. After the Boer-War the only rifles available were the oldest version of the lee-enfield ''long-lee's''. As the militia expanded slowly and Britain was 6-7 generations of the rifle later, the prime minister made several inquiries to update the current-standard-ish issue (lots of local militias had much older or even commercial guns). That's when the ''go-f-yourself'' communications happened. It's why Sam Hughes was able to convince him to go with the Ross-Rifle (shudder). For the heavy equipment, yeah, that's kind of what happens when you get drafted into someone else's war.
      Canada had (at best) a badly equipped local militia. We expanded it into one of the largest (per capita) volunteer army in history. Had to equip them. Uniforms were paid in some cases by the government, in others by local donors. The 22nd had to be equipped 100% without government funds so that Sam Hughes would let them form.
      Side-bar: Sam Hughes objectively hated FCs. When the real Canadian Army was formed at the beginning of the war he made any Catholic religious practice illegal in the army and it took 57 members of the Quebec parliament, a few British cabinet members and local donors offering to fund the whole thing so that he'd give permission for the regiment to be formed. The easter Crisis didn't help things. His attempts at recruitment for Quebec were hum... not very well thought out.
      Anyway, Sam Hughes was somehow a proud imperialist AND a proud Canadian. Mixed poorly. Search the McAdams shield shovel. Horrible shield, horrible shovel. The Ross rifle proved an unmitigated disaster, honestly more because of him than because of sir Arthur Ross. There was no short Ross rifle because Sam Hughes ''had carried his long lee in the saddle without complaining''. The one thing he did well was keep the Canadian army together, had to storm the British commander's office and yell at him for a while to get that to happen. The original plan was to dissolve them into the wider British army (like the Indian and Sikh soldiers).
      In WW2, after the war during the assembly of nations, the US asked what Canada was doing there. Britain answered that Canada had lost more soldiers, per-capita, than the US. In WW1, we sent around 10% of our population, 10% of those never returned. 1/4 came back wounded. All for the stupidest war in history in which we were never, ever going to be invaded. In Australia they celebrate Armistice Day, which is pretty important since it was one of the first big signs that being an appendage of the British empire kind of fkg sucked. To this day, British history sites, books, textbooks etc... kind of fkg forget we exist. The battle of the Somme for example. The tactical plan was 100% out of the heads of Arthur Curry and the Australian commander (seriously cannot find his name). The frontline was almost 100% 22nd and PPCLI. Yet, every British source on the matter mark (at best) British and Dominion forces.
      There's also that time a French village wanted to thank the Canadian army for liberating them. The British commander said ''well no, they're part of Britain, so the whole we do the British Army'' Then Arthur Curry pointed out that his soldiers had liberated the town and the commander's soldier hadn't liberated the town over and just like that the Canadian army's at the back of the parade. Every Canadian officer (aside from Curry who didn't have a choice) didn't show in protest.
      God this is a long comment. Could do 12 pages, Sorry. Long story short: UK sucks, they were a dick in WW1, WW2 and they're still being a dick today, and I'm not waiting on them to say thanks or acknowledge my family's sacrifice's existence cause I know they wont.

  • B.J. Blazkowicz
    B.J. Blazkowicz 3 개월 전

    The damned thing is, I think if the monarchy did come out and condemn all the atrocities committed by the British during their reign, and started paying compensation to people who suffered, it would go a long way in improving the public’s view of the monarchy

  • Michael Molyneaux-Swann
    Michael Molyneaux-Swann 6 개월 전 +29

    Trying to discuss colonialism in the UK is a nightmare, any mention of it is met with the stock responses of "it was years ago" and "it's nothing to do with me" and then the conversation gets shut down. Academics who write about the topic are routinely hounded by the press and the government, and teaching about the subject is heavily censored and constrained.
    It will be a long time before the British are grown-up enough to face up to what happened, especially in the current political climate, I certainly won't see it in my lifetime.
    To many British people it is a deeply shameful and appalling thing but, to the majority, it seems to be intrinsically woven into the continuing pretence that their sad, miserable, rainy little island is still a world power, and they are in no hurry to give up that delusion.

    • Adam P
      Adam P 4 개월 전

      Please explain to me, a Brit, how it’s a delusion to consider Britain as a world power. Please write it in the English language, on the web (British invention) and potentially on your telephone (British invention).
      We are educated in the rough and smooth history of our empire. I’m particularly savvy with our history. However I’m more proud than I am ashamed. I’d be happy to delve into this deeper if you have the time, patience or ability.

    • etnamA
      etnamA 4 개월 전 +2

      I'm guessing not a lot of people in your life have the time, patience or ability to tolerate you for long

    • Natalie Jarosz
      Natalie Jarosz 4 개월 전 +5

      @Adam P English is nonetheless the closest thing we have to a lingua franca of global communication because of the US post-1945, not the UK.

    • Adam P
      Adam P 4 개월 전

      @Natalie Jarosz oh yeah I forgot the USA got the English language from a cereal box.

    • Mike Taylor
      Mike Taylor 4 개월 전 +4

      @Adam P”Whataboutism” - look it up. That sums your comment up nicely.

  • puma
    puma 7 개월 전 +1

    well said sir! I have always used similar words when talking about the spanish monarchy, even while I strongly believe the actual heirs (nor Spain) are not to be hated because what their ancestors did, BUT they still bear some "responsability" on commenting about that unlucky past PRECISELY because they are supposed to "represent" the State and its "continuity"... sincere words do not cost anything and open so many new roads to understanding and consciousness

  • Shotaro Bayu
    Shotaro Bayu 10 개월 전 +575

    I love how John is not a hypocrite. He's actually got offer from The Empire to get OBE but he refused. He doesn't want to owe them anything

    • Justa Youtuber
      Justa Youtuber 10 개월 전 +37

      You down with OBE? No, that's not me!

    • meinjapan
      meinjapan 10 개월 전 +19

      It would be a very bad move for someone in John’s position to accept a title from the monarchy.

    • Mouse Scarbrow
      Mouse Scarbrow 10 개월 전 +3

      *from the Empire to get

  • --
    -- 8 개월 전 +8

    You still have to pay for upkeep of a palace even if nobody lives inside it if you want to keep it as a tourist attraction or national monument.

  • The Green Baron
    The Green Baron 6 개월 전 +3

    The thing I just can’t stand is how everyone thinks the British monarchy is the only monarchy around the world. No one mentions the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Jordan, Spain, Morocco, Japan, Luxembourg, Cambodia, Thailand, etc etc etc.

  • BrimstoneBish
    BrimstoneBish 6 개월 전 +2

    Olga of Kiev (or am I misremembering) was guilty of large scale animal cruelty, but holy shit did she wreck the shitlords that killed her husband and tried to "give her a new one" as an apology.

  • Dillon Rohe
    Dillon Rohe 4 개월 전 +1

    A day without oppressing some groups of people is like a day without sunshine!