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Beach Dolls: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

소스 코드
  • 게시일 2022. 07. 02.
  • John Oliver discusses a surplus of dolls which have been mysteriously washing up on the beach in Texas, and, crucially, how they can be destroyed.
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  • Danilo Oliveira
    Danilo Oliveira 년 전 +8086

    I love that all of this was basically an excuse to justify donating $10000 to protect sea turtles.

    • Mike Gill
      Mike Gill 년 전 +252

      You're being mistaken! These dolls are a pest and need to die! The turtles are most definitely secondary!

    • Kathy Cobb
      Kathy Cobb 년 전 +79

      Since when does one need to justify helping out marine life?

    • Courage Karnga
      Courage Karnga 년 전 +53

      Thank you, HBO! This more than makes up for GOT!

    • Eskil Seter
      Eskil Seter 년 전 +168

      Plot twist: The sea turtles were the bad guys all this time. The dolls tried to warn us, but were viciously dismembered by the sea turtles.

    • Daye Gilharno
      Daye Gilharno 년 전 +26

      :) Probably not to justify it, but to make it tax deductable...

  • The Red Knight
    The Red Knight 년 전 +1571

    If he buys them, there *needs* to be a follow-up where we see him destroy them.

    • GoTeamScotch
      GoTeamScotch 년 전 +48

      It's the only way to break the curse

    • Funkopedia
      Funkopedia 년 전 +27

      Oh you know it'll be spectacular

    • Gillian Espinoza
      Gillian Espinoza 년 전 +2

      Omg right!? 😂😂

    • Lynn Duvall
      Lynn Duvall 년 전 +3

      @ The Red Knight Hasn’t even been made yet, as far as we know, but it’s already viral.

    • tomajino
      tomajino 년 전 +4

      @Funkopedia More spectacular than the Berdimuhamedov's cake? 2 years ago he covered the horse antics of Turkmenistan's dictator.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 년 전 +1002

    The nightmare babies are now John's horcruxes and I want an 8 part film series about him trying to destroy them.

    • AbsentWithoutLeaving
      AbsentWithoutLeaving 년 전 +28

      ...or, in the alternative, them trying to destroy HIM. dun-dun DUUUUUN.

    • Solveig Torkildsen Johnsen
      Solveig Torkildsen Johnsen 년 전 +2

      Hahah omg yes!!!!

    • TheyCallMeScifi
      TheyCallMeScifi 년 전 +14

      Either that or assembling some sort of fellowship to take the dolls to Mt doom.

    • Mike Appleby
      Mike Appleby 년 전 +8

      he keeps burning them only to find them on his bed intact when he goes to bed.

    • Arkylie
      Arkylie 11 개월 전

      @Mike Appleby It's the Nostalgia Critic *Teddy Ruxpin* plot all over again 😱

  • W. Hix
    W. Hix 년 전 +627

    Thanks John and crew, that was absolutely creepy. I grew up on a beach located on a bay emptying into the Gulf of Mexico. We got our share of flotsam and jetsam washing up on the shore, particularly after storms. One day our dog brought up this particularly creepy rubbery headless doll ("Stretch Armstrong" as some may remember from being children of the 70s or 80s). This awful thing became our dog's favorite chew toy. We tried throwing it back into the bay, into a salt marsh, and into the woods, but this thing kept popping up again with our dog proudly parading this hideous thing around. I think that my dad finally cut it up into small bits and took it to the trash where he worked. Everyone please dispose of your old dolls in a safe and eco-friendly way. Please consider an exorcism as well. Cheers!

    • peachybuttercrunch
      peachybuttercrunch 년 전 +8

      f right!!! exorcisms and house blessings make me proud of my Catholic status.

    • Alex MacDonald
      Alex MacDonald 년 전 +13

      yeah, dolls are the one reason I'd consider exorcism

    • May Hope
      May Hope 년 전 +13

      @Alex MacDonald not the fact that it kept returning?

    • Alex MacDonald
      Alex MacDonald 년 전 +19

      @May Hope the call for an exorcism would happen at the first sight of a doll, if it kept returning things would immediately be set on much fire, if at all possible the nearest handy active volcano would be involved

    • W. Hix
      W. Hix 년 전 +1

      @Alex MacDonald Well, that was a joke and there are lots of reasons for an exorcism.

  • Esteban Coronel
    Esteban Coronel 년 전 +678

    I hope there's someone rich enough, funny enough, and bored enough to become John's arch nemesis by outbidding him for these dolls 😂

    • Lynn Duvall
      Lynn Duvall 년 전 +6

      @Esteban Coronel Perhaps, an Elon-Bezos collaboration? But neither are especially funny.

    • Brooke B
      Brooke B 년 전 +49

      Could totally see Colbert doing this

    • _ Whatsername
      _ Whatsername 년 전 +5

      I need this to happen.

    • Katzztar
      Katzztar 년 전 +12

      I wonder if Jon Stewart has enough money... I can totally see these two get into a bidding war to see who can destroy them first.

    • SchlappyMB
      SchlappyMB 년 전 +15

      Danbury City Council? :-D

  • O1993
    O1993 년 전 +223

    I watched this during my lunch break. My boss saw me vomit and sent me home. Thanks for the video.

    • bofooit gojo
      bofooit gojo 년 전 +13

      Thank you, John and HBO for defending us from those abominations and for helping the sea turtles!

  • Queen Tron
    Queen Tron 년 전 +2662

    The irony of nightmare babies floating on Texas beaches is almost poetic

    • Joachim Schoder
      Joachim Schoder 년 전 +403

      It's almost like something is forcing the dolls on the population and they don't have a choice if they want them or not

    • A Thinking Woman.
      A Thinking Woman. 년 전 +47


    • tiraXpyrrha
      tiraXpyrrha 년 전 +96

      So what you're telling me is that this is the curse upon us from all the unaborted fetuses who now long for the sweet release of death to end their misery?

    • rachel raccoon
      rachel raccoon 년 전 +6

      OMG lol

  • Lion the Richardhearted

    John needs to do a fundraiser on Twitch/YT where he just plays horror games and comedically panics his way through them. I'd donate.

    • f1zz-k1d
      f1zz-k1d 년 전 +7

      omg please

    • gerri creason
      gerri creason 년 전 +13

      I've NEVER been interested in watching anyone else play video games...until now. That sh!t would be epic.

    • OptimistPrime69
      OptimistPrime69 년 전 +5


    • Mackenzie Givens
      Mackenzie Givens 10 개월 전 +3

      I vote he plays Resident Evil Village 😈
      His reaction to that fucking fetus monster. Would. Be. LEGENDARY

  • Wireless Wizard
    Wireless Wizard 년 전 +162

    When the guy said that they might have washed up from Mexico, I immediately thought of the Island of the Dead Dolls. It was featured on a fairly early episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved (the one where they go to the Winchester Mansion, the Island of the Dead Dolls, and then the Sally House). The island is packed with dolls, and I imagine some of them might have been picked up by a hurricane.

    • Tiffany F
      Tiffany F 년 전 +16

      Yes! I just made a comment on this, because that’s exactly where my mind went too, lol.

    • Ixie Pixie
      Ixie Pixie 년 전 +16

      The thing is, that island is in a lake in Mexico City, far away from the cost of the gulf of Mexico... And we do not get hurricanes up in here!! So if they do come from that island, they certainly have travelled a long, long way...

    • Larissa Brown
      Larissa Brown 년 전 +4

      Ghost Adventures also did an episode there. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw this.

    • Katarina Brunk
      Katarina Brunk 년 전 +1

      I was thinking the same thing, that's probably the answer

    • Christine Crawford
      Christine Crawford 년 전 +1

      Yes! That is exactly what I thought of!

  • Vona Kenyon
    Vona Kenyon 년 전 +136

    I have loved John since he had bangs and wonderful spots on the Daily Show. Every show is a gem and they hold up incredibly well. During the pandemic I had a chance to re-watch every show from the beginning. Highly reccommend.

  • Karen Hernandez
    Karen Hernandez 년 전 +244

    The red and blue "barnacle baby number three" is a creepy but lovable icon from the early nineties here in Colombia. Its name is "The Great Neighbor" or in spanish "El Buen Vecino" and it was a mascot representing one of our most traditional banks.

    • Edwin Ortega
      Edwin Ortega 년 전 +9

      It was a piggy bank that the bank used to give away.

    • Ari Bantala
      Ari Bantala 년 전 +14

      Ahhh, so THEY WERE from Central and South America. I was so goddamn curious of where these came from than they are being creepy af.

    • Kyle Shepherd
      Kyle Shepherd 년 전 +1

      Yo bump this, this is cool as hell

  • សេរ៉ាហ្វ។

    I have to say: John is incredible at performing bits like that. Watching it a second time, I admire his delivery, cadence, and pronounciation.

  • Dollightful
    Dollightful 년 전 +1184

    Even I agree they need to be destroyed, and that's saying something.

    • A Z
      A Z 년 전 +28


    • SquirtleHK
      SquirtleHK 년 전 +25

      OMG!! Hi Dollightful!! I'm a huge fan🤩 Glad to see you here! I do want to customize John Oliver's, though! I can still fix them!😊

    • Mina
      Mina 년 전 +13

      best comment lmao

    • lycheefreeze
      lycheefreeze 년 전 +26


    • Punky Jewster
      Punky Jewster 년 전 +2

      I will protect these dark omens with my life

  • Nm GG
    Nm GG 년 전 +134

    If this was all 100% acting the man deserves every acting award available to him. I legit believe John Oliver viscerally despises these beach dolls and its absolutely hilarious lmao 🤣

  • Matt Nickles
    Matt Nickles 년 전 +108

    John, I really want you to make that horror movie now. A ghost girl, in a floating victorian house, terrorizing the gulf with cursed dolls.

    • WD Dilly
      WD Dilly 년 전 +2

      fouoii gyhh YESSSSSS hahahah!!

    • Katzztar
      Katzztar 년 전 +1

      fouoii gyhh Going with the 80s horror theme, the curse on the dolls animates them and drives them to kill people.
      and oddly, no, Chucky isn't the first inspiration for that. The first thing I thought of was a trilogy of horror whose name I forget. In it there is one where a woman gets a small (smaller than 12 in) ?african? masked figure with a thin chain on it and the directions to NEVER REMOVE THE CHAIN. Yet the chain falls off and the figure becomes animated and terrorizes the woman trying to kill her.
      It was after that flashback that I remembered Chucky.

  • LESTR97
    LESTR97 년 전 +23

    In these very dark times, it's nice to have a *relatively* lighthearted story like this

  • fkylw
    fkylw 년 전 +107

    These episodes have made my, and my significant other's, lives tolerable for the last few years. Thank you, you sweet, sweet man.

    • TheYafaShow
      TheYafaShow 년 전 +1

      I won't be celebrating Independence Day this year because I thought the Stamp Act was a reasonable tax and sound strategy. I'm still loyal to the British Crown.

  • Tori Jade
    Tori Jade 년 전 +7

    I love John Oliver so much!! Thank you for donating to such a great cause ✌🏻💜

  • Kealoha Harrison
    Kealoha Harrison 년 전 +4287

    Yet another thing that John Oliver has brought to my attention that I didn’t need nor ask for yet I will never forget for the rest of my life

    • Courage Karnga
      Courage Karnga 년 전 +49

      John Oliver: The dose of reality we need but hate to swallow.

    • acmusa
      acmusa 년 전 +43

      And we HAD to watch out of morbid curiosity. That's John's hook.

    • Dr. James Olack
      Dr. James Olack 년 전 +14

      @Chain Reactions Film Productions
      John gave you the opportunity to click off. Edit: It’s all on YOU…😉

    • Gary
      Gary 년 전 +7

      What else fits that criteria? Most things he brings attention to its needed

    • Kealoha Harrison
      Kealoha Harrison 년 전 +8

      @Gary SantaCon for one, I could’ve done without knowing there’s a day in New York and other cities where a mob of drunk people dressed as Santa wreak havoc and it’s just a thing that continues to happen despite resistance from the non-participants and disavowal from the people who created it lol

  • Tom Bias
    Tom Bias 년 전 +1

    Regardless of the crisis, Mr. Oliver's reaction itself is hilarious.

  • Aja Allison
    Aja Allison 년 전 +182

    This feels like a sign of “look what your children’s dolls will look like as your livable ecosystem is eradicated and there is no longer clean air to breath and live and the earth is swallowed by the ocean”

    • Lynn Duvall
      Lynn Duvall 년 전 +3

      @Aja Allison Actually, I think the dolls are more a prognostication foretelling what we foolish, greedy, shortsighted humans will become in the final days of life on our planet in 2023.

    • A lesser Gracie
      A lesser Gracie 년 전

      @the traumageddon project what percentage of doom and percentage of funny is the right balance?

  • Liam Hall
    Liam Hall 년 전 +10

    This is the most passionate I’ve ever seen this man, and I’ve seen him cover some horrific stuff with great passion and care XD. He’s nearly lost his mind with this lmfaooo

  • Oreos&Milk
    Oreos&Milk 년 전 +2

    I hope this show is on for years to come - at least 1-2 decades would be great!

  • lion nation
    lion nation 년 전 +1

    Thank gawd for HBO - not sure John Oliver would get as much financial backing somewhere else. Dude sure knows how to spend the money! My favorite show.

  • ZZEHaloka
    ZZEHaloka 년 전 +1629

    This is the best web exclusive ever honestly. 10 grand for sea turtle protection and a rant about demonic dolls from a 4 thousand year old ocean demon girl. What’s not to love.

    • katoteshikumei
      katoteshikumei 년 전 +38

      What's not to love? THOSE DOLLS!!!

    • Susan Blackley
      Susan Blackley 년 전 +7

      Yup! A good social media palete cleanse.

    • LibertyKing
      LibertyKing 년 전 +11

      The 4 thousand year old ocean demon girl, who in the late 1800s decided to remodel her house to fit in with the times.

    • Bryan Smith
      Bryan Smith 년 전 +1

      I would've made the girl a mermaid or siren, but that's just me.

  • Zhan Teimi
    Zhan Teimi 년 전 +2

    Oliver is a legend. He just keeps raising the bar.

  • Silver Quettier
    Silver Quettier 년 전 +58

    It reminded me of my hometown. Quite close by, we have a beach which regularly has Garfield phones washing up on it. Yes. Specifically Garfield phones. It has been going on for longer than I am alive, and I watched VHS at some point.

    • BritishEnglish
      BritishEnglish 년 전 +12

      That sounds like a shipping container fell off a ship and its contents are continuing to be swept ashore years later. At first I thought that was the explanation of the dolls, too, but the fact they are all different and some clearly vandalized makes this seem more like a deliberate act.

    • RomanII1997
      RomanII1997 년 전 +7

      @BritishEnglish i think i've read something about a bunch of rubber ducks that fell into the ocean and they use them to track the flow of the oceans

    • Elana Silverman
      Elana Silverman 년 전 +2

      Can I buy one from you?

    • Sadie Strike
      Sadie Strike 10 개월 전

      Have you seen the Garfield video by super eyepatch wolf? It talks about this😅

  • shpladoink
    shpladoink 년 전 +2

    I feel an additional sense of connectivity with John knowing that I'm up at 3am watching a video he created at 3am.

  • Joanne Fitzpatrick
    Joanne Fitzpatrick 년 전 +1

    I am terrified of dolls, their little corporeals without spirits, and it freaks me out. Growing up my family knew this so they would hide curly red-headed and freckled doll heads around the house so that I would find them. One night on the way to my sister's concert I threw it out the moving car and on the way home my family stopped and searched the woods until they found it. The last time I drove home it was sitting in a bird's nest and an old garage window that you could see when you pulled into the driveway.

    MrSIMURDIERA 년 전 +50

    I know the doll from 5:38, it’s actually a piggy bank that resembles the mascot of a bank here in Colombia called “Banco Caja Social”, judging from the design it’s probably from the 90’s but they are still giving them away, crazy it would end up being all the way up there.

    • Luis Cifuentes
      Luis Cifuentes 년 전 +5

      Crazy. I had one of those growing up and recognised straight away. Ocean pollution is certainly no a local problem.

  • Cesare Marco Lazzarini
    Cesare Marco Lazzarini 년 전 +2257

    When he said "I simply cannot trust the anonymous buyers of these dolls to destroy them", I secretly hoped that he had already bought all of them and was about to show them and burn them on stage.

  • Jayme Chambers
    Jayme Chambers  년 전 +18

    Thank you for that John Oliver I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in the face of something so truly viscerally horrifying. Those things are evil pure and simple from the 8th dimension the likes of which will plague my dreams for years to come please destroy them all.
    Double points for saving some turtles along the way, that just made my day you rock!

  • Charles jones
    Charles jones 년 전

    Giving a big donation and ridding the world of creepy beach dolls. This is an absolute win for mankind and sea turtles

  • Coché Moché
    Coché Moché 년 전 +13

    Man that's a dedicated audience, both to clap and cheer so much AND to be there for a 3am web exclusive!

  • Don't Ask Productions

    That man explaining the auctions felt like a scene from a horror movie. After he ended the call one of the dolls set up a contraption to "accidentally" kill him.

  • Jen Kem
    Jen Kem 년 전 +2

    Delivering laughs AND fighting evil? You guys are just the best.

  • Yvain Callipso
    Yvain Callipso 년 전 +807

    I love how John Oliver finds the most chaotic and unhinged way to waste HBO's money philanthropically

    • TheYafaShow
      TheYafaShow 년 전 +10

      I won't be celebrating Independence Day this year because I thought the Stamp Act was a reasonable tax and sound strategy. I'm still loyal to the British Crown.

    • Amy Dutton
      Amy Dutton 년 전 +17

      Hardly a waste, this video has probably already generated more than that amount in ad revenue in it's first few hours. There's certainly no loss to HBO.

    • Jaren Whitehouse
      Jaren Whitehouse 년 전 +12

      This is wildly well put. I especially like your choice of the words chaotic unhinged waste philanthropically. It's poetry! And accurate af, and one of my favorite recurring aspects of this show.

    • Aiken Odubitan
      Aiken Odubitan 년 전 +1


  • Miles Holman
    Miles Holman 년 전

    There should be a horror themed museum for terrifying things in history and those dolls should have their own exhibit

  • The V Ohana
    The V Ohana 년 전 +9

    John should take a look at the creepy doll island in mexico. I saw it from a little push boat and was freaked out!... and it was daytime! This was a few years back, so there are probably more dolls now.

  • CheeryShine320
    CheeryShine320 년 전

    One year for Halloween some friends and I got a ton of plastic baby dolls and painted them to be horror show material, these are uniquely organic in a way none of us thought up.

  • Silver Giovanni
    Silver Giovanni 년 전 +13

    I was legitimately scared that when they were talking about someone buying the sex doll head, that John bought it and was about to bring it out

  • Heart Of Lotus
    Heart Of Lotus 년 전 +1

    😂🤣😅 Thank you for making this world a better place, by destroying those creepy beach dolls!!! 🙏

  • Terra Mater
    Terra Mater 년 전 +2578

    The only person that can turn a creepy thing like this into a 10k donation for sea turtles is John Oliver! 🙌🏽
    Man, please never ever stop making this show!

    • BlackDogsLivesMatter
      BlackDogsLivesMatter 년 전 +26

      I said that years ago. Its the only show that makes sense.

    • TheYafaShow
      TheYafaShow 년 전 +5

      I won't be celebrating Independence Day this year because I thought the Stamp Act was a reasonable tax and sound strategy. I'm still loyal to the British Crown.

    • Emerald Aly
      Emerald Aly 년 전

      We just gotta hear back from the turtle conservatory :D Can't imagine they'd pass the opportunity up

    • Carleigh West
      Carleigh West 년 전 +1

      @BillyTheKid ok

    • Man Lil
      Man Lil 년 전 +1

      What's disturbing here is the clear differences on the doll models so we are not looking at a dropped cargo shipment theory we may be looking at a doll tossing cult or kidnapped children seeking help.

  • Rik Van Horn
    Rik Van Horn 년 전 +3

    It's amazing that in a few sentences, John can encapsulate completely my personal feelings about being in the sun.

  • Ray MIller
    Ray MIller 년 전 +1

    Only John Oliver can make an amazing hilarious video about evil dolls and save sea turtles at the same time

  • Donna McNeeley
    Donna McNeeley 년 전 +10

    When I’m in a bad mood, I just find me a John Oliver YT, and my mood instantly changes! Funny guy and a great therapist!

    • TheYafaShow
      TheYafaShow 년 전

      I won't be celebrating Independence Day this year because I thought the Stamp Act was a reasonable tax and sound strategy. I'm still loyal to the British Crown.

  • Frankie Belle
    Frankie Belle 10 개월 전 +2

    This feels like a good category to ad to my worst fears list. Demon dolls from the ocean

  • Sohbek
    Sohbek 년 전 +1234

    I love how John Oliver just absolutely *gets* what existential dread means.

      TAO TOLOGY 년 전 +30

      Roses are red,
      Violets are blue.
      Death is truth,
      Embrace the void.

    • Onyx Rose
      Onyx Rose 년 전 +10

      @TAO TOLOGY:
      Don’t fear the reaper?

    • Courage Karnga
      Courage Karnga 년 전 +7

      I'm not surprised, given the history of this show's topics. Love your Egyptian god username, by the way.

    • Johnny Wednesday
      Johnny Wednesday 년 전 +7

      You'll find most of us in the UK to be particularly familiar with the concept.

  • Dante Banducci
    Dante Banducci 년 전 +1

    Thank you for preparing me for the hard times ahead. I can endure any horror now that I’ve seen literally the worst things that exist. 😆

  • chito bunuan
    chito bunuan 년 전 +1

    Congratulations for again winning the Emmy 2022..i am a great fun of your LWT w/JO.. it's so hilarious and yet very informative... Looking forward for the next Emmy 2023

  • Chef Banjo
    Chef Banjo 9 개월 전 +22

    At least the nightmare babies finally have a decent resting place. Granted, not one that can contain their evil power, but a resting place nonetheless.

  • brains25cents
    brains25cents 년 전 +6

    I had such a sh*tty day today...THANK YOU for making it better! You have no idea how much this video was exactly what I needed

  • Mosaic Crone
    Mosaic Crone 년 전 +12

    This is a win win for me. I love Sea Turtles & I'd make a lamp out of a doll head.
    Triple win when you factor in that THESE pictures freak out the tourists 😁

  • Sand Hanitizer
    Sand Hanitizer 년 전 +3268

    Beach Dolls definitely sounds like an 80's horror movie. This could easily be a horror movie plot. Dolls wash up on shore at a vacation resort and kill everyone.

    • Scion of Dorn
      Scion of Dorn 년 전 +56

      Or drive people into killing frenzies or somehow facilitate accidental deaths ala Final Destination.

    • Ninjabear Press
      Ninjabear Press 년 전 +33

      I'd buy that for a dollar.

    • Meero Zyrell
      Meero Zyrell 년 전 +34

      ...a weird scene where the dolls are playing with the corpses of their victims and or hostages like dolls while partying victoriously with music would be fitting

    • blarblablarblar
      blarblablarblar 년 전 +65

      Chucky: Family Vacation

    • For Eternity, with a pineapple
      For Eternity, with a pineapple 년 전 +22

      We had to shoot the last person who picked one up. They…. changed….
      Maybe you’ll get lucky!

  • Andrew Mutz
    Andrew Mutz 년 전

    Thank you for your service John Oliver you are doing what others are to afraid to do, destroying the demon kind puppets as the wash up on our shores ;)

  • Lexie O
    Lexie O 년 전 +2

    I think these are so cool haha it’s crazy that there’s such a diversity in the doll types, I’m so curious to know where they came from lmao

  • FosteringSavesLives

    John Oliver, you seriously made my week! Thank you so much for always bringing things to our attention and making us all laugh.

  • Mary Ann the Nytowl

    John Oliver and his crew are a national - nay, international - treasure! This is truly a fantastic video, and one in which, until nearly the very end, we don't even know what is really going on! 😄
    What a great donation to a wonderful group for a very important reason!
    👏🏾👏🏼 👏🏿👏🏽👏🏻👏🏽👏🏿👏👏🏼👏🏻👏🏿👏🏾👏👏🏽👏🏿

    • Whole Shebang
      Whole Shebang 년 전

      🐢🐢🐢 💦🐢🐢🐢💦🌊🐢🐢🐢💦

  • papatroll
    papatroll 년 전 +1

    Thank you for your service, John.

  • allyahinblack
    allyahinblack 년 전 +2672

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    • Gwen Walravens
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    • Matthew Smith
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  • Zsofia Agnes Nagy

    Given how many shipping containers get lost in transit each year on sea, I'd not be surprised if part of these came from those, as they can open when they fall. But it is definitely environmental pollution to have these floating in the water, so really happy to hear they offered the donation to clean it up. Tracking down where they come from would be critical to stop the pollution (both environmental and visual)....on the other hand, it is pretty amazing how strong nature is to claim its rightful place back with all the barnacles etc living in those dolls.

    DPWFG 년 전

    A man in my 3D class took a naked baby doll and gave it knife wings, among other alterations for a "found object" sculpture. Another girl made a demon altar out of a baby doll. Somehow, these are still creepier

  • Hobbes Hobbiton
    Hobbes Hobbiton 년 전 +1005

    You know, if dismembered doll parts mysteriously appearing on our beaches doesn't scream "the end times", then idk what does

  • Peter Winstead
    Peter Winstead 년 전

    Please don’t destroy the dolls Mr. Oliver. They are interesting and unique and would be interesting to look at in a museum

  • Chick Corea
    Chick Corea 년 전

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  • razorfoundation
    razorfoundation 년 전

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    TheWdayton 년 전

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  • Ste Megsmagik
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    The creepiest thing is that some of these dolls are old and colored by someone, they’re different shapes and sizes and there is even an adult doll, so it doesn’t seems that they come from a sinking container… it’s more plausible the floating Victorian house!

    • Animikii Akawe
      Animikii Akawe 년 전 +39

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    • Ezra B
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      Llave 년 전 +16

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  • Oscar Gómez
    Oscar Gómez 년 전

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    My dnd players, on the other hand, might feel slightly less grateful…

  • Charlotte Till
    Charlotte Till 년 전 +3

    This just made my day! GG LWT/John, you are truly doing wonderful things - I look forward to a future episode segment where we get to see the proper and complete destruction of these things.

  • Rocki Zimb
    Rocki Zimb 년 전

    I just watched the mental health segment and wanted to share my experiences. I worked in a mental health crisis facility a few years ago where kids would be admitted and have an average stay from 5 to 7 days. The insurance companies dictated the treatment stay. If a child had suicidal thoughts or was at risk and was not discharged by a doctor, the insurance company could still refuse to cover they stay and force the doctor to discharge. The doctor would have to do a review with the insurance company to explain why he was not going to discharge. sometimes the insurance would listen and other times they wouldn't. I was a social worker and would have to call the parents to tell them about discharge. If the parent was not wanting to take the child out, they would have to pay 800 dollars a day. I would tell the parent to come and take the child and once you walk out the front door and feel the child is not safe, the parent should turn right around and readmit. That would be one way around. But it was sad to see insurance companies refuse to cover days when the child clearly was not ready. And then trying to make a discharge plan was difficult because it depended on the family's insurance and what the insurance would cover. Also, meds were a concern if insurance refused to cover them as well.

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    Mikake Studios 년 전

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    • Stay@HomeAstronaut
      Stay@HomeAstronaut 년 전

      me too

    • Igor Souza
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      As a non-native speaker i didn't even understand the sentence itself... now after reading your comment like, 4 times, i THINK i got it.

    • Chris Durand
      Chris Durand 년 전 +9

      60 Minutes is a news talk/interview program in the States (because it's an hour long). It's famous for having a logo on screen of a ticking stopwatch.
      If you're curious, I'm sure if you search for "60 minutes ticking" or something you'll get an idea :)

    • chris west
      chris west 년 전 +2

      @Igor Souza I think "b roll" got its name back when there was an actual roll of film involved. It's a collection of environmental shots you use to transition between scenes and establish a contextual sense of place and time.
      For example, when the local news does a story about a new policy at a high school, the main footage is the interviews with students and staff and experts, and the b roll is footage of kids walking to class, exterior shots of the school buildings, maybe a shot a flag pole or a statue or something.

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  • Kormelev
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    I can't wait for the HBO B-movie horror special in which John Oliver leads a coalition of people to defeat the evil dolls filled with invertebrates from the ocean as they make landfall on the Texas coast. The climax where they confront the 4000 year old girl with a devil in her heart atop a gulf oil rig will be so hype.

  • Alejandro Zapata
    Alejandro Zapata 년 전 +1

    I remember reading a couple of years ago about the periodical appearance of feet (just one each time, always the left or right one, although I forgot which side was) on the beaches of New England. Even then, these dolls are the creepiest thing to ever curse a beach.

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    • Matthew Hill
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      And they're precious to me for that reason

    • Apoc
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    • sluttyMaplSyrup
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    • TheYafaShow
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  • WhyDidIJustEatThat
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    Reminds me of a beach in France that consistently had Garfield (yes, the orange cat) telephones wash up on its shores for a period of about 40 years. Researchers ended up finding a shipping container that fell into the ocean, and it turns out they were slowly leaking out of it and onto the shores. Could be something similar here?

    • Linda C
      Linda C 년 전 +72

      But they are all different styles and different sizes and the one with the red jacket and blue pants is definitely very old

    • Jaded Cynic
      Jaded Cynic 년 전 +98

      @Linda C they're all of ROUGHLY the same *type* of product: toy doll. Some are big, some are small, some are more detailed, some are less, but they're ALL conceivably the product from a single doll factory; maybe some doll manufacturer in mexico - maybe even one that went out of business decades ago - was liquidating its stock and shipping it to a US wholesaler, when the container ship carrying this doll cargo (along with so many other shipments) hit a gulf storm and had several containers washed overboard, and only now, years and years later, the doll container is rusting apart and its cargo is being released into the waters of the Gulf and wildlife are interacting with it (barnacles & other parasitic sea life making temporary 'homes' out of these plastic objects), and the currents are gradually washing the spillage up onto this Texas beach.
      An oceanographer might, with enough time, be able to study the currents and show us the path these cursed dolls took in their return to us from their watery prison, and somewhere along that track, the lost and crumbling shipping container lies on the floor of the Gulf...

    • Joachim Schoder
      Joachim Schoder 년 전 +59

      Imagine for a second to be there if they find the container, raise it from the ocean floor and open it. There is definitely a horror film in there
      And I totally agree with the container theory. There have been other cases of stuff like this happening

    • Fredrik Dunge
      Fredrik Dunge 년 전 +34

      Except they're all different and many have been painted. This is either deliberate or a junk container and they're cherry picking the dolls from a greater asortment of junk.

    • M Cover
      M Cover 년 전 +5

      I think this might be the case!
      I Also think that maybe they where som kind of produktion fail, or donated but discarded, and maybe ended up in the ocean from a falling container or something. Just trying to make logic og how this happend...

  • Sid Kaskey
    Sid Kaskey 년 전 +40

    "Counting down those minutes until you are allowed to go back inside..." These words are as if God her/himself wrote them. There are those who really like sitting outside on hot sand and dipping into salty lukewarm water and those in society who are not mentally ill. Kudos John. Kudos.

    • KaritKtana
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    • Lynn Duvall
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    Might even be where these dolls come from.

  • Carrie
    Carrie 년 전

    I wonder if they could be washing up from the Island of the Dolls in Mexico? Shane and Ryan made one of their first Buzzfeed Unsolved episodes about that place.

  • Carolyn Wolfe
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  • Kelly Leach
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    • Whimsical Stray
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      I don't really see how it would. It'd be almost akin to SNL or The Late Show being cancelled.
      Even if HBO did go insane and decided to, which is actually not too improbable, as long as John is alive, active, and willing some form of this show will go on.

    • Jean Roch
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      This show is the only reason I haven't burned KRclip to the ground yet.

    • jodinsan
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  • M K
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  • Regina Powell
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    The first thing that popped into my head was Isla de las Munecas (Island of the Dead Dolls), which is an entire island of dolls like this, but it's kind of smack in the middle of Mexico's tail. So unless some seriously bizarre meteorological aberration happened, I don't know how they'd get to the sea. Sucked up by a cursed tornado?

  • Zeilke
    Zeilke 6 개월 전

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  • drsingingeagle
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    Back when I was a teenager, I was planting trees on our land and I dug up a rusty metal doll head with "MINERVA" written on it. Today I use it as my muse for scary stories.

    • Privacy Lover
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      Bro what have you done, that doll was clearly buried underground to protect us. Now you've set it free and re-awoken the curse

    • drsingingeagle
      drsingingeagle 6 개월 전

      @Privacy Lover - OOPS! 😬

  • Lisa Flynn
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    You never disappoint, John!