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Carbon Offsets: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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  • 게시일 2022. 08. 20.
  • John Oliver explains what carbon offsets are, what they claim to do, how they might be making climate change even worse, and, of course, how Oscar Isaac is getting hotter.
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  • TheRealSullyG
    TheRealSullyG 년 전 +2501

    Proud to say I am officially carbon neutral thanks to Oliver Offsets!

    • Timothytosser
      Timothytosser 년 전 +27

      John oliver otomantone cover when

    • The Borg
      The Borg 년 전 +42

      Please let's all report Clyde3 and Prigiyan Short as SPAM!

    • lorenzo leandro
      lorenzo leandro 년 전 +11

      I cannot use this offset because I do not live in US. I guess I'll just be dooming the planet then

    • David
      David 년 전 +23

      @The Borg I do that for all those links. I am surprised there is no bot-scrubber for them already. Wake up, KRclip.

    • Delta Novum
      Delta Novum 년 전 +17

      @David this platform which I will not name, but the search engine that runs it really wants it to fail. I'm sure of it. Everything points towards it. Do you know how easy it would be to remove those bots that spam the same links over and over? This platform has been losing money since the beginning. They have not only changed things like comment placement, removing the downvote button etc, but they also changed the algorithms to screw over the content creators for a while now. Everytime I comment about this my comment gets shadowbanned (I can see it, but no-one else can). Same goes for when I comment about the situation in a country that's about to collapse and is being run by a bear who really loves honey.

  • Arjit Jere
    Arjit Jere 년 전 +1662

    As an ecologist, well done John for explaining that it is very hard to achieve zero emissions. Also it matters whether the trees planted belong to that area are exotic or native. That pine tree in africa was a weird decision,pines are NOT found in africa.Planting exotic trees which invade native trees will only damage the land. Offsets are just a short cut, the solution should start with phasing out fossil fuels!

    • Anne Bruecks
      Anne Bruecks 년 전 +85

      I'm not an ecologist, and even I said, 'Pine trees?? Wtf?' Who makes these decisions?!

    • FƎEΔ ♆ΩV☈. ƧƬΛЯᵥₙG ᛖIᴎΔ
      FƎEΔ ♆ΩV☈. ƧƬΛЯᵥₙG ᛖIᴎΔ 년 전 +31

      An introduced species is not necessarily an invasive but I know that certain invasive species of Pinus (I think Pinus Pinaster) are the majority of South Africa's timber trade, which is rediculous, and they were introduced over a hundred years ago.
      But there are pines like Pinus halepensis and Pinus Pinaster which are Mediterranean pines which are native to parts of northern Africa.
      But Uganda? I have know idea.
      I don't know about pines but Quercus (oaks) essentially "walked" down Canada split in the northern US towards east and west than met up again at the southern border, hybridized ( the sections "Red oaks"/Lobatae can breed with other red oak species and section "white oaks/Quercus can breed with other white oak species) in Mexico. Now Mexico has more endemic (natives that are only there) oaks, and more oaks than any place. And now they are naturally pollinating down to south America where there is at least 1 species (central America is a choke point preventing more animal distribution of acorn). But that happened over an extremely long period of time. So trees can have some freaking weird adaptation traits.
      Sorry, I know Oaks are off topic, I just go down month long rabbit holes of studying oaks from time to time. Check out the migration of their subgenera and sections, it's so freaking cool.

    • Blayne Schwarz
      Blayne Schwarz 년 전 +7

      So what are we going to phase out fossil fuels for?

    • izzzy03
      izzzy03 년 전 +5

      here in Germany planting trees everywhere is now in.... just "green politician" in cities dont care about terms like albedo influence, or fact that bark parts, leaves and branches that fall during cold days and not removed from streets are direct emission of co2 and methane back to atmosphere :)

    • FƎEΔ ♆ΩV☈. ƧƬΛЯᵥₙG ᛖIᴎΔ
      FƎEΔ ♆ΩV☈. ƧƬΛЯᵥₙG ᛖIᴎΔ 년 전 +2

      Although that certainly would not be using the soil and decomposers to hold the carbon, that would still be a very miniscule level of CO2. I never thought of that though.

  • Business Casual
    Business Casual 년 전 +118

    Nice job Sam!!

  • KCthonian
    KCthonian 년 전 +647

    I remember learning about how at one point the catholic church sold vouchers for prayers to people, so that they could effectively "pay away" their sins and guilt to get into heaven. The simlilarities to our modern carbon offsets is eerily similar, imo.

    • Alisa Kumm
      Alisa Kumm 년 전 +55

      I've been thinking the exact same thing since the first time I heard about carbon offsets, and it works because people WANT to fall for it. The uncomfortable truth is that we cannot continue the way we have been living and we need to make sacrifices to stop the worst. It's not about saving "the planet" at all; it's about saving ourselves. And I fear that is what people still don't understand.

    • crnbrry300
      crnbrry300 년 전 +15

      Also, in the prayer voucher scenario, the intention is to DO something. In some of these carbon offsets, the intention is to NOT DO something. Which doesn't create any actual value.

    • David Norris
      David Norris 년 전 +39

      They were called "Indulgences"

    • YN Raider
      YN Raider 11 개월 전 +2

      "Simony" it's called. It's a MAJOR SIN.

  • Joe Gambone
    Joe Gambone 년 전 +500

    The extent these big corporations go through just to not do anything is insane. We are all doomed.

    • PitLord777
      PitLord777 년 전 +25

      The irony of going through lots of effort to protect their slothfulness.

    • StrawberryJamPM
      StrawberryJamPM 년 전 +30

      @PitLord777 it’s not… slothfulness, necessarily. It’s the profit margins. You see, they simply cannot drop even a little, even for just a bit. No fundamental change in the way they operate is possible, at least not voluntary. Rather just throw a bunch of surplus funds at the first available cop-out option and get a fat tax cut to go with it.

    • Dan Fergus
      Dan Fergus 년 전 +3

      @StrawberryJamPM I mean they could buy tesla wall batteries and establish wind farms close to their operational centers to become neutral, problem is it would cost atleast a million dollars, probably closer to 10 million usd
      PER FACTORY with average net profit of a few hundred thousands at best

    • YN Raider
      YN Raider 11 개월 전 +9

      @PitLord777 *Avarice...
      They don't NEED all those profits. Our collective starvation/suffocation/extinction is just for their ego...

    • Sam Revlej
      Sam Revlej 10 개월 전 +1

      The power of inertia...

  • Olivier B.
    Olivier B. 년 전 +65

    By god this segment is good. So well written. So impactful. Congrats to the whole writing staff.

  • Andrew Torrance
    Andrew Torrance 년 전 +2311

    Seeing John Oliver quoting research done by Wendover Productions is amazing. This what new media landscape has become and it’s sweet.

    • Chris
      Chris 년 전 +192

      For real, I have been watching Wendover for years and to see Mainstreamish reference him is amazing.

    • Ethan Simmons
      Ethan Simmons 년 전 +51

      We love you @wendoverproductions

    • rsmith02
      rsmith02 년 전 +10

      Who is that?

    • A friend of a friend
      A friend of a friend 년 전 +23

      @rsmith02 popular youtuber

    • Shaun Fed
      Shaun Fed 년 전 +43

      They should've cited him and linked to the video.

  • melody13
    melody13 년 전 +414

    I was hanging out with my pet rabbit when I decided to watch this on my phone. The moment John started talking, my rabbit hopped over and started watching the video intently. I’m not sure whether it was the subject content or hearing John Oliver’s voice but she was completely engrossed in it for the entire 23 minutes. So John, you clearly have a new fan. She will be tuning in with me every Sunday from now on.

    • First Name Last Name
      First Name Last Name 년 전 +77

      If you send me $3 I will offset your pet rabbit’s carbon.

    • melody13
      melody13 년 전 +20

      @First Name Last Name 🤣

    • Rita Griffin
      Rita Griffin 년 전 +6

      My rabbit would run 100 ft. to house, if she heard a Kitkat wrapping. Smart Bunny.

    • ooooneeee
      ooooneeee 년 전 +8

      That is so wholesome 🥰.

    • backelie
      backelie 년 전 +14

      @First Name Last Name I just have my rabbit run in a hamster wheel to produce a green alternative to the coal I would otherwise burn.

  • Subtropical
    Subtropical 년 전 +144

    I'm so glad he did an episode on this! He is absolutely hitting the nail on the head! Another thing to note is the obvious fact that trees take time to grow!!!! Many species of trees aren't fully grown after a decade!! And in the early stages, they require maintenance!!! And planting baby forests will OBVIOUSLY not immediately sequester the same amount of carbon as a forest full of mature trees!!!!! time to face up - YES you actually need to STOP polluting!!!!

    • spicy potato soft taco
      spicy potato soft taco 년 전 +8

      Yes!! The role old growth forest play in the climate is crucial! I just saw a video about how some very old trees emit a pheromone when they are very dry that triggers rain somehow, I can't find the link, and the trees in the Amazon actually create rain clouds via transpiration. Also a lot of birds and insects rely on older trees. We can't undo cutting those down.

    • JewTube
      JewTube 10 개월 전 +2

      need to stop polluting and stop deforestation. but nobody wants to do it. they want to keep building and consuming things forever. one day we're going to pay for this.

    • Hermann Brummer
      Hermann Brummer 10 개월 전 +2

      When the carbon came from fossil fuels planting a tree won't change anything as long as you don't remove the carbon stored in the tree when the tree dies which exactly nobody does.

    • Rambunctious
      Rambunctious 10 개월 전 +2

      Right, but the carbon is only pulled out of the atmosphere during the trees growth, once it is fully grown it is no longer removing carbon from the atmosphere as all the carbon captured by photosynthesis is being used in its own respiration.

  • Abbas A. Idris
    Abbas A. Idris 9 개월 전 +18

    Thanks, John Oliver, for entertaining and informing us at the same time! Keep up the great work! You truly deserve every Emmy that you have won and will win!

  • jtcivilwar1861
    jtcivilwar1861 년 전 +141

    Was never expecting to hear John Oliver mention Hawk Mountain. It's a gorgeous hike spot, especially in the fall. There have been petitions to get public transit to run there to cut down on the number of people driving cars there. Hopefully it'll eventually go through

    • Undivided X
      Undivided X 년 전

      What's the nearest town?

    • jtcivilwar1861
      jtcivilwar1861 년 전 +3

      @Undivided X that kinda depends on your definition of town lol. It's officially in Kempton, but people from PA usually refer to it as near Lenhartsville, Kutztown, or Mckeansburg. Lanta, the bus service based out of Allentown/Lehigh Valley, has run buses to the first two towns

    • Jeffrey Toman
      Jeffrey Toman 10 개월 전 +2

      I’m not sold on that being a good idea. I love the idea of people enjoying the outdoors. I amPa resident and I am an avid backpacker. I’ve seen more trash cans being placed at certain high traffic areas. Most people would think that it’s a good thing…. It’s not. Someone has to drive a truck there to empty the cans and the cans are only there bc the litter has become so bad, that someone said let’s just put trash cans there.
      If you pack it in, you pack it out.

    • Ann
      Ann 5 개월 전 +2

      @Jeffrey Toman I can see your point, but disagree. The more people get to the outdoors, the more will understand its benefits and importance. If you go to certain communities with high public access, you see trash. In others, you see zero trash. I think you can and should 1) provide receptacles with instructions for recycling 2) educate visitors on why it's important to use them 3) whatever else they do at Rehoboth Beach and Duck, NC to ensure compliance and cleanliness. It's kind of sad to see parks in suburbs accessed only by people who drive big SUV's to them. Esp. in the U.S., we really do seem to want to make those who can't afford cars as miserable as possible. Public parks should always be publicly accessible.

  • Soulgypsy
    Soulgypsy 년 전 +11

    Much Love to John Oliver and his team. This show is one of the many reasons Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has won the Emmy Award for best show since 2015. We need more John Oliver's! And much love to John Stewart for your gift of whit and talent in having John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah and Jordan Klepper as part of your team....a breath of fresh air...

  • TSS
    TSS 년 전 +7720

    On behalf of Ireland, I'd like to thank John and everyone who donates for saving our whales and dolphins, we were unsure if they'd have enough trees to live in throughout the winter.

    • Toasted Joe
      Toasted Joe 년 전 +231

      This is a major problem as the drunk leprechauns will claim dibs on the forest and start fighting the whales.

    • Emilio Gasteasoro Gonzalez
      Emilio Gasteasoro Gonzalez 년 전 +121

      There is no need to thank him. I mean, who on earth would have a problema with that?? Its just common sense to save land dwelling whales and dolphins.

    • Arthur
      Arthur 년 전 +72

      I always thought they migrate to Tuscany for the winter

    • Literary Multitudes
      Literary Multitudes 년 전 +71

      @Arthur Yes they do! They're causing huge amounts of emissions when crossing the Alps in late October every year... lots of smog right where I live for weeks!

    • Mutant Llama
      Mutant Llama 년 전 +50

      Maybe next they can save Wales.

  • Genis Z
    Genis Z 년 전 +34

    Lastweektonight is the most informative of all night shows. Hands up to Oliver and his team!

    • Julia Brown
      Julia Brown 11 개월 전

      His writing staff is amazing!

  • TokranInami
    TokranInami 년 전 +69

    saying that "not chopping down a tree" offsets carbon emissions is like saying "not burning down your house" is investment in real estate

  • H0L0B33
    H0L0B33 9 개월 전 +59

    I did a literal spit take, for the first time of my life, at the "he only does that to people with severe illnesses" part.

    • alyce kollmer
      alyce kollmer 8 개월 전

      I though that was unnecessary also, when you dish “it” out, I think you should be able to take it.

  • GiDaOne
    GiDaOne 년 전 +10

    Well on the one hand, I think that it's great that environmental awareness is finally (for the last few years) "cool" and that companies are pandering to it. I hope that it will also trickle down to politics a bit more. But of course they were going to manipulate the process for profit - it's what they do, and nobody should have expected any different. And John's team has done an excellent job of researching this. Of course it should be obvious that just planting trees is just a very small part of the overall solution.

  • Merissa J
    Merissa J 10 개월 전 +3

    I love John and his team. Their research is excellent and arguments are insanely strong. Can't watch too many in a row or I get depressed, but love them anyway. Humans are the absolute worst.

  • Samantha Myers
    Samantha Myers 년 전 +2143

    "that violently British man did a pretty good job of explaining the concept" can also sum up his whole show

    • Peter Immel
      Peter Immel 년 전 +38

      That should be the title of this show😆

    • Ken Lieck
      Ken Lieck 년 전 +15

      @Peter Immel I think it is in Bangkok…

    • David Regan
      David Regan 년 전 +5

      To be fair I don't think that will fit on the title

    • Peter Fox
      Peter Fox 년 전 +8

      *Yup. And it also is a ... "clowns funeral" ... EVERYTIME XD*

    • AmirGTR
      AmirGTR 년 전 +1

      Not really. He's really going out of his way to demonize people who are at least fucking trying

  • Tue Ælmholdt
    Tue Ælmholdt 8 개월 전 +5

    "When you buy an offset, so you can pollute more, and that offset is bullshit, you're now actively making things worse" - I'm frightened by the fact, that this is so very true, and that big companies spend lots of money - with good intentions - on making things worse...

  • ArachCobra
    ArachCobra 11 개월 전 +5

    This really is a continuous problem of magic thinking. We want solutions that makes us feel like we're doing the right thing, but also requires zero effort or sacrifice.

  • Elizabeth HB
    Elizabeth HB 년 전 +7

    John Oliver always sounds a little relieved when his jokes hit

  • Neco
    Neco 년 전 +59

    Honestly, this whole offsetting system always sounded even worse to me if the customer got to pay for it.
    Oh yeah? You ALLOW ME to pay so YOU can handle YOUR waste? Great. Thanks a lot. Next time I am eating out, I am gonna ask the restaurant if they want me to pay them 2€, so I get to take one bag full of their trash with me.

    • Capital Inventor
      Capital Inventor 년 전 +4

      You have always been paying for companies to handle their regular trash but it’s been hidden in the cost of the product or service. The only difference with the carbon offsets is that they are a separate charge for you to see. As there are 1 in 5 large companies performing some level of offsetting and we don’t see an option to carbon offset at the stores when we shop it is fair to assume that the cost of carbon offsets is hidden in the price on many products.
      Companies put the option to pay for carbon offsets as a way to bring it to the attention of the customers. The companies want to be seen as environmentally friendly.

    • FreshlyBakedLePain
      FreshlyBakedLePain 년 전

      Companies always pass their costs to their consumers, that is how business works. Obviously when you eat at a restaurant, part of the cost of the meal goes toward whatever they spend on cleaning and waste management.

    • T M
      T M 9 개월 전

      This is no different from paying more for fair trade products. Would you pay extra for slavery-free food? I would hope so. And the pollution is done to meet consumer demand. Companies aren't out dumping toxic waste just for kicks.

    • Neco
      Neco 9 개월 전 +2

      @T M That's exactly the point. I should not have to pay extra for "slavery free food", companies should not be allowed to produce "slavery food".
      Why should it be acceptable for companies to engage in slavery at all? Is there any reason for us to keep slavery acceptable?

  • Tom Sobieski
    Tom Sobieski 년 전 +2

    For the past 30 years the federal government has paid a friend of mine not to grow corn on his hundred acre pot of red in upstate New York. Even if he has never grown called and the man who owned it before him never grew corn on the land either. The reason he knew about this was because men who have farms in the area told him about it and they don't grow corn either

  • Lindokuhle Xolani Dlamini

    This is great! I was waiting for a mention of the fact that the proposed tree planting programs are changing established open ecosystems like grasslands and Savannas particularly in Africa within high rainfall regions. Unfortunately these open ecosystems are fire dependent, when these trees are planted, they are likely to be burnt down by wildfires releasing all the carbon (e.g. look at Cathedral Peak research Catchments in SouthAfrica)...yet neglected is the fact that these open systems, in their current state, have high plant diversity dominated by plants adapted to fires e.g. grasses, which store large amounts of carbon in the soil. Changing these systems threatens the stored carbon in the soil. I agree with Oliver, carbon offsets are making the problem worse!

    • Capital Inventor
      Capital Inventor 년 전 +3

      There’s also the fact that many of these trees are planted and then forgotten. For example, 7,000 trees may be planted, with the associated carbon offsets sold, but far from all of them will make it to maturity. What needs to happen is for the company doing the planting to maintain the trees for at least the first five years and replace any trees that have died. Selling offsets for x numbers of trees, only planting x tress, and not maintaining them should be prosecuted as fraud.

  • Dr Ida D Bunker, PhD

    One of the best things about John's work is he and his staff actually DO the things that prove the BS is really BS. Gotta love that.

    • Drewmany
      Drewmany 년 전


    • Plab Central
      Plab Central 년 전

      The only problem is that they are only one team. Everyone needs to think like them.

  • Four
    Four 년 전 +15

    God I love this man. 💙💙
    He's so smart and he uses it to benefit mankind. The human race. ❤️❤️

  • Sean Sharpes
    Sean Sharpes 년 전 +4

    I always like to tell myself that even if we can’t force these mega corporations to actually stop destroying our plant in the end even the mega rich are going to regret their choices when they can’t leave their futuristic mansion domes without an oxygen tank

  • Declan Byrne
    Declan Byrne 11 개월 전 +4

    Straight out of university (back in 2012), I worked with some "alternative" investment companies that sold carbon credits. Safe to say that they weren't worth the paper they were written on. A potentially good idea that was completely ruined by greed

  • Roland Rohde
    Roland Rohde 년 전 +2942

    One of the main issues with "net zero" or "offsets" is the fact that it often completely disregards the time factor. You can cut don a tree and burn it within a few hours, but having that same tree grow back to it's former size (and thus Carbon content) can take decades or even centuries. That fact is usually not prominently displayed in those net zero calculations...for obvious reasons...

    • Niels Korpel
      Niels Korpel 년 전 +85

      Clyde Clyde, please, I understand you want people to know about investing money, but it is not relevant for this comment right now, ok? :)

    • Danilo Oliveira
      Danilo Oliveira 년 전 +104

      also forests are extremely complicated, its not as simple as a tree grows and there is less carbon in the atmosphere. the ability of a forest to sink carbon depends on a lot of factors, and among them, the biology of the soil. a new forest can actually be a carbon source as its growing because of the fungus and bacteria that live in the soil, and only when the canopy starts to close they become actual carbon sinks, while old forests are much worse at sinking carbon, if not straight up carbon neutral. so simply planting tree may not just be almost insignificant, but they can also make things worse without proper planning.

    • Barry Salter
      Barry Salter 년 전 +8

      Don't look up 🙈

    • Rey
      Rey 년 전 +37

      @Niels Korpel they are bots dude

    • FulloutPostal
      FulloutPostal 년 전 +47

      @Niels Korpel don't reply to bots, just report them

  • poul thomas
    poul thomas 년 전 +2

    As true as this segment is there really is a large amount of Reforestation that can, and should be, pursued. Most of Ireland and Britain were once covered with forests but are now not. It wouldn't save the planet but it's still worth rebuilding those forests.

  • Logan K
    Logan K 11 개월 전 +2

    John Oliver is absolutely fantastic and this show is a beam of light in a world that gets darker every day.. thank you

  • Justin Cos Moore
    Justin Cos Moore 6 개월 전 +3

    The green power house as mentioned in the "Need to Grow" documentary is the best solution I've seen. A closed loop generator that sequesters carbon, grows algae & herbs, and creates biochar.

  • J J
    J J 년 전 +1

    Offset licensing companies should be regulated and audited by the EPA!

  • Rivers from the red album

    Carbon offsetting is the serial killer equivalent of being paid not to kill a victim you'd not planned on killing in the first place

  • Pantalaimon91
    Pantalaimon91 년 전 +2158

    So glad to see Wendover Productions get a shout out in this episode. Wendover did such a great job breaking down how the scams operate and why they're doing so much more harm than good.

    • Rickrolled
      Rickrolled 년 전

      Yo 🔥krclip.com/video/rdJ9bsN7JAw/비디오.html

    • Wickedtendencys
      Wickedtendencys 년 전

      N v. Vv

    • Sunspot
      Sunspot 년 전 +1

      Mother Earth will ight a fart and that will be the end. There is nothing we an do about it now.

    • Sam Hughes
      Sam Hughes 년 전 +19

      Wendover is a serious gem of KRclip.

  • Murloc Master
    Murloc Master 년 전 +39

    That unfaithful wife bit was golden. That burn was beyond what was needed to start a fire

  • Conor S
    Conor S 년 전 +2

    John is an international treasure for the like he shines on these things. If modern civilisation ever had a Tombstone, it would read, here lies, people who could, but who didn’t”

    MATTCRAZTEX 11 개월 전

    I love how HBO is using WENDOVER Productions and third party KRclipr's as sources. Love to support the creators bringing facts and details to light.

  • Ryan Gram
    Ryan Gram 7 일 전

    There was a bit of controversy in my home town in rural New Zealand American companies bought farm land to plant red wood trees for carbon credits the problem was that the farm land is in a large flood prone valley so when they get harvested the debris is likely to cause significant damage to the towns in that valley

  • HellifIknow
    HellifIknow 년 전 +3

    Another thing I did not know about making the world worse and there's no hope and nothing I can do about it. Thanks, John.

  • TheMisterSurreal
    TheMisterSurreal 년 전 +976

    I am so glad Oliver touched on the fact that a lot of the 'offsets' that are being purchased are done so on the backs of landowners in developing countries. It's another financial shell game for companies to keep doing what they would have been doing anyway and get a marketing boost out of it. The only way to curb emissions is to stop emitting, period.

    • Molybdaenmornell 123Hopp?
      Molybdaenmornell 123Hopp? 년 전 +22

      Exactly. Instead, watch these guys invent one fake solution after another to flatter and seduce us. It's like a scantily clad student sidling over to her teacher after class to whisper, "I'd do *anything* to pass the exam, Mister." "Anything, did you say?" "Yes ..." "Would you ... revise?"

    • trumpet12345
      trumpet12345 년 전 +7

      tesla has made craptons on offsets

    • MrBebopChamploo
      MrBebopChamploo 년 전 +5

      It's also not just something corporations do - basically all developed countries have processes of externalizing the costs and negative impacts of economic activity onto developing countries (both intentional and incidental). Whether it's via the IMF, the WTO, trade agreements or treaties etc.; the ones with money and resources shape policy to benefit themselves and bring in more money.
      Carbon offsets are just a continuation of externalizing costs to maintain or increase profit, except now under the guise that they are actually doing the opposite and internalizing (some) costs (unless of course the offsets are purchased by customers for $2 to offset 1000 miles of air travel. Hypothetically).

    • Bella Elizabeth
      Bella Elizabeth 년 전

      @Molybdaenmornell 123Hopp? 💕💕Wow

  • Manuel Cocco
    Manuel Cocco 11 개월 전 +2

    Thanks John for raising the flag and putting the spotlight on carbon markets so they go through better scrutiny in the future! I missed at least a brief reference to the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) and the Taskforce Scaling up Voluntary Carbon Markets, that clearly state that voluntary offsets SHOULD be seeked and purchased by corporates only AFTER reducing own emissions directly. So you offset only what you cannot avoid & reduce directly on your own value chain (i.e. INSET); and you should start offsetting only AFTER you have maxed out insetting. This is the strong ongoing trend amongst ALL global voluntary corporate reporting frameworks and offsetting standards (except maybe the American, ACR and CAR) are rapidly going towards more stringency and minimum common denominators that clearly state this. The problem of course is that as this is voluntary it clearly lacks enforcement as it's primarily self-regulated. For compliance markers on the other side there had been a bit of "hot air" in the past, but in the EU ETS for example it has been proven that caps have significantly reduced emissions compared to the business as usual scenario without the cap and trade program.

  • Gale Mylin
    Gale Mylin 년 전 +3

    There may have once been 4,000 times as many trees. Humans have been busy. Read that when Europeans first came to North America, the forest was so big and dense that it was said that a squirrel could travel from Maine or Georgia to the Mississippi River without ever having to touch the ground, and that there were many that a dozen men holding hands couldn’t reach around. Those Paul Bunyan stories are about how much timber was removed starting in the precolonial period to build ships and exported back to Europe, where most of the trees were long gone. Ireland was called the green isle because it was once a dense forest.
    People can live where there are trees. It used to be that you could tell where the most wealthy neighborhoods were because they had tree-lined streets and trees surrounding their houses because it provided shade, privacy, and fresh air.
    The neighborhood we moved to in 1988 used to have treelined streets. Not a wealthy neighborhood, just wel designed in the age before air conditioning was ubiquitous here. Since we’ve been here probably a third of the trees have been removed. It’s almost always new people. They liked the look of the trees when they bought the house but feel obsessed about raking leaves and are worried about branches falling on their roofs or their cars and instead of getting the big branches trimmed they just have the whole tree removed. My partner and I have made a project when dog-walking of checking out stumps of newly cut trees and rarely is there indication of rot or any reason not to save the tree.
    Was scared when we heard chain saws at our next door neighbor’s house a few years ago, but was happy to see that they got it trimmed back. There had been branches that I could not have put my arms around that reached over their house, tethering driveway, our driveway, and the street out front. It looked like broccoli with the florets cut off when they were done, but the next summer the tree once again shaded the front of their house.

  • aspicboat
    aspicboat 년 전 +21

    - Guys, we're going to kill ourselves through pollution.
    - You're right, how can we make money from all this tho?

  • Raven De Angelo
    Raven De Angelo 5 개월 전

    As a 3rd year studying applied ecology and wildlife ecology, I have actually found some interesting research suggesting that whales take at least a few tones of CO2 from the atmosphere, and their protection may be added to carbon offset plans. Just a little more info in regards to the whale bit. 😊🦑

  • Mirdclawer
    Mirdclawer 11 개월 전

    This is very accurate and complete. I'm an environmental science/policy major, he basically covered everything wrong with current offset mechanisms since the Kyoto protocol lol
    You can do some kind of "true" offsetting, but it would involve capturing CO2 from a polluting plant, or from the air, and then storing the CO2 underground. Which is, as of today, very very very expensive.

  • Redfin
    Redfin 년 전 +538

    I love how giant corporations have convinced us that we are the problem with emissions...and not...you know..the giant corporations.

    • Teresa Thayn
      Teresa Thayn 년 전 +5

      They didn't convince me! Duh.

    • Redfin
      Redfin 년 전 +7

      @Teresa Thayn well obviously they haven't convinced me either.

    • Andi Ward
      Andi Ward 년 전 +23

      People's desire to feel in control and important is used against us. Regardless of our individual actions we can never come close to reducing the harm done on an industrial level.

    • Leo Buzalsky
      Leo Buzalsky 년 전 +20

      @Andi Ward I hear what everyone is saying, but, let's be honest: It's a *both* problem. Industry exists like it does because we've been convinced that we need to consume. If we didn't consume, there wouldn't be so much industry. That said, I do recognize that it is the rich who are by far the biggest consumers and, thus, the biggest drivers of industry. My point is more that it is important to recognize that there is a feedback loop in the system.
      Edit: I should note industry has forced us to consume in many ways. Suburban housing, for example, is devastating to the environment. But one cannot simply decide to move. Similarly, many places lack good public transportation. So I do acknowledge there are cases where our hands, as the consumer, are tied.

  • Hugh Gray
    Hugh Gray 년 전 +2

    Also many of the offset such as tree planting use the cheapest most efficient short term method. This is bad because they often don’t use local trees and productive ecosystems don’t pop up around it and in the long run usally absorbs less carbon anyways.

  • Kapp Davies
    Kapp Davies 년 전

    Kudos to Scott Kirby for speaking the truth and not hiding behind a marketing message like other CEOs. Not his fault he has to play the game everyone else has collectively set up.

  • Angrysaxman 22
    Angrysaxman 22 년 전 +5

    Lmao omg he had me dying on the ugly tree bit i like watching John Oliver he has such a great delivery and always gets deep into the details of the stories he covers.

  • Tiger H. Lore
    Tiger H. Lore 년 전 +5

    It’s so unfortunate the direction that carbon offsets are going.
    If we put this money toward the initial cost of geothermal power plants (for example), that would genuinely offset carbon AND lower people’s energy bills.

  • OptimistPrime69
    OptimistPrime69 28 일 전

    We need a solution that corporations can't buy their way out of like they do with everything else. It's so frustrating.

  • Tushir Sharma
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    Good to see John using Wendover Productions as an example to explain offsets. Wendover Productions's carbon offsets video was a great one.

    • Joe Sean A G
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      Funnily enough iirc they still buy them anyway for their travel shows

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      Yo 🔥krclip.com/video/rdJ9bsN7JAw/비디오.html

    • Evan Foster
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      Ever since watching the wendover video I was wondering when John Oliver was going to do a video on it. So good to see him cite Wendover

    • Aurtisan Miner
      Aurtisan Miner 년 전 +14

      I love that channel!

  • Jonathan Brown
    Jonathan Brown 년 전

    A lot of what John says is true! Carbon reductions are obviously better than carbon offsets, and that the registry’s don’t actually do a good job managing which credits are actually effective or legit. BUT, NCX is truly a pioneer in the carbon offset space. It’s sad to see John not cover anything in regards to that or the diligent and passionate people who work in that sphere because that actually do care and want to make a difference. I’ve watched so much John Oliver-and still will-just make sure to do your own research y’all.

  • Nethra Rajendran
    Nethra Rajendran 년 전 +3

    This was an extremely needed video, thank you!

  • Edward Kanterian

    Finally a late night show host talking in detail about the climate.

  • pluto
    pluto 10 개월 전

    those set designers deserve an award the tree scenery made for that skit was so gorgeous and a lot for a minute long joke

  • headsinger
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    Love that Wendover Productions is getting some big time recognition. They produce excellent content on that channel.

    • WanderingYankee
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      Now John Oliver needs to do an episode on bricks!

    • Buhs
      Buhs 년 전 +52

      @WanderingYankee what about airplanes, though?

    • Buhs
      Buhs 년 전 +28

      HAI and Jet Lag are great, too, even if they're not as educational.

    • 司此雷
      司此雷 년 전 +21

      Oh and Nebula and other youtube educational content creators.

    • Hypercoded
      Hypercoded 년 전 +12

      @Buhs Jet Lag opened my eyes to the complex nature of travelling around the world, I absolutely love that series. HAI is nice in terms of fun trivia, it's such a good series for younger kids to watch at times too.

  • Sarah Murphy
    Sarah Murphy 년 전

    As someone who works in this field I want to point out that verified Carbon Offests projects (verified by VSC or CAR) have a rigorous approval process and are 100% measurable. There are good projects out there that support the environment and help drive market demand for renewable/sustainable solutions. Im not saying offests are the solution, however, they are an important final component of an integrated sustainability plans that cannot reach net zero for several years while their carbon reduction methods are being developed.

  • Shawn Bowman
    Shawn Bowman 년 전 +3

    The cartoon King of the Hill had an episode with carbon offsets. Strickland the owner of the propane company bought the offset rights to a forest that was already protected.

  • That Ameen Guy
    That Ameen Guy 개월 전

    If everyone bought all 10 000 credits and given each credit is 5 minutes of not cutting down a tree, John has to only wait 50 000 minutes or 3 and a half days (approximately) to cut down 1 tree, truly amazing👏

  • MKisinthebuilding
    MKisinthebuilding 년 전 +6

    The Ryanair app has a 'green mode' where it just changes the background colour to green. Literally green washing themselves whilst doing absolutely nothing

  • Zulfburht
    Zulfburht 8 개월 전

    Aight lets take some time to appreciate that John Oliver has given extra credibility to Wendover Production by citing his videos.

  • holy water uwu
    holy water uwu 년 전 +529

    Carbon offsets feel like a very "pay your way into heaven" approach to solving climate change

    • schwig44
      schwig44 년 전 +24

      Does that make John the modern-day Martin Luther?

    • videogamer596
      videogamer596 년 전 +24

      Aka Carbon Offsets are a modern form of indulgence.

    • Molybdaenmornell 123Hopp?
      Molybdaenmornell 123Hopp? 년 전 +7

      Yup, very like that. And heaven has a quota, because there's nowhere near enough land to plant trees on.

    • Robert Cowan
      Robert Cowan 년 전

      That'd be an accurate description if the payment was made with Monopoly money.

    • Lead Paintchips
      Lead Paintchips 년 전 +6

      @Robert Cowan How so? "Pay your way to heaven" was using real money that was considered an insignificant amount by the person paying, and the people approving were just making buttloads of money off of it.

  • Louis VAN OOST
    Louis VAN OOST 3 개월 전

    Keep in mind this is mostly an issue in the American market. In Europe, UK, Australia and some parts of Asia, carbon credits are required by law for companies that have a significant impact on CO2 emissions. If a company goes over their carbon quota they are then forced to buy carbon credits from a certified vendor such as forestry plantations (that wont be cut down at all and are instead used for alternative productions such as fruits creating both profit and are used as carbon sequesters

  • Alex C
    Alex C 년 전

    The fact there isn't enough space for trees could finally force markets to realize how destructive they are as megacorps bid with each other and with poor people for tree space

  • Finding The Narrative

    I know there's no chance it'll ever happen, but I wish John would cover the Rail crisis! Workers are dying weekly driving home from exhaustion, and the Railroads continue to buy out congress and convince them that it's labors fault freight isn't moving.

  • Halo Clips
    Halo Clips 년 전

    I think Ecosia is one of the only companies to have gotten tree planting right.

  • Mighty One
    Mighty One 년 전

    While that tree is large and insane looking, when I lived in Windsor Ontario, there was a truly stupendously bad looking tree, pretty sure it was a cherry tree, that not only grew crooked and was probably 50 years old (despite being ~5ft tall), the tree literally went sideways and was crowned by a single branch, going sideways, that didn't even point up (it wasn't even a leader), the trunk looked like it was made out of tree warts, and it had ONE BRANCH, with only a tiny number of leaves, and it seemed as if this tree had been like this for a considerable amount of time, quite likely many years. Anyways, this was the weirdest tree I ever saw.

  • poocrafter2
    poocrafter2 년 전 +1492

    Nice to see the use of Wendover in this. He did a great video about the Carbon Offsets scam

    • Leo
      Leo 년 전 +29

      Lol, that's were I have already seen this. And here I was wondering for the first ten minutes why they do the same topic again, without even mentioning it.

    • El Gonzo
      El Gonzo 년 전 +50

      I bet Sam from HAI will be really jealous of this.

    • Michaelle Yoonmin4Life
      Michaelle Yoonmin4Life 년 전 +7

      Lol, I knew that looked & sounded familiar. Sam is awesome.
      I don't know if I'm suffering from deja vu but I feel like one of his other videos was used in another ep, or maybe another late night show?

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      Yo 🔥krclip.com/video/rdJ9bsN7JAw/비디오.html

  • zJoriz
    zJoriz 년 전

    Some extra problems not (extensively) mentioned in this video:
    - People are getting rewarded for planting new trees. This has allegedly led people to cut down existing trees to make room for the new ones. Which is counter-productive to say the least.
    - The type of tree matters as well. If you plant fast-growing trees in an area that doesn't support them food & water-wise, they will degrade the ground even further and then die, leaving basically a desert.
    It's really exhausting, I know, but each 'solution' so far just seems to be the new problem. Just another industry to make money off of.

  • Capitulum11
    Capitulum11 11 개월 전

    John's criticism on inferior jurisdictions' inferior decision-making is very satisfying to listen to 🤤

  • Arthur N.
    Arthur N. 11 개월 전

    With absolutely minimal fairness, whales do hold a lot of carbon just by the nature of them being absolutely massive carbon-based life forms. But also... wasn't aware the airlines were whaling now

  • Aaryaman Sheoran
    Aaryaman Sheoran 년 전 +3

    I'd encourage everyone to watch the Wendover Productions video John references here. It's on KRclip and actually does a way better job explaining the problem than John does tbh. In this case, Last Week Tonight could have posted the link to that video, called it a day, and would probably have reduced their carbon footprint in the process.

  • Rui Viegas
    Rui Viegas 9 개월 전

    At this stage, we have to use all the tools we have. If population wasn't growing, and the average man wasn't getting in debt to keep up with the Joneses, voluntary carbon offsets would be playing a positive role. When we point a finger at someone, three fingers are pointed back at us - people seem to forget that!

  • Ole Olson
    Ole Olson 년 전 +877

    Taking on corporations is why I love LWT so much. Many shows are afraid of calling them out, fearing losing sponsors (ie. money), but John Oliver just goes straight for the their throats in his truth telling.

    • Corvus 2
      Corvus 2 년 전 +28

      Sadly, whether it’s this or the housing crisis or American healthcare nothing will be done about any of it

    • Veganpotter Thevegan
      Veganpotter Thevegan 년 전 +11

      @Corvus 2 it would be nice if world governments do something. In the mean time, people can put a huge dent in slowing climate change yet refuse to do so. Stop flying, don't eat animals, turn down your ac/heat, bike, walk, bus... the government doesn't have to do anything for the public to take these steps

    • Sojo
      Sojo 년 전 +24

      @Veganpotter Thevegan Wouldn't change much. Yes, every little bit helps, but it's like putting a bandaid on your arm that was nearly amputated in an accident.
      Companies drive such a massive percentage of the climate crisis, if they aren't on board, we're just not fixing this.

    • Joe Stembler
      Joe Stembler 년 전 +1

      Time to actually *build* carbon capture plants all over the world?

    • Voknal
      Voknal 년 전 +19

      100 years from now, in a post apocalyptic world. People will find a hard drive with all the episodes and wonder how it all happened when we knew what all the problems were.

  • Eden Lumbroso
    Eden Lumbroso 년 전

    Of course there will be loop holes as in everything. It's important to point out that offsets are not perfect. Still, I believe they are important and should be used as much as possible (not instead of reducing emissions of course, but in addition). Btw when will we have "negative emissions" as a goal instead of net zero?

  • Soluna Creative
    Soluna Creative 년 전 +3

    Last Week Tonight, your reporting was magnificent. Thank you for putting effort into investigating and sharing your findings. Outstanding!!

  • Anup Kulkarni
    Anup Kulkarni 년 전 +1

    This is so true. Also how big tech companies talk about how they are helping reduce pollution. But keep making product from plastic rare earth metal etc.

  • Dominik Lenné
    Dominik Lenné 년 전 +2

    The best would be to set up a US federal offset regulation.
    btw to take out wood from a forest and not burn it, but use it to build long lasting things like houses , while keeping fast growing young trees to suck up carbon may be a way to bind carbon for a long time.

  • Old House Guy
    Old House Guy 년 전 +1

    Thank you for the information on carbon offsets. I am a donator and sent them an email expressing my disappointment. Here it is.
    I recently watched the John Oliver show on August 21 regarding Carbon Offsets. Needless to say I was very upset about what they said about the Nature Conservancy and plan to remove NC from my will.
    Their response
    Thank you for your email and for your generous support of The Nature Conservancy as a Legacy Club member. We appreciate you reaching out about the recent John Oliver segment on August 21st and are sorry that you feel the way you do about our organization. The points made regarding TNC during the segment mentioned carbon markets focused on US projects and unfortunately extrapolated information to the entire global market. We believe an important inaccuracy in the segment was the implication that businesses use offsets as the only solution to reduce their emissions. We are clear that the purchase of carbon credits by businesses should only be used as a temporary, limited solution for difficult-to-achieve reductions within a company’s carbon footprint. The purchase of carbon credits can only complement the decarbonization of business operations. It cannot replace it. Carbon Markets are just one tool that can help accelerate the implementation of Natural Climate Solutions, and they are a small proportion of the natural climate solutions that TNC works on. It is also important to note that carbon accounting science and best practice has evolved significantly in recent years and is expected to continue to do so in coming years.
    As a global conservation leader that has pioneered carbon mitigation and conservation finance strategies over the years, TNC has the experience, reach, and responsibility to forge new levels of excellence and help ensure all carbon markets continue to make real and significant contributions to the fight against the climate crisis. The piece included a mix of legitimate criticisms that TNC shares as well as areas of improvement needed in the markets..
    Please let me know if you have any questions, or would like additional information about carbon markets, or any of our work. Thanks again for all that you do for conservation.
    John Stapleton| Legacy Club Stewardship Manager

  • Dennis Mwebembezi
    Dennis Mwebembezi 년 전 +791

    As a Ugandan, I think the effects of offset solutions being sent to the third world and developing countries are felt firsthand by the very occupants of that country, which actually emit negligible amounts of carbon dioxide. They face the wrath of governments trying to implement a project that solves nothing without knowing that the source of funding comes from the industrialized world. The Swedish company will abandon the project, but the local Ugandans will not get their land back.

    • Thera Marshall
      Thera Marshall 년 전 +13


    • Clayton H
      Clayton H 년 전 +10

      To be fair, my guess was officials wanted foreign money and didn't care what they had to do to get it. That's not exactly Sweden's fault.
      I know it's more complex than that, but that sounds like a civil domestic issue as much as a foreign one

    • flannelbich
      flannelbich 년 전 +47

      @Clayton H True, but within the context of the world, the colonization and hardship that Ugandans have endured from Europe and other world powers makes it more than just a domestic problem.

  • Nils P
    Nils P 년 전 +16

    "What could I do to make the environmental impact of my cross-atlantic flight less drastic?"
    "Pay the Kerosine-burning company even more money, they will figure it out"
    "But their entire business relies on burning Kerosine!"
    "Do you like trees?"
    "I don't think you take the climate crisis seriously!"
    "If you want, you can also carbon-offset the breath of your hamster"
    "What would I have to do"
    "Pay me money"
    "How is your solution to every environmental issue involving me paying you or another company money?"
    "Capitalism is a great thing, right!"

    • some guy
      some guy 년 전

      well said.
      it's almost like some sort of .. dialectic .. =]

  • Silviu
    Silviu 11 개월 전

    Imagine Ikea offsetting their emissions by agreeing to plant trees which they'll cut for lumber when they grow sufficiently.

  • Anne Bruecks
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    I love it when I know that John is about to waste a whole ton of HBO's money!

  • Eno King
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    The videos are really entertaining and instructive, however sometimes its hard for non-native speakers to understand everything said. English subtitles would be great!

  • dia sophia
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    I wasn’t expecting Wendover Productions in a John Oliver segment but I’m absolutely here for it!

  • Austin Bristow
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    Congratulations to Wendover Productions! Their video on carbon offsets is really well done!

    • John Gallagher
      John Gallagher 년 전 +14

      All of their videos are fantastic! I watch them, LWT, and RealLifeLore as soon as they release, and are IMO the current pinnacle of informative video essays.

    • pattymac1776
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      I was watching a Half As Interesting video before this and when I heard his voice I thought I hit the back button lol

    • R Pinckney
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      As soon as the clip started I paused and looked for this comment!!! Such a great feature.

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      All these suggestions are legitimately good i’m confused at the lack of trolling lol

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      @pattymac1776 Love HAI. I have half the attention span.

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    Once again, a trully-needed show!

  • Splitting Productions

    If profits are the priority, what if a scaling systems were put in place that could give companies progressively higher fees based off of how high their carbon emissions go?

  • Christopher Almonte
    Christopher Almonte 11 개월 전

    Fun fact, when a tree is cut it gives back the CO2 it had stored. Trees are more of a bank account for CO2 than a waste station.

  • Sean LaMontagne
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    man, John Oliver's writers really know his audience these days

  • Let's get started!
    Let's get started! 년 전 +4

    Whales actually bind a lot of carbon, making whale preservation and supporting them to breed very effective against climate change. They're basically little forests swimming through the seas. Additionally, with rising levels of water, the seas will cover more of the land, making carbon binding in the ecosystems under water even more important

  • GildedDragonfly
    GildedDragonfly 년 전 +290

    Any time John says "practically anyone can set up...." I know he knows because they DID it.

    • David Hollenshead
      David Hollenshead 년 전 +2

      What got me is how easily he managed to start his chain saw...
      But then he was employed as a "cutter" in Brittan while a struggling comedian...
      [and no, a "cutter" doesn't cut trees down, they do the prep work for a "dumper" in organized crime...]

  • Selisu1
    Selisu1 년 전 +5

    The funny thing is how often this pattern repeats. Hey, we have something that's already existing or happening, can we get credit for doing it? It works for carbon offsets, but it also works for real estate development in underinvested areas.

  • Consiea
    Consiea 10 개월 전

    Another thing that I don't think ever got mentioned that is severely wrong with carbon offsets is the fact that they don't ever really impact the area that got polluted in the first place. Even if they worked perfectly to reduce the GLOBAL amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, they don't help when things get polluted on a local level. As a result, you get areas like cities that get harder and harder to breathe in (think Shanghai) and other areas that are practically untouched by humans. Add to the fact that a lot of tree planting is just introducing invasive species or creating forests in former grasslands, prairies, and savannahs, thus DESTROYING the local ecosystem. You got yourself a really stupid idea that is doing a lot more harm than good.

  • Jaws Trock
    Jaws Trock 년 전 +1

    It really amazes how, much effort those company do to legally be able to say they are carbon neutral, while not even trying to actively do something that would actually help. All that money they throw at pointless things, that could be pooled and have real climate impact.. It's insane.

    • Virginia D.
      Virginia D. 7 개월 전

      it's easier. it's sad, but it's easier than reconciling with the complicated process of actually doing good.

  • Debbie Daniele Photography

    HBO’s Ice On Fire is what you should know. Incredible science, explained so clearly. Must watch!

  • HWC Transgender ministries

    Corrupt corporations will find a way to ruin ANYTHING!
    Even their own carbon offsets!